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GL: Cyrus and Dinah

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Cyrus is Dinah's former partner in crime when Dinah was on the run for murdering Hart Jessup. I think they pulled off alot of scams in their heyday. When Cyrus showed up on the show, Dinah had just earned the title of a reformed bad girl and was trying her hardest to change her ways. Cyrus blackmailed Dinah into pulling off one more scam, this time on her own mother Vanessa. He blackmailed her with some damaging information against Mallet who had just been elected to the governor's crime commision. So in order to protect Mallet she pulled off the scam.

As for Dinah, she was shot by a man from Mallet's past. When Mallet lost Harley, he went to work for a man who hired him to kill men who were in debt to him. Blake decided to bring him to Springfield, and the man, who's name was Mr. Griggs wanted Mallet to do one last job for him. This time his target was Matt Reardon. So in order to save Matt, Mallet and Dinah tried to pull a fast one over Mr. Griggs by faking Matt's death. However Griggs knew better and confronted Mallet. Dinah got in the middle of their confrontation, Griggs pulled out a gun on Mallet, but Dinah got in the way protecting Mallet, and was shot in the head. Now she's recovered, but unfortunately she is suffering from memory loss but is keeping it a secret.

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