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Days:CDN TV Guide spoilers for wk of 3/19

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March 19

Nick offers to help Willow find a place to live; Chelsea debates what to do about her mother and Nick; Billie leaves a clue to her whereabouts.

March 20

Chelsea tells Willow to stay away from Nick; Belle asks for a hotel room with two beds, causing Shawn to question her feelings.

March 21

Steve tries to make his escape and is sprayed by Marlena; EJ confronts Celeste at the Penthouse Grill.

March 22

Belle and Shawn argue; Billie tells Chelsea about the car accident and Steve; Roman tells Kayla the judge wants Steve behind bars.

March 23

Steve is taken to the state hospital; an angry Shawn sleeps on the beach; Willow shows up at EJ's door needing help.

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ooh chelsea and willow fight over Nick, even though chelsea will try to hate nick, she wont be able to stop thinking about him.

I did read a spoiler today that Chelsea realizes that she is in love with Nick for real.Maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder?

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The Marlena spoiler is the best spoiler i've read in weeks..I'm so excited that Marlena got mentioned in the spoiler, and that she is going to be one of the ladies to take down steve...Also i'm glad we get another EJ and Celeste scene...Its been far too long...

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