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  1. Sweeps months(and the ratings therein) set what the prices for an ad spot are. Higher rating during these specific months, mean more money for the show/network. So I am sure they still care. