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My college just denied me my degree


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Now I have 10 days from the point of the email, which I got today but is marked yesterday, to file an appeal, or I have to complete another semester.

Apperently, I'm 8 units short. Which makes no sense, because unless it's an extreme science, each class is worth 3 units. How, I'm 8 short, I have no idea. I followed the plan made for me by my Political Science advisor, by the Academic advior, to the tee.

All my Major work is done. All my Capstone classes (class that have to be taken at the Unviersity and at an Upper Division) Level are done.

I was done with all my GE's except for science and the Astornomy Lab I just finished was supposed to GE it.

My frinends and looked over everything, and conicedenitally the science that I was supposed to be done with adds up the 8 credits I'm supposedly missing. So it's possible that their was a mistake in processing the lab, and it wasn't GE'd. We'll hope it's that, and it can be all taken care off Monday.

Or there's another slight possibility...sometimes, when you transfer, even after you've completed all the requirements for your degree, you're still short units. In that case, I'd either have to appeal to have my credits revaluated or just take the crap they're dealing me and take two more classes and other semester.

The office was closed by the time I got done with work, so I couldn't go today. But I left a message to my Grad Advisor and I'm going to be waiting for her at her office on Monday morning

So until then, I guess I just get all my paperwork together, and wait.

This isn't fair.

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