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July 2007 Episode Counts

22 episodes in July '07

Listed below are the total # of episodes each actor appeared in for the month of July, and the percentages of total episodes each actor earned for the month of July.

1) Christina Chambers (Marty Saybrooke Thronhart)-----19-----86%

2) Kristina Alderson (Starr Manning)-----18-----82%

2) Brandon Buddy (Cole Thornhart)-----18-----82%

2) Kasie DePaiva (Blair Cramer)-----18-----82%

2) John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex Balsom)-----18------82%

6) David Chisum (Miles Laurence)-----17-----77%

6) Michael Easton (John McBain)-----17-----77%

6) Trevor St. John (Todd Manning)-----17------77%

9) Forbes March (Nash Brennan)-----13-----59%

9) Erika Slezak (Viki Davidson)-----13-----59%

9) Bree Williamson (Jessica Brennan)-----13-----59%

12) Melissa Gallo (Adriana Cramer)-----12-----55%

12) Jerry ver Dorn (Clint Buchanan)-----12-----55%

12) Tuc Watkins (David Vickers)-----12-----55%-----guest stint; last aired 07/26

15) Chris Beetem (Tate Harmon)-----11-----50%

15) Justis Bolding (Sarah Roberts)-----11-----50%

15) Alexandra Neil (Paige Miller)-----11-----50%-----last aired 07/27

15) Robin Strasser (Dorian Cramer Lord)-----11-----50%

19) Tika Sumpter (Layla Williamson)-----10-----45%

19) Tobias Truvillion (Vincent Jones)-----10-----45%

19) Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan)-----10-----45%

22) Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan)-----9-----41%

22) BethAnn Bonner (Talia Sahid)-----9-----41%

22) David Fumero (Cristian Vega)-----9-----41%

22) Paul Satterfield (Spencer Truman)-----9-----41%-----recurring

26) Nathaniel Marston (Michael McBain)------7-----32%

27) Zach Roerig (Hunter Atwood)-----6-----27%-----recurring

28) Kathy Brier (Marcie Walsh McBain)-----5----23%

28) Erinn Holmes (Nurse)-----5-----23%-----recurring

28) Ilene Kristen (Roxy Balsom)-----5-----23%-----recurring

28) Portia Reiners (Britney Jennings)-----5-----23%

28) Hillary B. Smith (Nora Hannen)-----5-----23%

33) Jacob Cook and Luke Kendler Clodfelter (Tommy McBain)-----4-----18%-----recurring

33) Catherine Hickland (Lindsay Rappaport)-----4------18%-----recurring

33) Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio Vega)-----4-----18%

33) Uncredited actor portraying Diner Waitress-----4----18%-----recurring

37) Eddie Alderson (Matthew Buchanan)-----3-----14%-----recurring

37) Amanda Marchesini (Amber)-----3-----14%-----recurring

37) Saoirse Scott (Jamie Vega)-----3-----14%-----recurring

37) Brittany Underwood (Langston Wilde)-----3-----14%

37) Constance Wu (Laudine, the LPD secretary)-----3-----14%-----recuring

37) Uncredited actor portraying Billy the Rodi's bartendar-----3-----14%-----recurring

43) Jordann Beal (Aimee)-----2-----9%-----recurring

43) Patricia Elliott (Renee Buchanan)-----2-----9%-----recurring

43) Sarah Hyland (Heather Davenport)-----2-----9%-----recurring

43) Thomas Christian Jususson (Jack Manning)-----9%-----recurring

43) Patricia Mauceri (Carlotta Vega)-----2-----9%-----recurring

43) Sean Ringgold (Shaun)-----2-----9%-----recurring

43) Frankie Shaw (Kandi Lane)-----2-----9%-----guest stint; last aired 07/24

43) Jason Tam (Markko Riveria)-----2-----9%

43) Carly and Sam Wolfe (Bree Buchanan)-----2-----9%-----recurring

43) Uncredited actress portraying Abagail-----2-----9%-----recurring

53) Paolo Andino (Dr. Harrison)-----1-----5%-----guest stint; last aired 07/13

53) Peter Bartlett (Nigel Bartholemew-Smythe)-----1-----5%-----recurring

53) Dylan Chally (Clark)-----1-----5%-----guest stint; last aired 07/09

53) Vince Cupone (Stabber)-----1-----5%-----guest stint

53) Sara DeRosa (Girlfriend at Diner)-----1-----5%-----recurring

53) Robert Farrier (Earl Baker)-----1-----5%-----guest stint; last aired 07/27

53) Manuel Felciano (Amelio Kraft)-----1-----5%-----guest stint; last aired 07/17

53) John Grady (Dog Walker)-----1------5%------guest stint; last aired 07/23

53) Gregory Kachelian (Dr. Brewster)-----1-----5%-----recurring

53) E. Katherine Kerr (Judge)-----1-----5%-----guest stint; last aired 07/06

53) Randolph Mantooth (Kirk Harmon)-----1-----5%-----last aired 07/10

53) Tuck Milligan (Harold Gunn)-----1-----5%-----guest stint; last aired 07/25

53) Terrence Patrick Schappert (Highway Cop Terry Powell)-----1-----5%-----guest stint; last aired 07/10

53) Matthew R. Walton (Det. Price)-----1-----5%------guest stint; last aired 07/02

53) Michael Winther (Chaplain)-----1------5%-----guest stint; last aired 07/12

Various totals for all other dayplayer roles for this month.

Not Appearing this month, these recurring players----Al Espinosa (Father Gregory), Wortham Krimmer (Rev. Andrew Carpenter), Hazel J. Medina (Marianne-Matthew's nanny), Olivia Sklar (Lois), Timothy D. Stickney (RJ Gannong), Michael Storm (Dr. Larry Wolek), all other recurring.



Episode Counts for January-July, 2007

150 episodes so far in '07

Listed below are the total # of episodes each actor appeared in so far during 2007, and the percentages of total episodes each actor earned so far for the year.

1) Michael Easton (John McBain)-----120-----80%

2) Bree Williamson (Jessica Vega)-----105-----70%

3) Forbes March (Nash Brennan)-----102------68%

4) Christina Chambers (Marty Saybrooke Thornhart)-----101------67%

5) Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning)-----95-----63%

6) Brandon Buddy (Cole Thornhart)-----90-----60%

6) Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer)-----90-----60%

8) Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio Vega)-----89-----59%

8) John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex Balsom)-----89-----59%

10) Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan)-----88-----59%

11) Trevor St. John (Todd Manning)------86-----57%

12) David Chisum (Miles Laurence)-----85------57%------first aired 02/02

13) Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan)-----81-----54%

14) David Fumero (Cristian Vega)-----75-----50%

15) Robin Strasser (Dorian Cramer Lord)-----74-----49%

16) Erika Slezak (Viki Davidson)-----73----49%

17) BethAnn Bonner (Talia Sahid)------67------45%

18) Jerry ver Dorn (Clint Buchanan)-----64------43%

19) Nathaniel Marston (Michael McBain)------62------41%

20) Kathy Brier (Marcie Walsh McBain)-----60-----40%

21) Chris Beetem (Tate Harmon)-----52-----35%

22) Tobias Truvillion (Vincent Jones)-----48------32%

23) Alexandra Neil (Paige Miller)-----46------32%-----last aired 07/27

23) Tika Sumpter (Layla Williamson)------46------31%

25) Portia Reiners (Britney Jennings)------45------30%

25) Brittany Underwood (Langston Wilde)------45------30%

27) Renee Elise Goldsberry (Evangeline Williamson)-----42-----28%-----last aired 05/18

28) Hillary B. Smith (Nora Hannen)-----36-----24%

29) Catherine Hickland (Lindsay Rappaport)------32-----21%------recurring

30) Tuc Watkins (David Vickers)------29-----19%------last aired 07/26

31) Ilene Kristen (Roxy Balsom)------25-----17%------recurring

31) Uncredited actor portraying Billy the Palace bartendar-----25-----17%-----recurring

33) Uncredited actress portraying Diner Waitress-----24-----16%-----recurring

34) Jacob Cook and Luke Kendler Clodfelter (Tommy McBain)-----22------15%-----recurring; first aired 01/16

34) Amanda Marchesini (Amber)-----22-----15%-----recurring

34) Carly and Sam Wolfe (Bree Buchanan)-----22-----15%-----recurring

37) Patricia Mauceri (Carlotta Vega)-----20-----13%-----recurring

38) Eddie Alderson (Matthew Buchanan)-----18-----12%-----recurring

38) Saoirse Scott (Jamie Vega)-----18-----12%-----recurring

39) Justis Bolding (Sarah Roberts)-----17-----11%-----first aired 06/14

41) Christopher Scott Barnes (Arsonist/ESU Worker 1)-----15-----10%-----recurring

