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There is a Feb Sweeps preview but not really anything we haven't read before.

The Senator arrives to make trouble for Erica and Jack. SID states he is recurring and its a 7 to 8 month role

Tad see's Jesse. He and KWAK play a part in A/J reunion but not in th way that we'd think. The Hubbards will see one another sometime in Feb.

Ryan's mental state takes a toll on Annie, Kendall, Greenlee, Aidan, and Zach.

Kendall and Aidan have a pregnancy scare

Bobbie Eakes has recently reupped with the show. Rumors are Sydney Penny may be the next victim.

VCR Dates:

Mon 1/28..Angie races to save Greenlee and must risk Frankies life on Tues 1/29...

Greenlee must make her own live or death decision on Wed 1/30

Angie nearly see's Jesse on Mon 2/4

Greens begins to recover on Thues 2/5

Jesse can't tell Tad all he wants to know but remains silent when he crosses Angie's path on Fri 2/8

Kendall plans for her new literary career on Weds 1/30

Kendall is thrown when Ryan loses his memory and professes his love for her on Fri 2/1and Mon 2/4

Annie tries to jog Ryan's memory on Thur 2/7

Kendall and Aidan vow silence on their tryst on Fri 2/8

The big story features Ryan/Kendall/Zach. It pretty much states again that Ryan one day wakes up thinking he is still in love with Kendall . Annie finds she can not donate bone marrow to Ritchie but he gets it from Emma. TK says that he always thought Ryan was in love with Kendall and that Ryan is bored with Annie so he wants a little Kendall. . Greenlee will be there to warn Zach about the potential for disaster.

Speak Out: Fans were appalled by K/A's sexcapade but the friendship between Z/G has some ready to move on. Everyone wants Bianca to stick around for good.

Nice photo feature of Angie/Jesse over the years..

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I really hope they don't decide to kill Julia off so that is the easy way for Tad to get Kate, but they may actually do that :( It would be a quick way of resolving things now wouldn't it?

I figured Bobbie must have resigned, because he former deal expired prior to Christmas.

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WORD Adam plus it would be idiotic beyond all belief. Also why is SID automatically assuming IF there was a kid it would be mumbles? :rolleyes:

I love Zen but don't even want them to have another kid for a few more years ;)

Anyways this is sweeps stuff? *yawn* I see more all time lows in AMC's future.....

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It means Bobbie signed a new contract with the show. She is staying. Thank goodness. As much as I hate Krystal sometimes, I can't bear the thought of Susan Lucci and I guess now Debbi Morgan being the only 40+ female leads on this show.

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