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Who Did It? Episode88



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Divine Designbf46.jpg

2205863020.jpgNatalia lies on the runway unresponsive. Paramedics and Police Chief Abe Williams arrive on the scene to assess the situation.

mjhv.jpgAbe (making an announcement to everyone in attendance)

“This is now the site of an official crime scene investigation. No one leaves this building.”

Sabryn, Bryan, Rufus try to keep their cool.

Ashley ducks into a corner as the police chief begins to question the witnesses.

images5CFamousAlumni5CAshleyJones.jpgAshley (whispering to herself)

“How in the hell do I get out of here? I can’t be exposed.” She sees a back exit the police seem to have missed and tip-toes toward the door. Ashley opens the door quietly and leaves.

By the entrance




“Ah . . . you remember me.”


“Nice seeing you. Me and my lady need to be going.”

Dahlia (looking at Hope)

“So you’re in on this?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have nothing to do with this.”


“Move out of my way Dahlia.”


“Let’s go! Why are we just standing here?” (She glares at Dahlia) “You heard Suga . . . move!”

Dahlia (smiling)

“Did you hear the chief? You’re not going anywhere. Hmmm . . . I have a hunch he’s going to make an arrest, right here, probably in a few minutes. Someone is going to jail. Oh, let me correct myself, a few people are going to jail. Am I right?”


“Jesus, this is not happening. Suga, for Christ’s sake, do something!”

Suga rams a gun into Dahlia’s stomach, in the same spot where Dahlia was stabbed.


“Bitch, ain’t no one going to jail. Don’t fu(k with me. You saw what happened to your girl. Turn that ass around and get to stepping.”


Episode 88: Who did it?

Written by: ML Cooks, with Miou Slater

As night falls in Pasadenapasadena-3.jpg

Sister Patterson knocks on the door of the darkened house that sits across the street from hers.

sisterpatterson-1.gifSister Patterson

“I hope I don’t have to hear Miss Jenkins say anything about Don or Kevin.”

The door opens and Sister Pat enters darkened house.

Meanwhile, back downtown

Ivory Inc.Apr18_0003.jpg

Kevin walks into the testing lab where he finds his brother Karim.


“It’s late Kev, what are you doing here? Any leads on where Sharan is?”


“No. I got side tracked.” Kevin sits down.

Karim puts down the test tube. He notices that something is not right with his older brother.


“You look like your dog died. What’s going on? Is it Lauren?”


“It’s everything. Everything seems to be spinning out of control.”


“Talk to me bro. You haven’t been yourself for weeks.”


“Dondre over heard Lauren and I talking about our one night stand.”


“Damn. He’s the last person who needed to hear about this. I guess the secret is out now.”


“He keeping his mouth shut for the moment. But he knows something else.”


“What do you mean?”

Kevin, pauses and then buries his face in his hands.

“I don’t even know how to say this.”


“Say it. This is me you’re talking to.”


“Momma is cheating on pops with DC.”


“What?! You can’t be serious . . . Ria, now Momma?”


“I walked in on them kissing at the house.”


“Dondre knows this?”




“I can’t believe it.” He shakes his head and sits down. “How could Momma do something like this. How long has this been going on?”


“I have no idea. I’m guessing for awhile.”


“She’s always talking about God. Always preaching to everyone about how they should do the right thing. And she’s cheating on pops with his own brother. Damn, I guess we really don’t know our mom, huh Kev?”


“She’s a hypocrite!”


“She’s going to have to tell me herself. I’m going over there now.” Karim then leaves and Kevin follows.

Mona Islandtropical.jpg

Mona leaves Sharan in the Mary garden and walks over to the beach. Sharan soon follows.


“Do you really mean it? You want to go back to Pasadena?”

Mona, enjoying her high, looks out onto the ocean.


“Yes. It’s time to deal with this. I want to meet my mother. I’ve been dreaming about this all of my life, wondering how it would be.”


“I think it will change your life, and hers. You’ll be meeting the woman who gave you life. Sister Pat deserves to know that you’re alive. At least she’ll know that Abe is the one who took you from her and made your life a living hell. It’s time to make Abe pay for his sins, for every nasty thing he’s done to you. This madness has to stop so that you can live a normal life. And not only that, you have two brothers to get to know . . . Kevin and Karim.”

Sharan wraps her arms around Mona.

Mona (looking at Sharan)

“This is overwhelming. Can I count on you to stand by me?”


“You know I will. I care about you. I think I’m falling for you.”

Sharan leans in and kisses her softly on the lips.


“I am tired of living like this. You really want me to meet her, don’t you?”


“This is not about what I want you to do. Do it for yourself. Close this chapter and move on with your life. If we’re going to be together, we can’t have this hovering over our heads. I want us to start with a clean slate. It’s time face reality and move forward.”


“Do you have any idea have much I love you? You’ve opened my eyes to things I never noticed before. I’ve been so hell bent on revenge against that bastard Abe that I forgot about my mother. Can I ask you something? Why do you call her Sister Patterson?”

Sharan (chuckles)

“That’s just who she is, Sister Patterson. Words do not do your mother justice. When you meet her, you’ll fully understand what I’m talking about, why the name fits her like a glove.”

Mona (changing the subject and catching Sharan off guard)

“Do you miss my brother??”

Sharan, not expecting a question, tries to keep her cool, not wanting Mona to suspect anything


“I think of Kevin at times.”


