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The Suds Report: Jan. 2, 2007

All My Children – Zarf is taboo!

If you thought the A-Channel/ABC soap opera was brave when it made Erica's daughter Bianca a lesbian, you've seen nothing yet! Zarf reveals this week that "he's" a pre-op transsexual named Zoe, who is also a lesbian and in love with our Binks! Rosie O'Donnell is not only praising the storyline but also the actor, Jeffrey Carlson – who starred in her Broadway show, Taboo – so don't miss the gender-bending shenanigans! Plus, the Pine Valley serial murderer now has its official name: The Satin Slayer!

As the World Turns – Lily faces weighty issues!

Finally, the CH/CBS sudser is giving two-time Emmy winner Martha Byrne a doozy of a story and it's not a moment too soon. Look for Lily, who has been feeling insecure about the extra post-pregnancy weight she's been carrying, to pop her very first diet pill on Thursday.

The Bold and the Beautiful – Thorne and Taylor to wed!

Do we smell a new love triangle? Newly engaged Taylor and Thorne prepare for their much-deserved nuptials on Thursday. However, the next day Nick is unprepared for a shocking surprise on his first Cruise Line fashion show for Forrester Creations! Bonus scoop: expect Nick to plant a big sloppy one on Taylor on the CTV/CBS show.

Days of our Lives – Marlena reunites with John!

If you thought things couldn't get any worse for Belle and Shawn – think again. On Friday, Belle is forced to surrender little Claire to Child Protective Services on the Global/NBC series! Also, romance is alive and well when Marlena connects with a comatose John all week in a series of lovely dream sequences that will have everyone talking and swooning.

General Hospital – A very bad week for Sonny!

While Jax is away, the mobsters will play! After Sonny kisses his former wife, Carly threatens to leave town if he doesn't back off romantically on the popular CTV/ABC soap. Later, things turn deadly when Sonny shoots Alcazar by accident, thanks to an impromptu visit by Carly. Look for Skye to seek revenge!

Guiding Light – 70 years young

The CH/CBS soap celebrates its 70th anniversary on Wednesday with a special episode, as Dinah follows a trail and finds a light at the end of her journey.

One Life to Live – Paul Satterfield fired!

Sexy and talented Paul Satterfield (Spencer) is confirming rumours that his evil character will be leaving the soap earlier this year. Insiders predict Spencer will depart Llanview in a coffin, launching a major murder mystery. Until then, look for Todd to save Blair's life on Friday, while Nash and Jessica get naked!

Passions – Will Kay wed Fox?

Not if Miguel has anything to say about it! This week on the Global/NBC soap, Kay is presented with shocking information on her fiancée Fox, which could make the happiest day of her life her worst. On Thursday, Chad's honesty is tested – literally – by a lie-detector test.

The Young and the Restless – Sheila is alive!

It's deja vu all over again when the Global/CBS soap resurrects two old plots with new twists. This week, two shocking secrets are exposed. First, Katherine stole Jill and Phillip's son, baby Phillip, and replaced him with another baby decades ago. Also, Michael follows the shady Paul and finds him holding Sheila (with Phyllis's face) captive!


Hogan Sheffer, Days of Our Lives

Since taking over the topsy-turvy Global/NBC soap in October, Emmy-winning scribe Hogan Sheffer has accomplished the impossible by bringing an addictive combination of brains and heart to Salem in record time. This holiday season, love was on the menu as John and Marlena renewed their vows in Italy (loved Drake Hogestyn's shirtless scenes by the way!); Hope finally forgave Bo for covering up their son's death last year and reconciled; and a stubborn Sami and Lucas admitted their feelings for each other as Shawn reunited with his real family, Belle and Claire. Happy days are here again, indeed! Welcome back, Salem – we missed you.


1. The Bold and the Beautiful

2. The Young and the Restless

3. All My Children

4. One Life to Live

5. Days of Our Lives


1. Susan Flannery (Stephanie, B&B)

2. Michelle Stafford (Phyllis/Sheila, Y&R)

3. Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, Y&R)

4. Eden Riegel (Bianca, AMC)

5. Bree Williamson (Jessica, OLTL)


1. Jack Wagner (Nick, B&B)

2. Jeffrey Carlson (Zarf/Zoe, AMC)

3. Forbes March (Nash, OLTL)

4. Michael Easton (John, OLTL)

5. Doug Davidson (Paul, Y&R)


1. Nash and Jessica, OLTL

2. John and Marlena, Days

3. Sonny and Carly, GH

4. Taylor and Nick, B&B

5. Lucas and Sami, Days

The Suds Report

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