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OLTL: The Memories Thread

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Well, it's no secret right now that I don't like OLTL at all. But I don't like not liking that and want nothing more than to say something positive about it. So let's all share some of our favorite OLTL characters, quotes, scenes, stories, etc. Let's make this a long thread filled with positive memories!! B)

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One of My favorite moments. In 2004, when Todd was revealed to be Todd, he went back to work at The Sun, or was it Crave? Anyway, he was sitting at his desk, reading a newspaper, and Dorian thought he was David and came in in her undies, and she opened her jacket and he lowered his newspaper, saw her and screamed. That was hilarious!! :lol:

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Todd's proposal to Tea in the Palace Bar in 1998.

"I'll give you it all, the gown, the music, the thing in your face. I love you Tea."

I loved it b/c Todd was so awkward and nervous and intense and it wasn't a typical soapy romantic proposal but as Tea said later to Nora, it was "so Todd".

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:lol: I remember that!!

One of my favorites were the scary Margaret/Starr scenes in 2005. I remember twice when Margaret was pregnant that she payed Starr a visit. Both were at craze.

First scene--

Starr walks into Todd's office to see Margaret sitting at Todd's desk. It's dark and there's eerie music playing.

Starr: Margaret!

Margaret: Hello, little Starr. Come here. I want to talk to you.

Starr: No!

Starr begins to run. Margaret gets up.

Margaret: I said COME HERE!!!!

and then in the other scenes at Craze when Margaret was trying to kill her lol....

Starr: You stay away from me.

Margaret: Oh, relax. I was just checking out your outfit. Does your mother always let you out of the house looking like a slut?

later, Margaret knocks her out and holds up a sharp piece of glass.

Margaret (singing): Twinkle twinkle, little Starr....history is all you are.

And then later, when Blair comes...

Blair: Margaret!

Margaret: Oh, hello, Blair! Long time no see!

Blair: Let my daughter go, you crazy b*tch!

Margaret: Like mother, like daughter-- so vulgar!

LMAO! *sigh* :(

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Excellent idea for a thread. I loved OLTL and am now getting back into it big time because I love Jessica and Nash.

~Cord and Tina were so hot.

~When David Vickers first came on and he tried to pass himself off as the Lord Heir. He was in lust with Tina who he was "related" to. I remember them in a jacuzzi and the sexual tension was smoking. Then when Todd was revealed to be the Lord heir, what great drama.

~Of course, I think my favorite memory was Marty's rape trial. When Nora realized that Todd, Powell and Zach were guilty and she blew the trial, causing a mistrial. Just to watch those scenes again are amazing. I wonder if its on you tube. I am going to look and if they are, I will post it in here.

~Anytime all the Buchanan boys are together are classic moments.

~Blair (when Mia Korf played her) and Max having sex on her wedding dress. I liked Mia Korf as Blair.

~Gay Billy coming out to his parents. What a hottie Ryan Philippe was then and now!

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Luna getting shot... cried for weeks afterwards. The only thing that I ever remember is Max, Al, and if I'm not mistaken, the twins are there too, in the hospital with her.

And Al and Marcie, dorm room scenes and the whole Voice of the Night storyline with them, love...

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