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2007: The Directors and Writers Thread

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Haha, yes Toups it's all in good fun. I'm like someone who's walked through the desert for a year and half under LML and am getting my first drink of water thanks to MAB and Griffith. Also, I admit to being a complete sycophant when it comes to the Bells, in my opinion they walk on water (yes, even Lauralee).

I think Janice Ferri Esser is also destined for a bright future at either Y&R or B&B. I think she's been a vocal striker so that she can rise to the top of the Bell ladder without any union negativity.

I think Kay Alden, and it kills me to say it, is done as a HW at any soap. I don't think she actually wants to work as a HW anymore and take on the responsibility found in the corporate soap world. I think the whole thing with LML and Sony really hurt her. She was bitter about it when she gave her talk at MIT, I think the whole experience really left a bad taste in her mouth. I think she'll either stay at B&B in the capacity she's in now or she'll return to Y&R as a consultant of some sort.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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