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well I know that which is why I said it most likely means she returns in the form of a family member. I know how those mags manipulate viewers. I still think it would be more interesting if he were Julia's secret son. Here's my theory copied and pasted from another board:

On Thursday's show he said his name was Cooper Barret and alot of people automatically assumes that means he is Brenda's brother. But Brenda never had a brother as far as we knew and never talked of one. What if he is instead Julia's son? Julia was Brenda's older sister and had a relationship with AJ and Ned. What if before she left town, she got pregnant with Ned's baby and kept it a secret bc she didnt want the Qs to take control of her son like they do with all the grandchildren. If thats the case then Cooper would be Brenda's nephew as well as Dillon's nephew and Tracy's grandson. I think that would make for an interesting twist. He went through crazy extremes for money.

What if he tried to stake his claim on the Q fortune? Maxie has also shown that she's a little money hungry like when she lied about being pregnant and tried to sue the Qs for millions. What if she discovers his Q connection before anyone else does and convinces him to marry her, since as his wife, she wouldnt have to testify against him bc she was the only hostage that saw his face. But of course what she really wants his the Q money and golddigs her way into the mansion and straight to the fortune. All the while fighting with Tracy and Monica who want to get rid of her. This could set up a feud between Cooper and Dillon as Edward becomes enamored with him and Tracy convinces him to step up before the bastard Q grandson gets everything and he blames him a bit for the hostage crisis.

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