41) Shaun Ringgold (Sean)------15-----10%-----recurring

43) Sarah Hyland (Heather Davenport)-----13-----9%-----recurring

43) Jason Tam (Markko)----13----9%-----first aired 05/21

45) Jonathan Groff (Henry Mackler)-----11-----7%-----last aired 05/07

45) Thomas Christian Justusson (Jack Manning)-----11-----7%-----recurring

45) Randolph Mantooth (Kirk Harmon)------11-----7%-----last aired 07/10

45) Zach Roerig (Hunter Atwood)-----11-----7%-----recurring; first aired 06/11

49) Phil Carey (Asa Buchanan)-----9-----6%-----last aired 04/26

49) Sara DeRosa (several dayplayer roles)-----9-----6%-----recurring

49) Damon Dimaico (Cop at Spencer's door)-----9-----6%-----guest stint; last aired 01/29

49) Uncredited actress portraying Hollow Grounds Coffee Show waitress-----9-----6%-----recurring

53) Peter Bartlett (Nigel Bartholemew-Smythe)-----8-----5%-----recurring

53) James Delon (Jim/Dancer/Singer 1)-----8-----5%-----recurring

53) Robert Montano (Antonio Vega)-----8-----5%-----temporary recast; last aired 05/28

56) Jordann Beal (Aimee)-----7-----5%-----recurring

56) Erinn Holmes (Nurse)-----7-----5%-----recurring

56) Renee Raudman (Jordan)-----7-----5%-----recurring; first aired 04/25

59) Lawrence Clayton (Dt. Morris)-----6-----4%-----recurring

59) Vince Cupone (Stabber [April/July, Fireman February])-----6-----4%-----guest stint

59) Patricia Elliott (Renee Buchanan)-----6-----4%-----recurring

59) Thomas Galanich (Mark Casey)-----6-----4%-----last aired 01/29

59) Anna Holbrook (Dr. Hannah Young)-----6-----4%-----recurring; first aired 05/28

59) Kingsley Leggs (Aaron Connally)-----6-----4%-----recurring

65) Chad Ackerman (Male Dancer)-----5-----3%------guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Renee Albulario (Dancer/Singer 13)------5-----3%------guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Tony Bardonaro (Tyler)------5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Colin Bates (Dancer/Singer 16)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Brandon Bieber (Male Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Gillian Burkley (Singer/Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Gerrard Carter (Male Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Lou Castro (Dancer/Singer 3)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Olivia Cipolla (Singer/Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) E. Clayton Cornelious (Singer/Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Danielle Diniz (Singer/Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Seth Donavan (High school student)-----5-----3%-----recurring

65) Joseph Dutignano (Dancer/Singer 8)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Edwin Fion (Singer/Dancer 5)------5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Melissa Gunderson (Singer/Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Ray Harcourt (Male Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Neil Haskell (Male Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Luke Hawkins (Singer/Dancer)-----5-----3%------guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Blaine Horton (Singer/Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Andrew Kennan-Bolger (Singer/Dancer & Lleo the Lion)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Alexandra Jae Kilshner (Dancer/Singer 10)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Jesse Loprotto (Dancer/Singer 15)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Sunrise Maeda (Singer/Dancer)------5------3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Ronny Mercedes (Singer/Dancer 10)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Shane Muir (Dancer 5)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Christian Patterson (Singer/Dancer 6)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Skylar Porter (Amy)-----5-----3%-----recurring

65) Jody Renard (Male Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Christina Rose (Singer/Dancer 11)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Gabrielle Ruiz (Singer/Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Christina Sajous (Singer/Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Malika Samuel (Singer/Dancer)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Ryan Sheppard (Male Dancer)-----5------3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Timothy D. Stickney (RJ Gannon)-----5-----3%-----recurring

65) Molly Subersky (Dancer/Singer 17)-----5-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Michelle Veintimilla (Singer/Dancer)-----5-----3%------guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Nicole Weaver (Dancer/Singer 12)------5------3%------guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Rebecca Whitehursh (Dancer/Singer 14)------5------3%------guest stint; last aired 06/20

65) Constance Wu (Laudine, the LPD secretary)-----5-----3%------recurring

104) Keith Chambers (State Trooper, voice of man)-----4-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 04/16

104) Chase Coleman (Garrett)-----4-----3%-----recurring

104) Quincy Dunn-Baker (Robber #2)-----4-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 03/23

104) Gregory Kachejion (Doctor)------4------3%-----recurring

104) Kenneth McCoy (Robber #1)-----4-----3%-----guest stint; last aired 03/23

104) Barbara Sims (Mrs. Bromley)-----4-----3%-----last aired 05/04

110) Rebecca Brooksher (Paula Harmon)-----3-----2%------recurring; first aired 05/02

