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Days: Tuesday, November 6th

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Very good show today.

I am loving Bo and Hope's involvement in the Shawn/Belle/Philip saga. I like seeing them struggle with something that affects their family. Realistic drama that rocks. I also liked the little family scene we got of them. We are getting more of those lately and that is classic Days. I think that's the first time in months that Bo had a shirtless scene in the bedroom with Hope (he did have a scar from his injury so perhaps that was why). Good stuff. Their reactions to Belle was hilarious! :lol: .

Martha and Brandon did a good job in those scenes. I am enjoying this story because it's about characters with personalities and real emotions. Plus, both Shawn and Philip can act and have chemistry with MM's Belle so it works for me. I like that the wedding is coming. The wait has been long enough and the buildup has been great so far.

Lucas/Sami/EJ was actually quite funny and refreshing. I love the humor of LUMI taunting EJ. I think the day off yesterday helped. Here that Hogan and co? Balance, please. The balance has improved, especially so far this month. However, it still needs work.

The sorority story is actually my favorite story right now. It's being handled realistically and respectfully. The show gave special attention to detail in the reactions to Ford without making them weak. The actress playing Morgan deserves a contract. The character is great and is so independent and strong that it's refreshing. Shelley Hennig is doing a good job in her scenes too. Those flashbacks are pretty vague but also gripping and I am interested in where this goes, providing it continues to be written this way. The actor playing Ford is doing a good job too.

The whole "Green" theme wasn't that annoying or preachy. The only big mention, other then decor and t-shirts, was Chelsea's speech. Loving Chick. They are adorable and Melvin and Berris seem happy and into things again. Can't wait for Jett to get lost.

I don't know if anyone noticed Peter Reckell's little blurb during the show for NBC's Green Week. That was kind of cool. I guess it was on yesterday too and it wasn't too preachy either. It was to the point and effective IMO.

Good show. November sweeps is off to a solid start.

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I liked today's episode also. I can't believe this sorority storyline is actually good, especially after the Touch The Sky debacle. I loved how Steph didn't back down from Ford and called him a pig. She's not annoying anymore and is now interesting to watch.

The actor who plays Ford is quite good. Kudos to Ed Scott and Marnie for improving the acting.

Dare I say it? I want to see more of this rape storyline! :o

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While i'm not happy we only have 3 storylines on the show now: Belle/Phillip/Shawn, the Sorority Rapist, and Sami/EJ/Lucas merry go round..Todays show was pretty enjoyable..I'm really liking the sorority storyline..The writing for Stephanie has improved dramatically..And i'm really interested in what happened to her, and love that it unfolding through flashbacks..And Darrin Brooks was great today..I just love Max...

Sami, Lucas, and EJ--i'm glad the wedding is about to happen..But i'm so over the three of them on almost every day...

Bo and Hope--good scenes..and thanks for a wet and shirtless Peter Reckell..and did anyone catch KA pimping her jewelery line?? When Bo walked out of the bathroom, Hope was holding Ciarra and showing her a bracelet that had her name on it..probably from the Hope collection..

I'm really interested in the slow fall of Shelle..its all in the works and its bound to happen..Bring on Shawn and Chloe!!!

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