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PSNS: Meet Pretty Crane

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Digest: Have you had scenes with anyone yet?

Sward: I had a scene with a stewardess. But today is my big day that I get to do a lot of work, so I'm very excited. Most everything has been very quiet and subtle. Today is my big day where I get to be with everyone else and play off of somebody. I've been getting my makeup and hair done and twiddling my thumbs waiting for my turn [to go on stage].

Digest: Have you rehearsed with anyone?

Sward: I have. I rehearsed with Emily [Harper], who plays my sister, Fancy. She's awesome and we have so much fun together already. I can see how we can actually be sisters. Most of my stuff today is with her. I also got to work with McKenzie [Westmore], who plays my Aunt Sheridan.

Digest: Who also looks like she could be your sister.

Sward: Yeah. Every day I get my script, I'm like, "Oh, I'm related to them? And I'm related to them, too." I'm learning all about Pretty through everything they give me.

Digest: What can you tell us about Pretty, besides the fact that she has a weird name.

Sward: Some say weird, some say appropriate [laughs]. She's very self-confident, and is a bit spoiled because that is in the bloodline to think that things should just be handed to the Cranes. But she's really fun and much more sensitive than anyone would give her credit for.

Full interview:


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