110) Danielle Chambers (voice of woman)-----3-----2%------guest stint; last aired 02/26

110) Sharon E. Eisemas (ER Nurse)-----3-----2%-----recurring

110) David and Zachary Frisch (Tommy McBain)-----3-----2%-----last aired 01/10

110) Tamara Hickey (Nacy the ski instructor)-----3-----2%-----guest stint; last aired 03/19

110) Gregory Kachejion (Dr. Nathan Cushing)-----3-----2%-----last aired 01/16

110) Lisa McMahon (Mrs. Jennings)-----3-----2%-----recurring

110) Pamela Payton-Wright (Addie Cramer)-----3-----2%-----recurring

110) Michael Purducci (Cop #1)------3-----2%-----guest stint; last aired 05/01

110) Actress portraying Lt. Donna Johnson-----3-----2%-----recurring

110) Uncredited actor portraying Junkie w/ Tess-----3-----2%-----guest stint

110) Uncredited actresss portraying Nurse-----3-----2%-----recurring

122) Paolo Adina (Dr. Harrison)-----2-----1%-----guest stint

122) Terence Archie (Cop Alan)-----2-----1%-----recurring

122) Nicoye Banks (Gray)-----2-----1%-----recurring; first aired 01/23

122) Orlando S. Columbus (Officer Greenly)-----2-----1%-----recurring

122) Michael Earle Fojardo (Thug #1)------2-----1%-----guest stint; last aired 05/24

122) Carl Gordon (Fred Wayne)-----2-----1%-----recurring

122) Robert Harte (Michael McBain)-----2-----1%-----temporary two-episode recast; last aired 01/10

122) Mark LaMura (Douglas Kline)-----2-----1%-----recurring; first aired 04/03

122) Jeff McCarthy (Jim Mulligan)-----2-----1%-----guest stint; last aired 02/10

122) Judy Maier (Flight Attendant)-----2-----1%-----guest stint; last aired 04/10

122) Lisa Miller (Dr. Pearce)-----2-----1%-----guest stint; last aired 06/01

122) Kianne Muschett (TV Reporter Jane McLauglin)-----2-----1%-----guest stint; last aired 05/09

122) Melanie Nicholls King (Judge)-----2-----1%-----guest stint; last aired 04/12

122) John Ottavino (Mr. Jennings)-----2------1%------recurring

122) Jonathan Earl Peck (Hospital Security Head)-----2-----1%-----guest stint; last aired 06/05

122) Michael Pemberton (Dorian's Driver)------2-----1%-----guest stint; last aired 06/19

122) Cosmo Pfeil (Gabe)-----2-----1%-----recurring

122) Stu Richel (Fire Chief)-----2-----1%------guest stint; last aired 02/17

122) Frankie Shaw (Kandi Lane)------2-----1%-----guest stint; last aired 07/24

122) Jay Spece (Dr. Greer)-----2-----1%-----guest stint

122) David Vadium (Bruiser, the boxer)-----2-----1%-----guest stint; last aired 04/05

122) Michael Minther (Chaplain)-----2-----1%-----guest stint

122) Eric Brent Zulty (Jeff)-----2-----1%-----guest stint; last aired 06/22

122) Uncredited actress portraying Abagail-----2-----1%-----recurring

122) Uncredited actor portraying Jetter------2-----1%------guest stint; last aired 05/28

147) David T. Achelis (Mac-Rodi's Manager)-----1------0.7%------recurring

147) David Adkins (ER Doctor)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint

147) Paola Andino (Dr. Harrison)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint

147) Emily Allyn Barth (Mary the Diner waitress)-----1-----0.7%-----recurring

147) Joy Behar (Herself)-----1-----0.7%-----special guest appearance; 04/23

147) Scott Bryce (Dr. Ed Crosby)-----1------0.7%------last aired in March

147) Kerry Butler (Claudia Reston)-----1------0.7%-----last aired 01/03

147) Angelique Cabrel (Teacher)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 03/01

147) Kristina Candelarie (Fan #1)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 04/03

147) Michael Chaban (Dr. Raymon Gualtieri)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 02/07

147) Dylan Chally (Clark)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 07/09

147) Molly Curry (TV news anchor)-----1------0.7%------guest stint; last aired 05/02

147) Alexis Dziena (Pretty girl)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 01/04

