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  1. Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina - GH) was on this week's episode of iZombie.
  2. Ambyr Childers (Colby - All My Children) is recurring on NBC's Aquarius.
  3. Sonya Eddy (GH) was of last night's Fresh off the Boat.
  4. Chris McKenna (OLTL, Y&R) was on this week's episode of Criminal Minds.
  5. I know he is currently on General Hospital, but Roger Howarth actually does a good job on The Flash. Plus, he's more recurring now, at first I thought he was going to be a 1 eps guest star.
  6. Marley and Rory (the Irish guy) were the only castmembers who were not in the finale.
  7. Probably a huge unpopular opinion, but I don't understand all the Empire hype & love. Pretty mediocre show.

    1. Khan


      I'm glad "Empire" is proving audiences will flock to a series about African-Americans that isn't a comedy and doesn't star Bill Cosby. But, yeah, I am worried the amazing hype will fade quickly.

    2. marceline


      A crash is inevitable but Empire's already changed the game a bit. so IMO, a little break from the hype will probably be good.

    3. CassieFan


      I guess, but Girls was never a "huge" show anyway. Critical darling, yes.

      I love Taraji, she did amazing work on Person of Interest, but this... eh.

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  8. Judith McConnell (ex Sophia - Santa Barbara) was on TBS's Cougar Town last night.
  9. Bree Williamson (OLTL) was on this week's Chicago Fire, playing Matt's new love interest.
  10. CassieFan

    The View

    I stopped caring for Whoopie after her Polanski rant with "it's not rape rape". Rosie is missed. Loved her this time. Nicole is great also. Rosie Perez - well... she should be replaced with someone who can actually read the teleprompter without going in a panic mode.
  11. I'm catching up on The Mentalist and Jeff Branson (ex Jonathan Lavery - AMC) was in 7x4.
  12. Trent Dawson ('ATWT') was on Castle this Monday.
  13. DAYS: Cassie Brady Rex Brady Stephanie Johnson Vivian Aleiman
  14. “Forget these women. What you’re seeing is the destruction of a legacy." Claire Huxtable would never say that. Bye Phylicia.

    1. MissLlanviewPA
    2. Graham
    3. dragonflies


      Claire Huxtable was a c*nt plain and simple

  15. Change of plans. Instead of 'Verbotene liebe', HRT decided at the last minute they'll go on with 'Hanna – Folge deinem Herzen' starting December 19th.
  16. Suck it in, Richards! I AM suckin' it in, Pump. DEAD.
  17. Verbotene liebe will start airing in Croatia, starting December 19th on HRT 1 channel. The show is translated as "Straight to your heart". I think they'll start with Mallorca episodes, since they mention Jan, Clarissa and Julia. Fun fact - RTL Television had its own version of 'Forbidden love', daily soap that ran from 2004 to 2008. In it, Jan, Julia and Clarissa were Daniel, Petra and Victoria.
  18. Kim Johnston Ulrich (ex-Ivy - Passions) was on Castle this week.
  19. Eden Riegel ('AMC') will guest star on tonight's episode of Criminal minds.
  20. Jon Lindstrom ('ATWT', 'GH') was on Castle last week.
  21. Grayson McCouch (Dusty - As the world turns) was Bruce Wayne's dad on FOX's Gotham.
  22. I have a feeling Ann will die in the finale.
  23. Ugh at Vicious being on the list. It's filled with amazing actors, but the script is lousy and the dialogue is ugh.
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