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Days:Top 10 Ways To Settle "Who Gets Claire?" saga

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Top 10 Ways To Settle the "Who Gets Claire?" Saga

By Janet Di Lauro

Everybody loves little Claire Kiriakis. In fact, maybe they love her a little too much. For the past year, her mom, Belle, and two dads, Philip and Shawn, and have been fighting for custody of the adorable toddler. They've even taken turns kidnapping the little cutie and putting her life in danger — all in the name of love. Here are 10 ways to resolve the struggle once and for all.

10. Rock, scissors, paper!

9. In the interest of sanity — hers — the tyke is given up for adoption by another family.

8. Claire runs away, signs a deal with 20th Century Fox, and begins starring in a series of Shirley Temple movie remakes.

7. Forget Belle! The little angel moves in with Shawn and Philip and embarks on her version of My Two Dads.

6. Claire divorces all of her crazy parents and sets a legal precedent as the youngest child ever emancipated.

5. As the ultimate revenge on Belle, Mimi kidnaps Claire and raises her as her own, changing the kid's hair color every month so people believe she's really her daughter.

4. Kyle Brandt (ex-Philip) returns to town. Claire immediately recognizes him, calls him "Da Da," and never looks back at her other parents.

3. Claire is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder — after all, she is played by twins who themselves had two TV roles (they also played baby Carrie on the recently canceled What About Brian — and becomes a ward of the state.

2. The Olsen Twins sue for custody and win when a judge decides that no one understands Claire like they do.

1. Since the toddler is played by Ava and Olivia White, Philip gets one, while Belle and Shawn take the other.


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