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ATWT: SOW Spoilers

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Kate Hodge (Pam): Vienna and Henry get an offer from Pam on July 24.

Roger Howarth returns to ATWT on July 27, when Paul turns up alive and well - but, okay, a little bruised. His return precipitates Cady McClain's comeback as Rosanna next week. "It's nice to be back and see everybody," beams McClain. See next issue for exclusive interviews with both actors.

ATWT's JJ is kidnapped

ATWT' Jack and Carly are drawn together by tragedy this week as Julia and Les' past comes back to haunt JJ.

"Jack is about to propose to Katie when Carly bursts in and says that JJ's been kidnapped," previews Michael Park (Jack).

When kidnappers Ava and Silas contact JJ's frantic guardians with their demads (money and a mysterious key), "Carly and Jack have to work together not only as mother and father but as a team to find him," Park explains.

It's not very good teamwork, though. "Jack tells Carly specifically not to front the money because they will lose their leverage. It's a kinapping situation; it's never good," notes Park. "Carly goes behind Jack's back, does what she thinks is the best thing for her family, and pays the ransom."

Simultaneously, it's Henry and Vienna who unwittingly stumble upon JJ's location. "Jack gets a clue from Henry, believe it or not," quips Park. "Henry and Vienna are looking at a construction site for their new spa and there's dust on the ransom letter and dust on Henry's shoes - the same kind of dust."

But before that dust can settle, Carly's rash decision has explosive consequences for Jack. "It's going to set up a huge conflict between Katie, Carly and Jack," teases Park. No kid-ding.

The News Buzz

Some ATWT viewers may be scratching their heads about Luke's new boy, Noah, steaming up the sheets with Maddie, but Van Hansis (Luke) thinks it's playing out perfectly. "I like the way they're going with it! It gives us a chance to do a classic soap opera love triangle but for the new millennium," notes Hansis. "I don't think Noah really knows what he wants and it also gives us great stuff for Maddie to play." Like loves scenes? "Of course, Luke happens to walk in whenever they're kissing.," laughs Hansis. "Poor guy."

Sneak Peeks for the week of July 23

Barbara receives great news about Paul.

Aaron gets the wrong idea about Ali.

Luke is unsettled by being close to Noah.

Will and Gwen share their baby tidings.

Can't Miss: Wed, July 25: Meg unleashes the slap heard 'round the World(Wide)!

Week of July 30

Lucinda rails at Meg for her betrayal.

Alison confronts Maddie.

Vienna can't adjust.

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