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D-ck'll Make You Slap Someone!


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OMG this is too much. So hilarious towards the end. Preach it Alexyss!

Just have to give a warning, that she talks alot about adult material so if you're sensitive to that, then you may not want to wach it

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"You see the penus is a very powerful organ. It's a heat seekin' mussile"

Lol, I wrote that just the way she said it.

Lol, so if we have so much information locked inside our penis, how do they download it? I have an idea <_<

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I'm confused. What's with the meanie face? Was that intentional? And um, isn't it obvious how people download MAN STICK files?!!! :blush:


I did some research and it seems that woman next to her is HER MOTHER!

Can you believe this? I swear, in the halloween episode, she said "my mother" wanted to ask a question.


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