“Don’t you find it ironic that you once loved my brother and that I took you from him literally? Do you think he’s going to accept us?”


“He’ll just have to understand.”

Mona, turning away from her

“I’m not sure that going back is such a good idea. I don’t want any problems with Kevin. I could not handle someone trying to take you away from me.” Mona turns back around to look at her in the eyes.

“I will go mad if I lose you Sharan. Besides my Aunt Mary, you’re the only one keeping me sane.”

Sharan, trying to convince the mad woman she is genuinely falling in love with her decides to take desperate measures to ensure her return to Pasadena. She walks up to Mona and holds her. Mona wraps her arms around Sharan as well. They hold each other and close there eye and listen to the waves crash upon the beach.


“I love you Mona.”


“I love you too. I’m ready to go back. With you by my side, I know I will get through it.”


“That makes me happy. Abe’s has to pay. Now here’s the a question for you . . . how on earth are we going to get back to Pasadena?”

In the Show Room of Divine Design,

Abe’s CSI team begins gathering evidence while he conducts the witness interviews. He looks around the room and decides to start with Natalia’s enemies. Abe walks over to Sabryn.


“You and Natalia . . .there’s no love lost between you two, am I correct?


“That’s not a secret. Just what is it that you are implying?”


“You’re a smart woman. You know exactly what I’m saying.”


“Did I kill Natalia? No. Have you seen my belly. I’m pregnant.”


“Pregnant people can pull a trigger just as easily as anyone else.”

bryan6.jpgBryan (walks up to Abe and Sabryn)

“Chief, stop harassing my fiancée. She’s tired. And this is not good for the baby. Are we free to go? We have a wedding to plan.”


“You two didn’t see anything?”


“There’s one thing I do remember now that I think about it. Rufus was acting very suspicious.”



Bryan, quickly thinking

“The tranny who walked into Alexis’s trial.”


“You two can go. Thank you.”

Abe sees Rufus and walks over to her.


“Tired of that crazy bat you call a wife? I’m always available officer.”


“Cut the crap. This is official police business. I am going to ask you this once, did you shoot Natalia?”

Suga, Hope and Dahlia sneak out the back entrance and stand outside. Suga puts her gun away, grabs Hope’s hand and takes off running.


“Go ahead and run. You won’t be able to hide forever. Your ally Natalia is clinging to life. She’ll be lucky if she makes it.” She smiles and then decides to go to the hospital to see her one time love, Mark.

Pasadena City Jail30dc8cf7.jpg

Ashley, decked out in her red attire, walks toward her sister’s cell.


“Get me out of here! What is wrong with you?”


“Lexie, calm down. Everything is OK now.”


“What does that mean?”

Ashley (smiling)

“Natalia is not a threat anymore. She was shot tonight. Doesn’t look good.”


“What in God’s name did you do Ashley? Did you shoot Natalia?”

Huntington Memorial hospital.big_hospital_pic.jpg

Mark rushes in to the E.R. and heads over to the nurse station.


“Natalia Cigluti? Where is she? She was shot!?”

Dr. Diego Serrano walks up behind him.

Dr. Serranoauto-deigoserrano.jpg



“How’s my baby?”

Dr. Serrano

“We could not save the baby, the baby is dead. . .”


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WOW!!!!VERY NICE - CLEAN CUT - WELL READ !!!!! Man one thing I love is a good mystery, and I have a feeling this is going to be awesome... Can't believe Nat goes down like that, now the fight for her life and the baby begin, so whoever did it is just plain out COLD - shooting a pregnant woman.

Let see...

1 - Ashley is doesn't care about about anything or anyone, but herself - so she could have done it to help for two reason, one to get crazy Nat out of her sister company, and second - just for fun.

2. Suga might have done, did even know she has a gun on her until she pulled it on Dahlia...

3. Sabryn didn't do it - but it would be good if it turns that she learns the truth of Nat sleeping with Bryan - oh wait she could have done it.

4. Rufus - Well he is too dumb and she is too smart to have done it!!!!!, but he should be on top of Abe's List.

5. Let me see - MMMM MARK, the boyfriend where was he, and why did he has to find out from Diago at the hospital - MMMMM Good Question.

6. Dahlia; will she has it out for Suga, so she could have done and set Suga up for the Fall.

7. Jenn - Maybe Jenn wanted to shoot Jodie, but shoot Nat instead...

8. Bryan - Just tired of being blackmail by Rufus!!!!!

Will anyone of these people could have done, Can't to see how it play out... We need to call Sista Pat's third eye for this one...

Oh wait speaking of PAT - the Scene on the Island was just beautiful' here's sharan who's playing a dangerous game with pscho bitch mona, and Mona is falling for Sharan's lies. man I don't know if I should liking it or feel sorry for Mona... Either way, I am loving every minute it - Good Job Man.

NIce JOB!!!!!

Now time go check Point Palace!!!!

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Sorry for the long delay but I'm so happy that I caught the newest episode. The whodunnit is on and popping. I'm glad you didn't have someone shoot Natti and then that was it, instead it's going to be a long drawn out plot. With tons of suspects.

It was nice to see Suga back to her ghetto bitch self. Didn't Dahlia learn the first time? You don't mess with the woman who stabbed you before you faked your death. DUH!

If Sharan and Mona do get back to Passadena, I'm hoping that Mona goes psycho and blows up the bros in the house. Though the bro ho scene was necessary so that Sister Pat can get her verbal smack down.

Can't wait to find out what happens next.

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