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More Music for B&B + Other Casting TidBits

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16-year-old pop/R&B prodigy Lil’ Keesha makes her B&B debut on July 30.

The singer will be playing a Boldface Records artist and perform her song “Heaven Knows”.

Also: Alan Thicke returns to the soap as talk show host Rich Ginger on Aug. 6. He was previously seen on B&B last August when Ridge and Donna guested on his talk show.

Speaking of Donna: Jennifer Gareis ain't going nowhere, as hinted the Emmys, The Slut© will get a story this summer. Probably to romance Thorne I guess...

..who's likely to get ghostly visions of Schae Harrison (ex-Darla) in the heat of the summer.

Rocky Independance Day for Brooke

On July 4th, Brooke is involved in an unfortunate chain of events when a man at a bar tries to pick her up. Then an alcoholic drink is accidentally spilled on Brooke.

Keep in mind that Brooke is guesting on Y&R the following day. LMAO, could devious Glo be now pulling double duty and now also taint drinks of LA citizens. The latter is only my take, the rest is given.

Also TV Guide Canada reports that Lesli Kay (Felicia) landed a part in the made-for-TV movie based on Anna Nicole Smith’s life, which also stars Willa Ford. Kay will play a friend of Smith’s.

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