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All: TV Guide's Best of 2007

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Best Soap

One Life to Live

It started the year utterly crappy thanks to headwriter Dena Higley, but after Erika Slezak (our hero!) royally blasted Higley on the Web, ABC fired the scribe and promoted wonder boy Ron Carlivati.

Like magic, the show instantly regained its heart, its thrills, it's smarts. the cast is a dream, especially Slezak, whose Viki found heaven in a Texas diner. Catherine Hickland as crazy (or is she?) Lindsay and Tuc Watkins as that gold-digging man-whore David. Once again, we're loving Life!

Best Actress

The Young and the Restless' Melody Thomas Scott(Nikki).

A the distraught mama faced with a divorce and a comatose daughter, she pulled out all the stops, then pulled out a few more we never knew existed. This was deep, blistering work. Plus the lady gets extra points for acting sans makeup on high-def TV!

Best Actor

As the World Turns' Jon Hensley(Holden)

His quiet, no-baloney performance was a relief in a year of so much male showboating. Whether playing Holden's tender relationship with his gay son or his righteous anger toward his cheating wife, Hensley felt no need to dazzle us. He simply opened his soul

Best Supporting Actress

General Hospital's Carolyn Hennesey(Diane).

Her turn as mafia lawyer was a savage, bitchy hoot, though there'll be no Emmy love here--her category is inevitably hogged by leading ladies afraid to compete as best actress. Bu make no mistake: This is the supporting performance of the year.

Best Supporting Actor

General Hospital's Night Shift's Graham Shiels(Cody).

He took a role that is already a cliche--the stressed-out, dope-addicted Iraq War vet--and infused it with great decency and humanity. But what was this transcendent actor doing on a third-rate soap spinoff? He should be a major movie star.

Star of the Year

Guiding Light's Caitlin Van Zandt(Ashlee)

Sweet, touching, funny and not a size 2, she's the most exciting you thing to hit soaps since....well since, maybe ever. Van Zandt's character, a love-struck teen warped by her glam monster mommy, is more than a revelation--she's proof soap have been doing it wrong for years. We don't want to see plastic, runway-gorgeous kids. We want to see real ones.

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IDA with all of them especially the first one. Best show is without a doubt B&B. OLTL was complete crap for the first half of the year and has only been good the past few months and even now I dont think its must see tv. B&B has been more consistent throughout the year and is currently on fire. It blows all the other soaps away

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Hmmm I'm a bit surprised with a lot of their choices. I definitely agree with them on OLTL and MTS, her material may not be great, but she's doing an awesome job at it.

I love Diane on GH, but best supporting actress is a little much. I love Ashlee on GL too, she's a breath of fresh air - but I've stopped watching that trash. I don't think she deserved that title either. and Graham Shiels?? He was on GH for like 2 episodes!! (he was on NS too, I know)

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Intersting choices, aside from OLTL. we all knew they would name that. RC is god to the soap press.

none of who they picked were bad, but idk if i would name them best.

i feel they need to do a best recurring/short-term/gues star section as well as best supporting.. tho they are right. the emmys is full of leading ladies in supporting to scared to go for the big time.

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