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Days:SOW Spoilers

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OMG!! :o

This combined with the other spoilers for Kayla/John and EJ/Stefano make me think that EJ, with Steve's help, will try to force Kayla to remove John's kidney. The cure EJ needs to save Stefano might just be a kidney and they probably want John's. I have a feeling Sami gets involved too somehow and that would explain that spoiler for the following week

Sweeps is coming to a great end and March is going to be good. I can feel it.

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So, there's a spoiler saying that EJ vows to cure Stefano, and also a spoiler that Kayla learns she has to remove John's kidney...

Then there's this: "Apparently, John has something that EJ wants. Tune in next week for that 'cutting' edge twist."




So that's why Kayla ends up taking out John's liver! I betcha that EJ and Steve force her to do it.

What the hell?!

So EJ is going to get John's liver removed, and have it given to Stefano so that Stefano can live.

What a sick, sick man! I LOVE IT! I wasn't expecting this twist at all. Stefano living on with John's kidney?

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I think it's a kidney. Sounds like a good old DiMera trick. I am actually looking forward to this.

EJ learns that Sami is pregnant by rummaging in her trash I hear. Guess he finds stuff that a pregnant woman reads, or plans or whatever.

Hogan has to get this on-the-run story over with. It's disgusting to have two characters running from the law with a physically challenged baby and no money, no place to go endangering her life instead of thinking of her life. Silly beyond words and just wrong.

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