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Licence to Kill Ryan

It is Secret Agent H0! Ryan is at it this time in tip top form. I am telling you people he can do anything when he has that history of being a con artist. Now he is impersonating an FBI agent. Umm isn't that against the law? I guess not in Dynamite Kiddo Land but their laws are the only ones that matter and not in reality aka Pine Valley. After all, Ryan does think he lives in a fictional world where everyone adores and worships his sorry a$$ when they secretly plotting to find some way to shut him up for good and send him six feet under! And I do not mean under Queen Elizabeth's panties! Talk about getting something in a wad, eh? I just cannot wait to see Ryan finally lose when it comes to Ritchie because we all know he has the power to come out a winner. Sure St. Ryan can figure out a way to win the battle but the war will be lost since losers are destined to lose in the end. I just wonder when Ryan will finally let go of going after Ritchie and running around trying to prove he is some bad creature. Hey Ryan if you want to look at the real guilty party here, check out your wife. She sent him to prison for something he did not do and, in essence, set the chain of events in motion. But then again, to Ryan, she is a Queen and all Queens are omnipotent and omniscient. Seriously enough with all the fluffing of this idiot and trying to make him out to be some smart person when the only thing he is being is a smart a$$ but not literally smart...just only knowing that the a$$ is where he pulls everything out of and hence he said something right so for one second of his pathetic and stupid woe is me life is Ryan smart! When you come to think about it, Ryan really is stupid right now and coming off as some loser wannabe James Bond by spending more time going after Ritchie than with his wife and children. Perhaps he could get her to take responsibility for what she did to her brother and read books to his children? That is how they grow and we have to hope that his children will grow up...obviously he cannot be a good role model in that regards but at least show you are a family man you stupid nitcompoop. Ryan, if you are so h#ll bent on proving something more than likely fictitious about Ritchie, then get a life. IF that cannot be accomplished, then put yourself and us out of our misery and resurrect John Wilkes Booth to do his stuff on you.

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