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"69" Episode,98!



In an undisclosed location

A gunshot is heard after Mona tells Sharan to shoot Abe, and Sharan screams, and Mona grins after a moment.


"That's my baby…"

Mona looks at her step-father, who has suffered a wound to the shoulder, and is only slightly conscious.

Abe, trying to look at Sharan,jmg.jpg

"How…how…could you do this to me?"


"I'm so sorry, Abe…"


"Don't apologize to this bastard! You did the right thing. But don't worry, I'll take it from here, honey. You just relax until I'm done."


"What are you going to do to him?"


"Don't worry about it."

Mona walks over to Abe, who is lying on the ground helplessly and bleeding, She presses down on the bullet. Abe groans in pain, and Mona smirks.


"Wow, she really has learned from me…she really did a nice number on you, Abe."


"Shut up…"


"But this is only the beginning. Daddy or not, I'm not gonna go any easier on you. You never showed me mercy, always on top of me, so now its time for you to be the one who gets all the pain. All the hurt. All the sting."


"Then stop yapping and do whatever the hell you are going to do."

Mona, grabbing Abe by the chin

"First, we got some things to settle. You told me another man was my father."


"That's true…my brother, DC. You're dirty mother cheated on me with him."

Mona, slapping Abe

"Don't talk that way about her. I don't know her, yet, but I can see why she'd cheat on you. Is that why you molested me? Because I wasn't your own."


"No…no…it wasn't like that, I-"


"I don't want to hear your excuses. I got all I need to know, now its time for my special torture to begin, then my Sharan and I can go meet my mother"


Episode 98: "69"

Written by ML Cooks, Durand Saint Hilaire and Tara Smith

san.jpgSantino drives the limo off an exit on the highway, now entering South Pasadena.MariusPics3003.jpg


"So what is this surprise you got for me? Why are we in South Pasadena?"

Santino, making a few right and left turns,

"I want to make you feel good. I want to show you how I really feel about you. I want us to continue what we started back in Cleveland." He pulls into a motel parking lot.

He continues

"I know you want me just as much as I want you. I've been watching you watching me."

Jenn, with a seductive smile

"I want you too Tino." He gets out the limo goes to reserve a room for few hours. Jenn pulls out her mirror and checks to make sure her make up and hair are ok and she does a breathe check by cupping her hand in front of her face and then blowing into it. " A little funky" She says as she pulls out a mint and pops it into her mouth as Santino opens her door


"Are you ready?"


"Yes." He puts his hand out and she grabs it as she gets out the limo. They walk to their room, Room 69. Tino slides the key into the slot, and then he opens the door and they walk inside.

3f520920.jpgKarl parks his Bentley in the motel parking lot. He pulls out a camera from the back seat and walks over toward room 69.

"A cheap place for cheep people I suppose"

Inside, Jenn and Santino are kissing passionately. He grabs a hand full of Jenn's rump and massages it as she bites down on his bottom lip, feeling good from Santino's soft touch. He then picks her up and lays her down onto the bed and climbs into the bed with her. They begin to kiss once again as he runs his fingers up and down her leg, ever so slightly, sending chills through her body. She begins to unbutton his shirt and run her hands all over his chest. Santino goes up a little further, up her thigh, still caressing, making Jenn tremble. He then leans down and begins to lick on Jenn's thigh. She falls back onto the bed as he opens up her legs, going further up her thigh getting closer towards Jenn's muff. As he continues to lick and suck on her inner thigh, he takes one hand and pushes her panties to the side so he can play around with Jenn's canal. He slides his finger inside and his finger is drowned is Jenn's natural juices. Jenn lets out a moan. He then pulls his finger out and does the test of freshness. He indiscreetly runs his wet finger past his nose to get a whiff of what he is about to eat. Once his senses tell him Jenn is smelling yummy, he goes in for the kill by ripping her panties off and burying his face into her pu$$y. Jenn not expecting such a rush lets out a heavy sigh. She then wraps her legs around his head as Santino licks on her clitoris and then slides his tongue in and out of her. Jenn's body quivers which turns Santino on and he adds intensity to his tongue action. He slowly unbuttons his pants, now being hard and turned on, listening to Jenn call out his name as he pleasures her. He begins to massage his dick. Jenn, surprising Santino, take over the show by sitting up and pushing Santino onto the bed. she looks at Santino's gorgeous Latin uncut dick and smiles. Completely turned on, she begins to crawl over toward him and she positions her body so her face is at his dick and her pu$$y is in Santino's face and they both knew what time it was. Santino initiates the sixty nine by pushing down on Jenn's waist so she was sitting on his face. Jenn put her mouth on the tip of Tino's penis, enjoying the taste. As Santino makes love to her pleasure box, Jenn slides her mouth all the way down his 8 and a half shaft till his pubic hair was touching her face and she could smell the slight mustiness of his manhood. As their 69 grew in the intensity of passion, Karl was taking pictures of the entire sin of passion through the window, unbeknownst to the sinners.

