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  1. Julie (Marie) Berman (ex Lulu - General Hospital) is recurring on Hulu's new comedy 'Casual'.
  2. Erin Cardillo (Passions) guest-starred on CW's "Significant Mother" last night, which she also produces. Colin Egglesfield (AMC) appeared on last night's 'Chasing Life', along with Laura Harring (SuBe).
  3. Justin Bruening (Jamie - AMC) was on last night's BLOOD & OIL premiere episode.
  4. Laura Harring (Sunset Beach) is back on ABC Family's 'Chasing Life'.
  5. Alexa Havins (Babe - AMC) is guest starring for 2 episodes on ABC's Astronaut Wives Club.
  6. Started watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

  7. Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina - GH) was on this week's episode of iZombie.
  8. Ambyr Childers (Colby - All My Children) is recurring on NBC's Aquarius.
  9. Sonya Eddy (GH) was of last night's Fresh off the Boat.
  10. Chris McKenna (OLTL, Y&R) was on this week's episode of Criminal Minds.
  11. I know he is currently on General Hospital, but Roger Howarth actually does a good job on The Flash. Plus, he's more recurring now, at first I thought he was going to be a 1 eps guest star.
  12. Marley and Rory (the Irish guy) were the only castmembers who were not in the finale.
  13. Probably a huge unpopular opinion, but I don't understand all the Empire hype & love. Pretty mediocre show.

    1. Khan


      I'm glad "Empire" is proving audiences will flock to a series about African-Americans that isn't a comedy and doesn't star Bill Cosby. But, yeah, I am worried the amazing hype will fade quickly.

    2. marceline


      A crash is inevitable but Empire's already changed the game a bit. so IMO, a little break from the hype will probably be good.

    3. CassieFan


      I guess, but Girls was never a "huge" show anyway. Critical darling, yes.

      I love Taraji, she did amazing work on Person of Interest, but this... eh.

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  14. Judith McConnell (ex Sophia - Santa Barbara) was on TBS's Cougar Town last night.
  15. Bree Williamson (OLTL) was on this week's Chicago Fire, playing Matt's new love interest.
  16. CassieFan

    The View

    I stopped caring for Whoopie after her Polanski rant with "it's not rape rape". Rosie is missed. Loved her this time. Nicole is great also. Rosie Perez - well... she should be replaced with someone who can actually read the teleprompter without going in a panic mode.
  17. I'm catching up on The Mentalist and Jeff Branson (ex Jonathan Lavery - AMC) was in 7x4.
  18. Trent Dawson ('ATWT') was on Castle this Monday.
  19. DAYS: Cassie Brady Rex Brady Stephanie Johnson Vivian Aleiman
  20. “Forget these women. What you’re seeing is the destruction of a legacy." Claire Huxtable would never say that. Bye Phylicia.

    1. MissLlanviewPA
    2. Graham
    3. dragonflies


      Claire Huxtable was a c*nt plain and simple

  21. Change of plans. Instead of 'Verbotene liebe', HRT decided at the last minute they'll go on with 'Hanna – Folge deinem Herzen' starting December 19th.
  22. Suck it in, Richards! I AM suckin' it in, Pump. DEAD.
  23. Verbotene liebe will start airing in Croatia, starting December 19th on HRT 1 channel. The show is translated as "Straight to your heart". I think they'll start with Mallorca episodes, since they mention Jan, Clarissa and Julia. Fun fact - RTL Television had its own version of 'Forbidden love', daily soap that ran from 2004 to 2008. In it, Jan, Julia and Clarissa were Daniel, Petra and Victoria.
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