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AMC: Missed history opportunity

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How come nobody has brought up the fact that Adam conceved JR with Dixie while he was married to Brooke...wait wait, didn't he also conceal Colby's paternity from Liza for years and years? The storyline even winning the "Best Kept secret" award from SOD that year? I thought Jamie would have when Adam made the sloppy seconds comment. Have the writers ever WATCHED the show?

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The reason I had a hard time feeling bad for Adam Friday was because of what he did to Liza and Jake. He actually let Jake bond with Colby for almost a year thinking she was his daughter. While what Krystal did was wrong, atleast she told him before the baby was born and he really bonded with her.

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Exactly. That was terrible. The writers need to remember that. I remember having a similar problem with Erica during the famous babyswitch story. She DID kidnapp baby Maddy and passed her off as her adopted Russian baby Sonia. If I had been writing the show Maria would have reminded Erica of this sad fact whenever Erica got a little saucy.

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Let me go in here and post the unpopular opinion... but what went on among Jake and Liza, Adam and Colby was equally Jake's doing. Regardless of whether or not Adam switched the sperm samples, Jake "bonded" with Colby because he went back on his word to Liza that donating the sperm was just a "simple clinical procedure." His fiancee, Allie Doyle (who was in cahoots with Adam about the sperm switch), was upset with him for even donating the sperm, fearful that Jake would grow attached to the child he helped another woman -- her best friend -- concieve. But Jake insisted that it he wasn't going to be a part of the baby's life and it was just a clinical procedure. THEN when he found out that Liza was going back to Adam, he played his paternity card and refused to let Adam raise his baby. I say that having WANTED Adam to get found out about the sperm switch back then.

I don't have a hard time feeling bad for Adam for the simple fact that after everything was said and done, Liza and Adam dealth with and worked through the situation. And still, Liza stole away with Colby and let her grow up without him, and when she grew tired of her, she let her land on Adam's doorstep.

Jamie has yet to feel any guilt about stealing Little Adam and making JR believe he was dead, so listening to him be so self-righteous about something he just found out about two seconds ago is laughable.

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Here is a quick Jake profile to jog your memory:


MARTIN, jr.; Joseph “Joey/Jake”

Portrayed by: Unknown (1979-1982); Michael Scalera (1982-88); Michael Brainard (1988-91, 1994, 1995); Michael Lowry (1996-2000); J. Eddie Peck (2000-03)

Family: Kate Martin (Grandmother); Joe Martin (Father); Ruth Martin (Mother); Jeff Martin (Half-Brother); Tara Jefferson Martin (Half-Sister); Bobby Martin (Half-Brother); Tad Martin (Adoptive-Brother); Phil Brent (Adotpive-Brother)

Marriages: Emily Ann Sago; Gillian Andrassy

1979: Joseph “Jake” Martin, jr. was born on Christmas ever of 1979. Joe and Ruth worried about his health because of Ruth’s advanced age. A new procedure called amniocentesis confirmed that Jake was in good health. He was nicknamed "Joey" for his childhood.


Though Ruth (Mary Fickett) had an adoptive son, she never thought she would be blessed to have one of ther own.

1982: Joey had found his mother’s gun, and was playing with it in the living room when his grandmother Kate Martin came in to check on him. He pulled the trigger; not knowing the gun was real. Kate was injured, but survived.

Ray Gardner managed an early parole and immediately set his sites on revenge. At a party in the Cortlandt Manor, Ray tried to kidnap Joey. His plot was foiled when Chuck Tyler was almost killed by an unidentified sniper. At the end of the year, the Martins were all almost killed by Ray when he planted a bomb under the Martin home. He would run away with the device after learning his daughter, Jenny Gardner was staying at the there. The device went off in Ray's arms, killing him instantly.


Joey (Michael Scalera) had the family only few could ever wish for. But like his older siblings, he could not seem to keep himself out of trouble (Ray MacDonnell (Joe), Mary Fickett (Ruth), and Kay Campbell (Kate) also pictured).

1985: Joey had found a floppy disk in Tad’s jacket pocket. Joey took the disk, and hid it in his toy chest for later play. Little did he know, the disk was a pimp, Barton Crane’s, black book.

Kate died peacefully in her sleep. All of Joey’s siblings returned to mourn the loss of their beloved grandmother.


Tad (Michael E. Knight) and Joey (Michael Brainard) shared a close bond. He was his best man at all three of his weddings to Dixie Cooney, including this one in 1989.

1990: Joey was dating Emily Ann Sago. Emily Ann was devastated when she learned the truth about her parentage. Her biological father, Billy Clyde Tuggle revealed that her real mother was a prostitute. Emily Ann turned to Joey for comfort. They eloped so that Emily Ann could leave her family.

