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Days:Lynda Hirsch & sony spoilers for wk of 6/25

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sami's sonogram reveals she's carrying a boy and a girl. They realize one baby could be Lucas' and the other E.J.'s. Kate threatens to tell the hospital that Nick stole the hairbrush if Nick doesn't make sure the DNA tests come out in E.J.'s favor. Meanwhile, at the hospital, a tormented Nick hands Marlena the DNA results. Marlena is crestfallen to learn E.J. is the father of both babies and delivers the devastating news to Sami and Lucas. A pained Lucas assures Sami she won't lose him. Stefano tells Tony to let the Bradys find out who killed Colleen — the truth will devastate them. Nick calls Kate and tells her he did what she wanted. Shawn confides to Hope that he's hurt over Claire's thinking Philip is her father. He recounts how she ran into Philip's arms at the hotel. Bo and Hope suggest Shawn move back into their home with Belle and the baby. Roman thinks he sent Anna the wrong signal by sleeping with her.

SNEAK PEEK: Stefano collapses.

Preview for the Week of

June 25, 2007

Lucas tells Billie and Kate that he doesn't know if he can handle it if EJ turns out to be the father of Sami's baby. When Billie reveals that Nick stole the hairbrush from the lab to protect Chelsea, this sets Kate's wheels turning and she races off. What could she be up to? Meanwhile, at the hospital, Marlena offers to alter the paternity test to ensure Lucas is the father! Amazingly, Sami refuses. Nick and Chelsea have made love. Unfortunately, she didn't think it was all that. Stephanie tells her it's because she has the hots for Jett. Max learns EJ is involved in Jeremy's business dealings and has second thoughts about being involved.


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