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ATWT: Interview with Marnie Schulenburg

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Okay....in response to the fact that she hasn't watched ANY tapes of Alison because TPTB wanted her "to make the role her own" is just ridiculous! THIS is why all the recasts seem like new characters. The first step in understanding Alison is seeing how someone else before you portrayed that particular person for three or more years!!

And then she says that she thinks Alison has matured alot more. HA! When Jessica Dunphy left, Alison was helping friend Katie, helping out at Metro, and then moved off to stand by her boyfriend's side as he grieved for his dying, bed-ridden mother. And now, they're having her return in the same immature phase she was in when Jessica Dunphy first started off in the role. So how is that MATURED?!??!!

Also find it utterly ridiculous how she says in the beginning of the interview that one of the deciding factors in her getting a screen test was because "They mentioned that they were bringing back this character, Alison, who had been on the show two years ago and that I looked like her, so we ended up moving on to a screen test."

Idiots!! From now on, when referring to ATWT, I'm going to start saying TIIC instead of TPTB. :rolleyes: RIDICULOUS!!

Heck, this girl hasn't even graced my TV screen yet and I'm already wanting her to go away!

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I can't hold what TAIC told her about not watching tapes, her character, etc. One, as nice as Jessie Dunphy was, she drove me nuts in the role half the time. So, I actually prefer that nuAli not be influenced by JD's portrayal. I'd hate to have nuAli leap around spontaneously hugging people like an overanxious puppy.

Two, you can't judge her on the five AliSlut minutes on Y&R. I watched the first two LA Dairies things, and I think the girl can act.

Three, what she meant by "mature" is "gained some hard life experience." It happens in your twenties, even if you've already been in jail for a month, lost a child and been dumped at the altar.

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I should make my previous post more clear. When I said she was terrible, I was thinking more of the character of Alison. She's yet another weak, demeaned woman on a show that is all about demeaning women. I also don't think the actress has the depth to make her interesting enough for me to care.

Even if she were real!Alison, do we really need her at this moment? The teen scene needs a break, if anything Luke needs a love interest and thats it. What they need to do is bring back more older characters. The show is 100% centered around the teens and the adults need to be fleshed out. Teens can only bring you so many viewers, by alienating your core audience your ratings go to the toilet, which is why ATWT is doing so bad now.

I almost fainted when Meg mentioned that Emma was with Iva. Why can't they bring back some of those characters to flesh out the older peeps stories? Ellie could come back and mix things up with Craig and Dusty as well. They could mention the fact that Craig has slept with Iva, Ellie AND now Meg (not to mention Lucinda).

Sierra is another character that is actually needed as is John Dixon, Chris Hughes and Andy Dixon. I'd also settle for the simple respect for my years of loyalty by bringing back old characters just for holidays. Imagine how great it would be if Iva or Ellie or Seth brought Emma back and decided to visit family? Just one or two days is all I ask. Some proof that they know the show existed before 2000.

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