Westwood Park, Lauren's Housewestwoodpark.jpg

Lauren hangs up the phone when she gets a knock on her door. She opens it to see Daniel.


"I have been worried about you. You didn't come home last night." Ushering him to come in.


"I'm sorry. I had a lot on my mind… I had some things I had to sort through. And no, none that had anything to do with Ty or drugs."


"That never crossed my mind. I know you are done with all of that."


"How are you? The baby?"


"We are fine."


"Lauren, I love you with all my heart. The only reason I am here today standing before you were thought of coming back to you while Mona held me captive. Each and every time she did some sick torturous thing to me, I just said to myself, I will make it through this. God has showed me the error of my ways. And I am a changed man. And I want to prove all this to you. Mona has messed with all of our lives and it's a shame Chris died for something he did not do. I do not blame you for moving on with him, I know you were hurt and confused. So I want you to know, I would be honored to be a father to this child and be a family with you. I want to do it for Chris. "

Lauren wipes her face as the water works are in full swing. She hugs him, unable to look at him any longer, knowing that this baby could be Chris's or Kevin's. She tries to think of what she should do.

Daniel pulls back from Lauren

"Are you ok baby?"


"I'm sorry, I guess this baby has my emotions going. I'm ok."


"Good because there is something else I want to say."


"This doesn't sound good"

Daniel, smiling then slowly bending down on one knee, pulling out a ring box.

"Lauran Romoan, will you marry me?"



Huntington Memorial Hospitalbig_hospital_pic.jpg

9f2cre2.jpgHeath quickly opens the door, of Jodie's room. Jodie turns and sees her good friend Heath. The room is very dark, just the street lamp coming through the window.


"Heath, you came."

Her voice is dried, you can barely make out her face due to the limited light in the room.


"Waited all night…"


"I am sorry - I was out of town. "

Heath slowly closes the door behind him, and starts walking toward the bed. He has this frighten look on his face, he knew what was coming next.


"Diego called me... He said you wanted to see me."

Heath about was to turn on the lights, to reveal something more frightening than he could have imagined; she lost quite a bit of weight, her face was pale, and cover with gray rings. around her eyes


"Leave the lights off! …Come closer; I want to see you."

Heath pulls up the chair closer to the bed.


"What time is it?"


"Its eleven fifty five pm."


"Almost midnight…"


"Almost Christmas…"


"Its my birthday…"


"Happy Birthday…}


"Its not my birthday yet silly…"

She looks away from Heath, and fixes her gaze out toward the ceiling.


"What's your favorite holiday?"


"I don't have one…"


"You should…"

She smiles, and closes her eyes...


"Mine is Christmas…"


"Its just a few months away - we should start planning something, a big party -"


"Yeah - I would love that... We can have everyone there - and Mike too... Oh Christmas, the time of new beginnings.

Jodie looks at Heath, then she places Heath's hand on his face.


"You are so beautiful, so pure, I have feeling Christmas is coming early for me this year - "

Heath remains quiet, as Jodie's voice is gets weaker, and more faint. He tries to keep his eye on her, but he can't with out choking up with tears.


"Keep talking to me... Say something."


"I know what you are about to do…"


"And what is that? Come on, keeping telling me. What am I trying to do?"


"Can you hear it?"

Tears starts coming from Heath's eyes, as he watches Jodie.


"Just listen... "

Jodie closes her eyes, and opens them again.

JODIE, closing her eyes and then opening them again

"Have yourself, a Merry Little Christmas" - "Come on sing with me."


"I have to warm you, I am not a good singer."


"Look at the time - Its my birthday."

Heath smiles. He leans on the bed, and looking at Jodie and starts singing." Have yourself a Merry little Christmas".

Jodie is looking at the ceiling and listening to the song, thought to herself.

