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Y&R PreVUE: Week of November 26 Edition

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I'll comment first...

I'm think I'm going to bust a gut laughing at both Amber and Lily falling over one another trying to 'shine' just to get Cane's attention... To be honest, they should pair Cane up with someone other than Lily or Amber...

I also think it's stupid to have Gloria trying to pin the skin cream mess on Jill; considering the fact that her whole little brood knows it was her to begin with; which means they are going to make Michael and Lauren look really pathetic if they eventually find out what she's done and to who, and do nothing about it....

I haven't been watching so I don't know this; but do they even know if the baby is Brad's? Brad needs to sit down somewhere and stop stirring up more trouble... The Newman family have enough problems on their plate without his over-inflated ego squeezing himself into the picture.

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