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  1. Enjoyed the entire episode, but I want to comment most on the Ashley/Sabryn scenes, you did a great job writing the action. I like how you added the twist with Karim getting caught in the high speed chase, that was good and very unexpected. Now that Sabryn has taken out Ashley, it's going to interesting to see what plays out next.

  2. Really well written scenes with Sister Patterson and Mona, I especially like the part with Sister Pat at Abe's grave, alone and venting. Those sort of scenes aren't easy to write well, but you pulled it off really good. I cracked up at Ashley's reference to President Obama and "Yes I Can", that was so funny. I can't wait to see what happens next.

  3. Haven't had much time to read the blog, so I'm finally all caught up now and the past few episodes have been great. This one was no exception, I loved Sister Patterson going off and calling Jenn and Santino out in church, that was by far my favorite scene. And great cliffhanger, can't wait to see what is going to happen next.

  4. The greatest Novi Cliff hanger ever. WOW. I cant wait for the reactions

    Why is Norm helping out Lee? What's in it for him? I can't tand her.

    I love the opening scene with Carol and her sons.

    I could not belive Terri had a son with Ol' dude. What a great twist. This wil be intersting to see how he interacts with John. WoW. A shocker for sure.

    I really like Marth, I see a lot of potetinal for her and I hope she will stick around.

    Another good one

    Before Leigh married Edmund, she had a relationship with Norm and Norm is still carrying a torch for her, which is why he's helping her out.

  5. Thanks for the feedback. While Yvette and Anna had their differences, they aren't as bad as Jill and Kay, they don't have that much animosity.

    As for Jim, he's only forgiving Lynette, because they have children together and he doesn't want to have any tension as far as that. As for Greg, Jim isn't going to be so forgiving and we might see something play out there.

  6. SOunds good redd. i didn't write no holiday specials for STEAM. I didn't know how episdoes would air but it would be hice huh. I don't like when writers jump like u say u r going to but U r a great writer and I know everything will be fine. I have been wondering where Novi has been.( A name I do like better)

    Thanks for the comment. I'm not a fan of jumping ahead either, so this will be the only time I do it. I'm going to post a couple of episodes today that deal with where the story last left off, then on Wednesday's episode the timeline will shift.

  7. Sup Redd, Sorry its taking me so long to read. Things are so hetic. But I see you Changed the blog name..Why SO/ The new Logo looks nice.

    Another good episode. This batle for the take over is really heating up and involving so many people. I love the storyline esp now since Andrew is back. One night of pleasure can leave u with a life full of pain as Andrew is finding out.

    I am also glad Steven is talking some sense into Edmund. I hope he toakes heed to it. Another great episode Redd and as always the dialog was top notch.

    Thanks for reading and I'm glad you liked the episode. I changed the name of the blog, because I wanted a title that had more of a soap opera like feel to it.

  8. Again, I was waiting for that scene with Greg and Jim. VERY GOOD!! I don't know what the connection is with Jon Amos but I am so glad you casted him.

    Again the dialog was great as always. I love Novi beacsue of it's simplicty and the slow pace. Slower paced plots are the best

    Your cast has really grown lately. You have so many great characters, I hope we get to see them a little more

    When ever you want me to write some scenes get at me. I would really like too

    I cast John Amos as Andrew MrGregor, the McGregor patriarch and Anna's husband who everyone in Novi thinks died. This element of the story is going to become more and more clear over the next couple of episodes and when Anna eventually finds out he's alive, it's going to get even more interesting.

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