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ATWT: CBS Fan Panel

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I always have such a hard time with some of their questions...

Like the story that keeps you coming back...I feel like if I vote for one of them, even if I only like part of the story, I'm totally validating the story LOL!

Like, I love Carly and Jack, but I'm not voting for that quad.

Love Luke, but voting for Luke I'm afraid gives them the idea that the fact that he's basically absent from his own story is acceptable.

I like Craig, but can't stand Meg so I'm not voting for that.

Completely meh on Aaron and Ali.

So basically Henry and Vienna, while I do like them, win by default LOL!

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I had the same problem too. I love Jack and Carly. But Fluffhead no......so I didnt vote for them. I didnt vote for Craig because of Meg and Paul...LOL. And Aaron didnt get my vote because of Ali....lol. Henry and Vienna are just filler for me.....So I voted for Luke/Noah/Maddie...although I want Maddie away from them...LOL

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