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December 22, 2006 - Full Credits

Created by

Frank and Doris Hursley

Executive Producer

Jill Farren Phelps

Written By

Robert Guza Jr.

Michael Conforti

Garin Wolf

Dave Goldschmid

Harris Harris

Michele Val Jean

Mary Sue Price

Susan Wald

Tracey Thomson

Script Editor

Elizabeth Korte


Mary O'Leary


Mercer Barrows


Michelle Henry

Consulting Producers

Robert Guza Jr.

Post Production Supervisor

Peter Filmore

Associate Directors

Ron Cates

Christine R. Magarian

Penny Pengra

Denise Van Cleave

Peter Filmore

R.C. Cates

Dave MacLoud

Edited By

Denise Van Cleave

Casting Director

Mark Teschner, C.S.A.

Associate Casting Director

Gwen Hillier

Production Designer

Chip Dox

Art Director

Daniel M. Proett

Assistant Art Directors

Jennifer Elliot

Andrew Evashchen

Stage Managers

Craig McManus

Crystal K. Craft

Production Associates

Lisa Kaseff

Script Continuity

Sasha Cartullo

Assistant to the Executive Producer

N'Neka Garland

Production Coordinators

Dale Pulliam

Christine Cooper

Chris Tran

Production Assistant

Cody Leach

Angela Markman

Jaclyn Gonzales

Casting Coordinators

Kate O'Donnell

Regina Bunye

Writers' Assistant

Nathan Fissel

Script Coordinators

Heidi Ploen

Jim Reitzel

Vice President of West Cost Production

Joe Montrone

Production Manager

Vicki Davis

Production Administrator

Mags Hernandez

Director, Broadcast Operations & Eng.

Judy Cordray

Executive Director, Production Services

James A. Kussman

General Manager, Broadcast Facilities and Operations

Randy Hooper

Manager, Sutdio, and Videotape Operations

Phil Angerhoffer

Media Relations

Mitchell Messinger

Publicity Coordinator

Yvonne Graham

Property Masters

Robert K. Markham

Ron Seuffert

Head Electricians

Ray Morales

Jason Seagrove

Head Carpenters

Ray Bowman

Lee Fleming

Technical Directors

Jim Ralston

Averill Perry

Russ Reinsel

Kelly Creffield

Lighting Directors

Tom Markle

Vincent Steib


Elyse Pecora

Nick Kleissas

Senior Video

Charles Barrett


Dale Carlson

Dale Walsh

Ralph Alcocer

Craig Camou

Boom Operators

Fred Fryrear

Paulette Schreiner

Sandy Masone

Chris Tyson

Head Utility

Stanley Magnone

Special Effects

John Linscott

Costume Designer

Monique Adams

Assistant Costime Designer

Mona Alm

Jeffrey Hartman

Costume Supervisor

Donna Hartman


Lenny Marcus

Alice Volonino

Nina Stoller

Carla Haupt

Sara Jo Anderson

Kristen Anthony

Jeffrey Hartman

Julianan Bolles-Morrison

Barbara Dunn

Maki Chadahri

Jefferson Beeker

Melissa Santelli


Donna Messina Armogida

Wendy Holz-Pennington

Georgia Grado Berona

Erin Harding

Bobbi Roberts

Dara Jaraimillo

Angela Ackley

Melinda Osgood

Veronica Lorenz

Luiza Adzhiyan

Tamar Papirian

Celena Rubin

Hair Stylists

Kimber Lee Anderson

Michael Anton Prockiw

Anzahela Adzhiyan

Joann Onorio

Curt Darling

Linda Osgood

Joe Maike

Jennifer Petrovich

Curran Crockett

Stunt Coordinator

Tim Davison

Acting Coach

John Homa

On-line Editor

David Gonzalez

Re-recording Mixers

Donald Smith

Nick Marcus

Video Tape Recording

Arthur Hudson

Daniel Viveros

Electronic Maintenance

Casimiro Ancheta

Nelson Dearborn

Business Manager

Hilda Recio

Accounting Coordinator

Maricela Gavida


Jim Krieger


Gregory Roykhman

Debbie Lewis

Original Music by

R.C. Cates

Dominic Messenger

Music Directors

R.C. Cates

Dave MacLeod

Theme Music by

R.C. Cates

Dave Koz

Dominic Messenger

Jack Urbont

Videotaped at

The Prospect Studios in Hollywood

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