JODIE, looking up at the ceiling once more, listening to Heath sing, as some thoughts fill her head and she speaks on it,

"Oh Mike; my darling Mike - Where-ever you are; just hear me... I am so sorry, so sorry... I love you so much; trust me; I am trying; fighting to hold on; But I am too weak - I can't fight this anymore; hope you understand…"

Heath finish the song, and threre's a long silence in the room. For a moment there, he thought she was dead... And finally she speaks without looking at him.


"That was beautiful."

Heath looks up to her, there's this drastic change in her.


"You should go…"


"No, I want to stay…"


"Will you watch me, until I fall asleep?"

HEATH, his voice trembling

"Yes…Just don't sleep to long." He said with a smile



"I just need a second."


"Yes, and tomorrow we are going to the garden."


"Yes... I would love that…"


"Its a date... You and I - tomorrow…"

Jodie cant keep her eyes open, she closes them and opens them again. The image of Heath is getting blury more and more.

Heath can feel her hand falling away from him, but he manages to hold a little bit tighter.


"You can show me how you do it on the catwalk - I heard great things about the show...

I'll take you to the studio, and dance for you - for you only. You'll be the first judge that auditions this piece…"

He looks at Her, and Jodie's eyes were closed, He looks away for a second, and looks back, and her eyes were still closed, ... From there, Heath pretended she was still listening, and continues on with the dialogue.


"Don't you give up now - Not without Mike! You hear me! He is on his way - I know it - you, your one second is up…"

Jodie slowly moves her fingers, and Heath looks at her; and he burst out of tears, joys, and shock.


"You are making too much noise…"

Heath gets up.


"Forget sleeping... We are going to have a slumber party... Right here, and right now... Its your birthday; remember."

He moves to the phone, and starts dialing numbers.

Greater Yonders CemeteryIMG_4888.jpg

dangelo_09.jpgDre walks up to Chris's resting place, torn shirt, barefoot, and drunk like hell. He stumbles a couple of times before reaching the grave.


"Hey... Its funny how things are.."

He leans against a headstone directly across from Christ


"I sometimes wonder why you are in there, and not out here... It's just another sign that life is not fair; we spend most of our time worrying about things that will never change, its not that they don't change; they just can't change - like most people... I am sure we all tried our best to be different; to change the world and mark our marks-and it just can't happen; not to people like me.

I-I am so lost; and so confused at times - and I - I don't know where did I go wrong…"

He kneels down in front of the grave.


"Why is it that nothing ever works out for the better... You are dead, Lauren is pregnant; and I have to kill her - Life is fucked up!!! It aint right man"

He gets up from the ground, and begins screaming at the headstone.


" - Is it so wrong of me for wanting to make end meet?, That for keeping myself out of the streets at night; Wanting a roof over my head...I have to kill Lauren. What happened to my American dream - what happened to what I want? What about me?!!!"

He punches the headstone so hard, his fist start bleeding, and he quickly turns around, and he looks up and there's Lauren standing with a flower arrangement. She stands cold looking at him without a word.

Undisclosed Location

Ashley walks into the room where she has Rufus tied up.


"Please, let me go."


"Oh I'm gonna let you go alright." She says laughing.


"What does that mean?"


"Relax girlfriend "She says snapping her fingers.


"Look, if you going to let me go then do it, or what ever else you have planned for me just get it done and get it over with."


"Ohh, why the rush? This is such joy for me to watch you squirm faggot. I'll get it on with it. I want answers damn it. Why do you want to be a woman?" Looking at his package, since Ashley did strip him naked when he first arrived.

"Such a shame too. All that man gone to waste."


"Yea I know it's big, but it doesn't matter. I am who I am and I will be who I want to be ok? I don't have to tell you anything. Why should I? It's not like you actually care."


"No see I was really trying to be a friend. But I see you don't give a damn. With that attitude I think I won't have no regrets of what I am about to do to you."


"Yes, thank God. Here it comes. Come on you crazy ass bitch. Bring it on."

Ashley, laughing

"So think you are big and bad huh. Tough guy huh? Or Tough girl? Who the hell cares?" She walks over to the door and opens it up and reaches down to grab something, which Rufus sees it's a chain saw


"Get the fu(k outta here! You have got to be shittin me right?"

Ashley, laughing uncontrollably this time, she revs up the chain saw, and gets closer towards Rufus, letting the smoke and loud noise taunt Rufus.


"Who's bad now?"

