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Y&R: Finally some GOOD STUFF

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From SC Board:

Jill works on forgiving a relationship with Cane

Kay could be in legal trouble for her actions 30 years ago

Jack's secret weapon is his dirt on Victor & Bodi

Jack could be next in line for a seat on the NE board

Nikki's blood lust for doing Jack in is her motivation for running against Jack

Gloria is the focus of uncomfortable attention, Mike & Kevin circle the wagons around her

News Flash! Jack still hates Gloria!

Michael and Victor realize Ji Min could be useful to them in their battles against Jack

Colleen moves into the Abbott Mansion.

Colleen and Adrian continue their relationship, but try to keep it under the radar. It doesn't work -someone realizes they're still hooked up.

Chow tells Jack to dump Sharon.

It's hard for Daniel to be a mail boy and a student, all at once

And appearantly Dru does what she thinks it takes to get Phyllis off Sharon's back (probably what Kristoff said was "off the rails").

OMG I would LOVE IT if Dru crashed Phyllis wedding! But I would HATE IT if Phyllis is the reason for Dru's departure.

Other than the FILTHY Daniel/Amber stuff this sounds good and normal. I also LOVE the Ji Min angle, except I don't want Ji Min on Victor/Michael's side. <_<:rolleyes:

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Everything here sounds absolutely wonderful! A final Dru/Phyllis showdown. Oh we need this for closure! We absolutely need this!

Ji Min is still around, seems Latham is now starting to remember her new characters :lol:

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For once I would like to see Jack win. TPTB needs to stop feeding EB's ego and have him lose. I want to see Jack turn things around and have Victor be the one to tumble. Although both of them act like squabbling hens, I'm tired of Victor's constant clucking and beating of the chest. Dare I say I'm glad to see Gloria again? :o If JC tones down the hysterics (and she has been lately), and TPTB tone down the Fisher propping, the character is quite interesting. Best part is that Colleen moves in with Jack. I just hope Vicky is next in line to leave that dull, dull man. I wonder if Cane will press charges against his newfound grandmama? hmmm...

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This sounds terrific! As a Y&R fan, I've always noticed the show always seems best during Spring/early Summer for some reason. Y&R is also usually really good the month after sweeps as well.

OMG! I love the Phyllis/Dru scenario! Great to see GC's two fiercest women back together again, even if LML still doesn't get who either are. :lol:

LML's second arc is definitely better than what we had to endure during the past few months

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