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AMC: Thoughts on Jenny Carey Colby

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Okay maybe I have toooo much time on my hands, but with the previews and talk of Tad and Krystal's daughter missing and if I wrote the show...here is how I would like this storyline to play out the remainder of the spring and throughout the summer.

After Jenny is taken from the hospital, a distraught Martin and Carey clan make a plea for her safe return. Little do they know that Adam Chandler and Janet Dillon are behind her kidnapping. After Krystal is released from the hospital and settles in and grips with the uncertainity of whether or not she will see her infant daughter again, all of Jenny's medical information is delievered to her.

Across town hidden away, we see Janet taking care of this child with the intent of selling her on the black market ring....however, Janet proceeds to fall in love with the little girl and thinks she could give motherhood another chance with this baby...she says out loud how she would not make the same mistakes that she made with her Amanda and that no one would keep her away from her "new baby" this time around. She renames her little girl Natalie, after her dearly departed sister.

We flashback to Krystal who is reviewing Jenny's medical chart and it is discovered that due to his blood type, Tad could NO WAY be the father of this little girl....David Hayward was wrong and his shocking revelation was a way to SCREW the Chandler family for turning Krystal and Babe against him....David wanted Adam to be kept away from his child the way they kept David away from Babe. He also wanted both Babe and Krystal to feel the pain, the pain of what it was like to lose a child and a sibling.

Krystal goes to the hospital where she confronts Joe and Jeff Martin about the blood results. Krystal demands answers and says she is not leaving the hospital until she gets them. About that time, Adam Chandler shows up and asks the doctor Martin's if he needs to call security and have this "CRAZY" Woman escorted off the hospital property. The lioness in Krystal turns on Adam and tells him what she discovered and asks Adam if he had a hand in this...who he paid to doctor those blood tests...Adam adamntly swears he had nothing to do with it and even vows to get Tad down there to take a blood test again and that he would too.

In the meantime, Tad has stopped by Wildwind to give Di some momentos of Dixie's. As he and Jamie sit and talk with Di, they begin looking through one of Dixie's childhood photo albums....they notice that a childhood picture of Dixie, bears a striking resemblance to Kathy who has been living with Julia at Wildwind. Tad mentions to Di and Jamie, how much he wished he and Dixie had found Kate before her death.....he knows how much Dixie wanted to be reunited with her little girl. He confides in them that he is unsure whether or not he will ever locate his daughter with Dixie, now that Madden is dead and that is the only connection they had to her....Tad's cell phone rings and Joe asks him to come to the hospital and that he would explain everything once he got there. Jamie and Di inform Tad that they are going with him...

All 3 arrive at the hospital to discover a distraught Krystal yelling at Adam. Tad punches Adam and accuses him of trying to do more damage and hurt Krystal deeper than he already has. As Krystal, Joe and Jeff attempt to explain to Tad about Jenny's blood type.....krystal begins to wonder if Adam is indeed the father of her baby and persuades Adam to take a blood test as Tad objects...claiming that this was another stunt of Adam's...just like the stunts he pulled to make Dixie think she was going crazy and to take JR away from her and to keep them apart. He spews that from that moment, that day....Adam has always been jealous of him and what he has had....Adam agrees to the blood test in order to get Tad to shut up.....and they reveal that Adam is indeed the father of Jenny.....as the group revels from this bombshell...Adam's cell phone rings and it is Janet asking to meet with Adam right away.

Adam arrives at Janet's hideout where he sees her holding and cooing over his daughter. She announces to Adam that she has changed her mind and that she has decided to give motherhood another try and she wants to raise "Natalie." As Adam asks Janet what about Krystal....the psycho emerges and rants how Krystal does not deserve this child...not after what she and her trampy daughter did to Adam, JR and her friend Erica Kane and all the pain those two tramps inflicted in their lives. She also states that this child was a roadblock in the way of Tad and Dixie's happiness and if he wants a daughter he deserves his daughter Kate....

Adam tries to persuade Janet to give Jenny back to Krystal and even reveals that he is her biological father. Janet vows that NO ONE is ever going to separate her from another child and that if Adam wanted to be part of his daughters life, then he would marry her. OUt of desperation, Adam agrees to Janet's plans and she raves how the three of them: Adam, Janet and baby "Natalie" are going to be one big happy family. As Janet goes into the other room to happily make wedding plans, Adam tries to escape with a sleeping Jenny...hoping that he would look like a hero and reunite with Krystal. Once on the road he calls Krystal and tells her that he has found Jenny and he is bring her home and he tells her his location. Just then Krystal hears a scream and a crash...she screams into the phone for Adam and she, Tad, Joe,Di, Jamie and Jeff race to the location. The camera flashes to Janet standing over the wreckage that was Adam's car and she spouts "You thought you could get away with this... I told you NO ONE would ever take my daughter away from me again." Janet scoops up an uninjured Jenny as Adam begins to come around...she tells him he had a chance, he had a chance to have a life with his daughter....a life without that trailer park trash raising her...but guess what he lost and now he and Krystal will NEVER see their daughter again."