Rufus, sweating, finally showing her fear,

"Have you lost your mind, what are you going to do with that?"


"You want to be a woman right? Well I am here to help" Ashley revs up the chain saw again and swings towards Rufus, cutting off Rufus's dick. Rufus lets out a deathly scream as blood gushes every where.

The Blue Notebluenote.jpg

victoria-rowell-2006-clive-davis-pr.jpgRia is sitting at a table that is set for two. She looks at her watch then at the front entrance. She finally sees her friend Lisa. Ria raises her hand up in the air, getting's Lisa's attention, letting her know where she is. Lisa walks over to her.


"Hey girl, sorry I am late."

Ria, standing up to hug her

"I know that's right. How have you been doing?"


"Still busy as hell. We've seen a rise in criminal activity, murder theft, that kind of thing. It's the effects of the economy. People are getting desperate out here."


"You aint never lied." A waiter brings over drinks.

"I took the liberty of ordering us some starters, hope you like cosmos."


"I do.. thank you. They toast and sip up.

"So what's going on in you life girl, I haven't seen you in a while?"


"Well me and my home girl of some years fell out over something stupid."


"You mean Natalia and that whole Jodie HIV fiasco?"


"Girl yea. I got caught up with that Bitch Jenn. I wasn't thinking straight."


"Everything happens for a reason."


""Yes they do. I'm trying to get at this new doctor in town."


"Oh I know Kiko right? Dre's brother?"


"Yea. Girl it's something about him. I don't know what it is., I have got to have him."


"Then girl do what you do."


"It's not that simple right now."


"Make it simple. What's going on?"


"He doesn't want to be with me because I've already been with his brother."



Then they here an announcer come the loud speaker,

"Every one, put your hands together for tonight's special guest star,…Miss Patti Labelle"

Ria spits out her drink at hearing the name.


"Good evening Darlings. It's so good to be here. Everyone, give a round of applause to my daughter. Victoria" Patti points at Ria. Lisa is stunned.


"Girl don't be shy now. I know you would surprised. You wasn't answering momma's phone calls so I had to come here. I thought something was wrong with my baby" She laughs as the audience laughs to.

Patti begins singing" If only you knew,…How much I do…do love you"


"Patti Labelle is your mother?"


"Yes. Aint this bout a bitch!" She says gulping down her drink and her mother continues to sing her hit song……Patti-LaBelle.gif


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YAY! STEAM is back!

Left off on a great cliffhanger

Loved the scenes with Mona and Abe. She has such hatred between her and her stepfather. Great job!

Oh! So sad with Jodie. I'm totally feeling for that poor girl. So young. How old is she?

OMFG!!!!!!!! Ashley is one cruel BITCH!!!


I'm lovin STEAM!

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OMG - Ashley is a WITCH!!!! Man - Home boy/girl Rufus didn't have to pay for that.... Beautiful!!!! SPYCHO!!! - AND MAN GREAT CHICE of Ria's Mother... I can see Patti just take over Pasadena by storm, and give Sista Pat a run for her money...


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I don't feel sorry for Abe getting shot by Sharan. Abe has done so many things wrong in the past that this maybe his karma coming back to well bite him in the ass. Mona is really getting everything she wants and Abe's faults gives her a redeeming factor to her but she's plain psycho.

I'm liking Santino and Jenn together. Even though I hate Jenn's horrid character she is totally going to get trapped by Karl. I see you're back to your sexual ways again! Putting dollar signs for 's's still spell out vulgar words. :lol:

I'm bored by Dre like I always have been, even in this love triangle between Lauren and Daniel. I still think that Lauren deserves to be with Chris and I'm thinking that Chris might not be dead. Nothing is as it seems in Passadena.

Ashley vs Rufus. Let's put Mona in the mix and we'll have a nuthouse bloodbath. I'm thinking that Ashley outdoes Rufus in the "not with it" department but Rufus is disillusioned in the "in love with Mike" area. Although I cringed at the ending of the scene. That's just sick.

Patti LaBelle looks great as Ria's mom, can't wait to see how she shakes things up in town. All of these mamas on SONOP makes the summer sizzle.

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Jay I write Jodie as being in her late 20's.

As far as the casting of Ria's mom, I had so many diva's in mind. I had a lot of suggestions from the team. Like TIna Turner, Diana Ross, Sherly Lee Ralph amounst others. I felt Patti would be best fir the role. I hope everyone enjoys

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