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  1. OMG Rinna at that dinner table was pulling her best soap villain ever, but damn, she rehearsed that whole takedown in that bathroom for sure. I hope Vanderpump takes them all down, especially Kyle. What a freaking moron.
  2. I'm kinda over Betty La Fea, it's been done several times across the world.
  3. Loved her on Murder she Wrote. She was one of the rare recurring characters on that show.
  4. Colin Egglesfield (ex Josh - AMC) appeared in the winter finale of Chicago Fire.
  5. Shawn Christian (ex Daniel - DAYS) was on last night's ABC drama The Rookie (starring Nathan Fillion). Kim Johnson-Urlich (ex Ivy - Passions) was on a couple of weeks ago also.
  6. Kameron is such a [!@#$%^&*] stirrer yet I can't stand her.
  7. Jessica Collins (ex-Avery - Y&R) was on last night's Grey's Anatomy looking wonderful and gorgeous as always.
  8. Daniel Cosgrove (daytime's Paula Marshall) is recurring on Lifetime's new drama 'You'.
  9. RHOP: Oh my, Andy is such a mess trying to convince Candiace to invite Gyzelle to her wedding. Leave it be.
  10. Heh, I only watch BH, Potomac and Dallas.
  11. RHOP While I don't think Giselle is the nicest person, Ashley seems to be the worst. Robyn is just dull. Team Karen all the way. RHOD I can't believe they've brought back Kameron and her man-child (literally, the guy looks like a 5 year old in a 35 year old man body). Again with the pink dog food? Plus, her shtick "I'm actually not a dumb blonde, I just look like one, but I'm literally a genius" is hilarious. You a dumb blonde babe, bye. I like Brandi, she creates drama and she's fun to watch. I love D'Andra, too bad she's a Trump fan. Although, they probably all are.
  12. Were there any problems with Josh Duhon (ex-Logan) on General Hospital? Because as I remember (when I was still watching the show), the EP propped him as the next leading man and suddenly, it's like they had a change of heart and changed the character's storyline.
  13. Billy Magnussen ('ATWT') appeared last week in his girlfriends (Meghann Fahy) show 'The Bold Type' on Freeform. He played her character's ex-boyfriend.
  14. I wish Susan Ward is in more things. She was a regular a few years back on Make it Or Break It on ABC Family (RIP). Nick Stabile's tattoos look horrible on him. The last time I saw him was on an s1 episode of RHOBH, as Camille's friend. Still amazed out of all of the cast, Jason George is the one who got/still gets consistent work after the show ended.
  15. Are people really rooting for Roseanne Barr to get an Emmy nomination for this season? I mean, her acting was horrendous this season, easily the weakest link in the cast.
  16. I loved The Nanny and I've watched every single episode twice, but how would they make it relevant in 2010's? That show screamed 90's.
  17. I actually liked Chris Wood on various other shows, I even liked him when Mon-El first appeared but I was completely over him when he came back this season. S4 is going to look very different. I still hope they bring Calista Flockhart back, at least in a couple of episodes, as opposed to 1 appearance this season. Would really like to see evil Lena Luthor.
  18. I am OK with this. Although Cristal was fun at times, Nathalie Kelley is really not a good actress (she was better here as opposed to her mini-arc on The Vampire Diaries, but still, eh). Colbys bore me to death on this show, they need to bring Mama Colby soon. Vanessa Williams maybe? I hope they keep Liam (?) and maybe introduce his wealthy family.
  19. Conflicted about this news, because although I'm happy the rest of the cast will be getting their paycheck it still irks me Roseanne will still profit from this.
  20. He is SO GOOD on that show. Like a breath of fresh air.
  21. Is my queen Cassie Brady aka Alexis Thorpe also back in this mess?
  22. Thanks for the correction, didn't know she had a twin!
  23. Heather Lind (aka Eden Riegel's doppelganger) guest starred on CBS's All Access THE GOOD FIGHT.
  24. David Fumero (OLTL) guest starred on this week's episode of FOX's Brooklyn 99 alongside his wife Melissa Fumero who is a regular cast member.
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