147) Robert Farrier (Earl Baker)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 07/23

147) Manuel Felciano (Amelio Kraft)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 07/17

147) Nelly Furtado (Herself)-----1-----0.7%-----special guest appearance on 02/23

147) Brock Gloor (Rob Dalton)-----1-----0.7%------guest stint; last aired 05/29

147) Deidre Goodwin (Reporter)-----1-----0.7%------guest stint

147) Carl Gordon (Fred Wayne)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 04/20

147) Jabari Gray (Associate)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 03/02

147) John Grady (Dog Walker)-----1------0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 07/13

147) Larry Hall (dayplayer role)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 04/13

147) Elizabeth Hasselbeck (Herself)-----1-----0.7%-----special guest appearance; 04/23

147) Don J. Hewitt Sr. (ESU Worker 2)-----1-----0.7%-----guest sting

147) John Hillner (Peter Corrigan)-----1-----0.7%-----recurring; first aired 05/14

147) Fiona Horrgian (Palace maid)-----1-----0.7%-----last aired 01/03

147) Jim Horvath (Blake)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 05/24

147) Patrick Husted (Judge)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 06/22

147) E. Katherine Kerr (Judge)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 07/06

147) Ted Koch (Mr. Grey)-----1-----0.7%-----guesst stint; last aired 04/19

147) Michael Jarvis (Thug #2)-----1------0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 05/23

147) Cosmo Pfeil (Gabe)-----1-----0.7%-----recurring

147) Trish McCall (Flight Attendant)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 03/06

147) Stephen Mendillo (Fire Chief)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 06/05

147) Tuck Milligan (Howard Gunn)-----1------0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 07/25

147) Melanie Nicholls-King (Judge Henson)-----1-----0.7%-----recurring

147) Austin Moore (Kid at Llanview High School assembly)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 02/08

147) Kevin O'Rourke (Llanview Mayor)-----1------0.7%-----recurring; first aired 05/29

147) Terrence Patrick Schappert (Highway Cop Terry Powell)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 07/10

147) Alexs Shaklin (Boris)-----1-----0.8%-----guest stint; last aired 04/23

147) Michael Shimkin (Proccess Server)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 06/15

147) Keith Siglinger (Thug #3)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 05/23

147) Olivia Sklar (Lois the Llanfair maid)-----1-----0.7%-----recurring

147) Andrew William Smith (TV Reporter)-----1-----0.7%-----last aired 01/17

147) Jesse Lee Soffe (Man at graduation)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 01/05

147) Karl Armani Wailoo, aka Saukrates (dayplayer role)-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 02/23

147) Matthew R. Walton (Det. Price)-----1-----0.7%------guest stint; last aired 07/02

147) Edward Watts (Suit)-----1-----0.8%-----guest stint; last aired 04/04

147) Dawn Yanek (Serenity Springs spa attendant)-----1-----0.7%-----recurring

147) Uncredited actor portraying Dr. Newman-----1-----0.7%-----last aired 01/05

147) Uncredited actor portraying Palace waiter-----1-----0.7%-----recurring

147) Uncredited actor portraying Capricorn Bartendar------1-----0.7%------recurring

147) Uncredited actor portraying Male fan------1------0.7%------guest stint; last aired 05/17

147) Uncredited actor portraying Co-Pilot-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 05/31

147) Uncredited actor portraying Little Boy------1-----0.7%------guest stint; last aired 05/17

147) Uncredited actor portraying Nick the cop-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint

147) Uncredited actor portraying Officer-----1------0.7%------guest stint; last aired 05/17

147) Uncredited actress portraying Dr. Stickland-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 05/11

147) Uncredited actress portraying Secretary Lisa-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 05/29

147) Uncredited actor portraying Palace Bartendar-----1-----0.7%-----recurring

147) Uncredited actor portraying Randy-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 06/29

147) Uncredited actor portraying Warden-----1-----0.7%-----guest stint; last aired 05/09

Various totals for all other dayplayer roles so far this year.

Not Appearing this year, these recurring players----Al Espinosa (Father Gregory), Wortham Krimmer (Rev. Andrew Carpenter), Hazel J. Medina (Marianne-Matthew's nanny), Michael Storm (Dr. Larry Wolek), all other recurring.

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Thanks for the update!

120 appearances for John McBain???? They need to take this guy down already. Maybe to 80 appearances a month. Marty was featured a lot this month. I'd be happy if she wasn't featured in that horrible storyline. Let's hope that future brings better stories for Marty.

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