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Days: Daytime Dial Spoilers

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Sami and Lucas find a disk in the ticking Alarm clock.

Belle and Philip are reunited with Claire.

At the DiMera family meeting, Stefano announces that Colleen was killed by the Bradys.

Stephanie grills Jett about whether or not Jeremy is cheating on her.

VCR Alerts

Thursday - During the Brady Family meeting, Sami brings in none other than Anna DiMera.

Friday - Stefano learns that EJ can not be trusted.


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Today's eppy got me down, but I hope it is just a bump in this storyline. These spoilers look pretty good--and I'm getting excited about Anna. I haven't seen Leanne/Anna on the show except in a few clips; I wasn't impressed, but performances are always a bit strange when you're seeing them in the middle of a storyline for just a few seconds.

Looks like a lot of good family drama--on both sides of this DiBrady story.

And I hope that ticking clock explodes in Screamy McChipmunk's face--thus making him Silent McPink-Mist.

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