Joey quickly realized the mistake he had made. Joey was going to file annulment papers until Emily Ann revealed she was pregnant. The teenagers tried to make the best of their marriage. Emily Ann’s continued trauma caused her to miscarry.

At the end of the year, Joey lost his best friend and brother Tad. Billy Clyde had lured him to a bridge rigged to explode. Joey and the other Martins did their best to let go of Tad in spite of the fact that no body was ever found.


Joey (Brainard) married his high school sweetheart Emily Anne (Liz Vassey) despite protests from both their families.

1991: Joey and Emily Ann’s marriage went sour. He had reservations about breaking off his marriage because of the ordeal Emily Ann had gone through in the last year. She became fixated on his relationship with Katie Kennicott. Emily Ann was sure that they were having an affair. She took Katie hostage at gunpoint. Joey pleaded with his wife to let Katie go. Emily Ann’s break from reality was too much for Joey. He was forced to institutionalize her at Oak Haven Sanitarium.

1994: Joey made an appearance at Tad and Dixie’s second wedding.

1995: Joey returned to Pine Valley for the Martin family housewarming party. Along with Tad and Charlie, they pulled together some old photos to present as a gift to their parents.

1996: Joey, now going by Jake, returned to Pine Valley a doctor. On the way to Pine Valley, he met a woman at motel and had a one-night-stand. That woman turned out to be none other than Tad’s former lover, Liza Colby.

1997: Jake began working as the new medical consultant at WRCW. Unbeknownst to him, Adam Chandler had hired him in hopes that he would seduce his new wife, Liza. Jake admitted his feelings to Liza. Liza agreed to divorce Adam. But, happiness was not to be when Liza learned she was pregnant with Adam’s daughter.

Jake began dating Dr. Allie Doyle, his brother Jeff Martin’s star intern. Joe suffered a heart attack that left him sidelined. He put most of his duties as Chief of Staff on Jake and Allie. Dr. David Hayward was invited to Pine Valley to help pick up the slack. David left Jake uneasy. Jake could not ignore that David had a similar affect on Allie.


Though Jake (Michael Lowry) and Liza's (Marcy Walker) relationship ended badly, he still offered to be her sperm donor for daughter Colby. Little did he know, the child he thought was his was actually Adam's (David Canary).

1998: Jake was accused of trying to kill Adam while he was being treated for his stroke. David had concocted the charges to break up Allie and Jake. It turned out that David was Allie’s ex-fiancée. Jake broke up with Allie because of her deception.

Liza came to Jake was peculiar favor. She had wanted desperately to have a child. Now that her marriage to Adam had failed, she was looking into sperm donors. Jake agreed to help Liza

1999: Jake began dating hospital volunteer Gillian Andrassy. Gillian was fresh off a marriage with local conman Ryan Lavery. Jake was Gillian’s listening ear through her complicated divorce. Gillian longed for a stable home, something any Martin could provide.

Jake found out Liza was going to marry Adam again. Jake did not want his child to be raised under Adam’s watch. Jake told Liza he was going to claim his parental rights. He began to put together a custody case with attorney Leslie Coulson.

Gillian got in a car accident. She was suffering from aphasia and could not speak. Jake treated her for the condition. It was then that Jake realized that he was in love with her. At the Crystal Ball, Jake proposed to Gillian.

2000: Jake wanted to marry Gillian before the custody hearing to better his position with the courts. It was clear that Adam’s reputation in the community made him a questionable influence on Colby’s life. Just as the judge was to announce her verdict, Liza broke her silence. She revealed Adam and Allie had switched Jake’s samples at the sperm bank. Colby was Adam’s child, not Jake’s. Jake realized he was only one in the room who did not know the truth. Gillian tried to reach out to him, but he needed time alone.

Jake rashly enlisted with doctors without borders. After a few weeks in Chechnya, Jake was presumed missing in action.

Ryan and Adrian Sword teamed up to rescue Jake, using money they had siphoned out of IncredibleDreams.com. Jake was not ready to go home and confront his issues. Gillian had stowed away in the rescue plane and pleaded with him. Armed militants took aim at Gillian and Ryan. Jake jumped in front and took the bullet.

The injury Jake sustained left him impotent. He began looking into a drug name Libidizone to cure his ailment. Traces of the drug turned up on the Fidelity yacht on the night of the IncredibleDreams.com launch party. He had successfully made love to Gillian that night. Jake learned David had been researching the drug too. He turned to his father with his findings.

Gillian admitted to Jake that she was still in love with Ryan. She wanted to end their marriage.


Gillian (Esta Terblanche) stood by Jake (J. Eddie Peck) as he recovered from his injuries in Chechnya. But her heart was with another man.

