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  1. Heather Lind (aka Eden Riegel's doppelganger) guest starred on CBS's All Access THE GOOD FIGHT.
  2. David Fumero (OLTL) guest starred on this week's episode of FOX's Brooklyn 99 alongside his wife Melissa Fumero who is a regular cast member.
  3. Drake Hogestyn (Days) guest-starred on this week's episode of Criminal Minds as a director of BAU/senator. Eden Riegel (ex Bianca - AMC) guest-starred on NBC's comedy A.P. Bio.
  4. "Later this season on BH", seriously though, how many episodes are there?!
  5. The Middle Buffy, the vampire slayer The Golden Girls Friends
  6. Even though I love the show, a TV station in my country aired The Nanny on a loop for about 4-5 years. Daily.
  7. Greenlee Smythe Lavery, of course. Rebecca Budig Sabine Singh THE REAL Rebecca Budig
  8. Ooooh, I actually root for James Wolk to get a good show. All his shows were either cancelled way too soon or he starred in complete garbage like that CBS's show with the raging animals. Are you sure Moonlight was replaced with Close to Home? I thought that aired and was cancelled before Moonlight even premiered? We should make the opposite thread - TV stars that deserve to happen.
  9. Eddie Cibrian. Please TV Gods, stop. His only success was Third Watch, but not thanks to him, it was more of an ensemble show. But after that ended, LORD: Invasion, Vanished, CSI: Miami, The Playboy Club, Rosewood and now he's the star of the upcoming ABC shows starring Rachel Bilson. He doesn't and never will have "star of the show" quality. Also, for some reason, Kevin Alejandro. I like him on "Lucifer", however before that it seemed he was in EVERY show on the television EVERY season. I started rooting for him to get a successful show I wouldn't be watching but he would then stop appearing on EVERY other show I liked.
  10. I'm catching up on the last two episodes of Dynasty 2.0 and Rick Hearst ('General Hospital') is playing a senator/judge who is regularly bribed by Blake and his wife is Kelly Rutherford ('Melrose Place', 'Gossip Girl').
  11. Uffff, I have a lot to add in this thread, so let's start. Gossip Girl - stopped watching around Katie Cassidy guest-starring and then I never really returned. Good decision. 90210 (2.0) - I think I was already done with the show by the end of season 2, however I do remember checking out the s3 premiere and then I decided this show wasn't working for me anymore. Especially when they've announced Jennie Garth was not going to be coming back anymore. Blergh. Pretty Little Liars - this was always a little guilty pleasure of mine because it was SO ridiculous, however around s4 (when they've aired the Christmas episode) I decided I'll stop watching it now and just wait for the conclusion. And boy, was I disappointed with the whole "Who is A" storyline so I never returned to the show. 2 Broke Girls - this one really hurt because I LOVED both Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, but the show was barely watchable and so I stopped watching at the end of s4. Arrow - it's technically still on air and I do watch The Flash/Supergirl, so maybe I'll tune in back one day, but it quickly became the show where they've completely killed the element of surprise due to other characters dying and then coming back alive over and over again. The Vampire Diaries suffered from the same syndrom, however I did enjoy watching it a lot more than Arrow. Plus, Katie Cassidy, ugh. Cedar Cove - first of all, I love me some Hallmark shows and movies. This one was incredibly dull but the scenery was fascinating. Would move to Cedar Cove in a heartbeat. The pacing of the show was really slow and I was done after s2. Chicago Med - I still watch Fire/P.D. (although the latter is becoming seriously dull without Sophia Bush), but I couldn't get into Med at all. I've watched s1 and then sometimes around episode 5-6 of s2 just abandoned it. Still hurts because I love Colin O'Donnell. Girl meets world - Boy meets world was a HUGE deal when I was growing up, so I thought this would probably work for me considering I was really interested to see how Topanga & Cory would work as parents to two kids. However, the cringe-worthy Disney-iness of the show killed it for me. I wasn't Disney's target audience, but I would have seen this one rather on a channel like Freeform or even Netflix. Too bad. Madam Secretary - from an European standpoint, the show was very "America is the greatest country in the world and the rest of the world looks like THIS (insert stereotype)". I loved the cast, but the writing was just not working for me, I was rolling my eyes during most of the first s1 & s2. The Mindy Project - I LOVED Mindy. LOVED. But the moment they turned Danny Castellano as a completely different character = jerk, I did not care for the show anymore. Plus, they gave waaaaaay to much of time to Ike Barinholtz's character. Quantico - the show was terrible and I watched the whole s1 because I'm a masochist, I guess.
  12. He's not that famous in the telenovela industry. His older brother Jencarlos Canela (he had a role on Eva Longoria's NBC show Telenovela and also did FOX's musical about Jesus) is/was a lot more famous than he.
  13. I know it might be too early, but are there any news on Potomac and Dallas?
  14. I think Lauren survives and Abi is pronounced brain-dead.
  15. Are you kidding me with Abi and Lauren both falling off Queen Vic roof on Christmas?! Wtf?
  16. Guys, did you watch Justin Hartley (ex-Adam - Y&R, ex-Fox - Passions) on Netflix's Chelsea? He was promoting s2 of This is Us and talked about his then engagement with Chrishell Stause. Chelsea then asked him if he was married before this one, so look at his response and reaction at 2:30 mark:
  17. Bryan Craig (ex Morgan - General Hospital) was on this week's episode of CW's 'Valor'. http://i66.tinypic.com/wi9htd.png
  18. RHOD Who's more obnoixous, really? Mark or Cameron? It pains me to even write this, but Mark seems like a guy who doesn't even like his own daughter.
  19. Also, Cassie DiMera on DAYS. I think she quit acting after she became a mom. Guys, any news on Kay Bennetts aka Taylor Anne Mountz and Deanna Wright?
  20. I remember that due to licensed music rights, Croatian television couldn't buy all of the "Passions" new episodes after episode 520.
  21. I think I already wrote about how Jennifer Landon ('ATWT', Y&R') is recurring heavily on TNT's "Animal Kingdom", but now I came to say she's REALLY good in it.
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