Janet attempts to flee the scene w/ baby in tow as Tad, Krystal, Di, Jamie, Jeff, Joe and now JR arrive on the scene. Krystal lunges at Janet and screams at the psycho to give her back her baby....but Janet says that if Krystal comes any closer she would jump into the ravine below and take baby Natalie with her. She tells the group how she is getting a second chance at motherhood and this time she was not going to make the same mistakes with Natalie, that she did with Amanda. She spews about everything Krystal did and the lives she ruined, how she did not deserve this baby...she did not deserve to be happy...that she should feel the exact pain she and her daughter caused in the depths of their souls....She says Natalie does not need a mother like her, and that she was saving this sweet, innocent little girl from being turned into a tramp just like Krystal and Babe. Joe and Jeff try and plead with Janet to let them examine the baby to make sure she is okay after the accident.....she happily proclaims that her daughter does not have a scratch on her, unlike her dear old dad over there in his wrecked car. As Tad and Jeff move closer, Janet again threatens to jump taking the baby with her.

Di and Krystal begin to plead with Janet and Janet hallucinates and thinks that Di is really Dixie. She profusely apologizes to "Dixie" for killing Will and said she never meant to hurt anyone. She states how she hated that Krystal seduced Tad, while she and Tad were reconcililng and that Krystal was trying to keep them away from finding their own daughter. Di(as Dixie) goes along with Janet's charade and throws barbs at Krystal and says that she and Tad will raise the baby, and they will make sure Krystal stays far away from her...just as Julia Santos drives up to see if she can be of assistance. Di convinces Janet(who thinks she is Dixie) to give her the baby as Julia, Jeff and Joe tend to an injured Adam. As Di, turns around to hand Jenny to Krystal, Janet pushes her over the ravine....Tad runs to Di's rescue as Janet hops in Julia's car and attempts to get away.... In a rage, Janet runs down Jamie Martin before crashing Julia's car. As she comes too, she realizes that Kathy is in the back seat and is injured...Tad and Jeff run to the car and see Kathy in the back and they call an ambulance... Kathy, Janet, Adam, Di, Jamie and Baby Jenny are all transported to PVH....Derek and the cops arrive and haul Janet back to the looney bin as Jeff, Julia and Joe work on an injured Jenny. As they give her blood, Joe discovers that her blood type and Tad's blood type match...and it is revealed that Kathy is really Kate.

Krystal and now Babe are happily reunited with Jenny and Krystal says she is never going to let her little girl out of her sight again, not even for a second. Tad and Krystal have a heart to heart over Jenny and Krystal says that she would like for Tad to be part of her life and part of Jenny's. Tad says that he will always be there for them, but that he needs some time...some time to mourn losing another child...Joe walks in and asks to speak with Tad and tells Krystal that Adam has requested to see her. She asks Babe to stay with Jenny and not let her out of her sight and goes to see Adam. Adam tells Krystal how happy he is that Jenny is their daughter and now they can be a family again....he says he wants to remarry Krystal in a HUGE ceremony in front of all Pine Valley. Krystal tells Adam she would marry a monkey before she marries him again and she lays into him for his part in Jenny's kidnapping. She tells Adam as far as she is concerned Jenny's father is dead to her and her daughter and that she did not want Adam's charity or help...that she raised one daughter on her own and she will do it again.

Joe tells Tad that Jamie will be fine and then tells the both of them he has some news about Kathy. Tad, Jamie, and Di prepare to console Julia if the news is bad. He tells Tad to take a look at that little girl in the hospital bed. Di tells Joe about the picture they came across of Dixie in the photo album and how Kate and Dixie looked so much alike, when Dixie was a child. Joe then informs the three that Kathy's blood type is a match to Tad's and that this little girl is really Kate. An emotional Tad, breaksdown and pleads with his father and brother to do everything they can to save his little girl. Di and Jamie go to the chapel where both of them breakdown over the discovery of their niece and half-sister. Di tells Dixie that she knows she is looking out for Kate and she is her guardian angel...she pleads with Dixie to spare Tad more pain and give him the his little girl....As Tad drifts off to sleep in Kate's room, he is visited by a vision in white...a vision Dixie who says she has been watching him, Jamie,JR, Kathy and yes even Adam...she tells Tad that she will always love him and "their" boys. Tad says how much he misses Dixie and how sorry he was she was not here to be reunited with their daughter...Dixie tells Tad that she will always be there and she will always be looking out for them...all of them... She tells Tad that it is time he met his little girl.

Tad awakens to a stirring Kate, who asks for her mommy and daddy... Tad tells her..."Daddy is right here sweetheart and daddy will always keep you safe from now on." Ruth, Joe,Opal and Jeff walk into the room and see Tad brushing the hair out of his little girls eyes... Opal and Ruth cry and ask if it is really Kate, while Tad and JOe both say yes. JR comes in, followed by Di and Jamie....Tad tells Kate that he wants her to meet some special people in his life and who will be in her life for a long time to come. Julia realizes the truth and agrees to sign custody of Kate over to Tad. Tad asks Julia to be part of his little girls life and these two embark on a beautiful friendship.....

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