2001: Jake treated Gillian after she collapsed. Jake learned she was pregnant. A paternity test revealed he was the child’s father. Gillian would get in a car accident and miscarry. Jake and Gillian mourned the loss of her child. Jake granted Gillian her divorce. Not soon after marrying Ryan, Gillian was killed by an assassin aiming for Anna Devane.

Jake started dating Greenlee Smythe. They became roommates after he rented her loft. Jake confided in Greenlee his suspicions about David. He made it his personal mission to take David down. He wrongfully suspected David of trying to hurt his father. In actuality, David was treating Joe for his heart condition. Tad wanted to take David down too but thought Jake was taking his mission too far. That was until they stumbled across a tape of David drugging the punch on Fidelity.

Greenlee left Jake for her first love Leo duPres. Jake attended the Crystal Ball with Mia Saunders, Liza’s sister, hoping to make Greenlee jealous. But that night, Jake and Mia shared a kiss.


Jake (Peck) was too stubborn to admit he still had feelings for Greenlee (Rebecca Budig).

2002: Jake and Mia’s relationship took a back seat to his concerns for Greenlee. Jake found Mia a job at the hospital as a physical therapist. Seeing each other everyday reminded Jake about their romantic night together. Mia confided in Jake about the child she had given up for adoption. The baby’s father was Jake’s colleague, Dr. Frank Hubbard. Jake helped Mia find the courage to tell Frank.

David tried to pressure the Hospital Board to force Joe to retire because of his health problems. Joe decided to resign, and named Jake his successor as Chief of Staff.

Jake proposed to Mia at the Venetian Ball. Liza had been gas lighted by Adam into thinking that Mia was trying to replace her as Colby’s mother. Liza pushed Mia out of the Chandler attic window. Jake wanted to see Liza punished for hurting Mia, but Tad did not think she deserved prison time. Mia forgave Liza and wanted Jake to do the same. Ruth made Tad and Jake forgive each other before Christmas dinner.

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I do have a hard time feeling bad for Adam because of all that has been mentioned. He has done the same things if not worse.

That is what I hate so bad about MMT and her staff.

They keep repeating the same damn stories. Babe & Krystle did basically the same thing that Erica did - but yet Erica gets a by with fans where neither should have. And here Krystle has done the same thing as Adam but Adam is supposed to be the victim.

I see Erica and Adam both getting what they deserve for what they did in their pasts.

As to the Liza thing that is another thing of bad writing. Liza did everything she could to keep Liza from Adam - giving up her own life for that child. For her to simply let Liza go was very bad writing and so out of character - all because MMT wanted Colby and didn't want Liza back.

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I do see Adam as a villian.

As far as the Carey girls I see them as anti-villians or attempted reformed villians that are so popular on soaps these days. AMC to me is full of these: Erica falls into that category now in the last few years, Kendall, Greenlee did, now Babe & Krystle.

These are ladies that are essentially bad girls as they started but attempting to do good but none of them have any problem turning back to the !@#$%^&*]y bad way if it helps them out. So I definitely don't see Babe or Krystle as misunderstood saints/victims. I just see them right there with the other "almost" !@#$%^&*]es on AMC right now.

As I said these are very popular on soaps today. You used to have the "good" girl at the center of every show. All of them them had their Alice Matthews, their Victoria Lord, their Tara Martin, etc. At the same time they had their Ericas, their Rachels, their Julie Olson's, their Lisa Hughes', their Dorians, etc. These were the cornerstone women of the shows for years.

Then For awhile some of the old villianesses started to reform like Rachel on AW, Julie on Days, Lisa somewhat on ATWT, etc. These reformed "!@#$%^&*]es" became popular but soaps still held on to the old pattern for a long time, but then closer to the year 2000 the soaps started centering around the reformed or almost !@#$%^&*] more and more: AMC with Kendall/Greenlee, AW with Victoria, ATWT with Carly, Days with Sami, B&B with Brooke, OLTL with Blair, GH with Carly, etc.

OH well so much for all that. Anyway I feel that Babe & Krystle are just as much of "!@#$%^&*]es" or bad girls as Erica, Kendall, & Greenlee are. They definitely aren't misunderstood - even if the writers want you to believe that.

My only problem is I hate that some people can do things and get away with it with fans while others can't - when the are all subject of the same bad writing or the things they did were equal. Just like I have hated JR for years now for what he did, but fans always were able to forgive him even when he almost killed Kendall or was so mad and caused Bianca to take that tumble and almost die. I hated him with a passion, but MANY NOT ALL (please note that I said that so I won't be accused of something) kept seeing past the bad he was doing - until now MANY that forgave him then are ready to lynch him now because of this.

What he did here is bad but it is no worse than almost causing the death of so many characters.

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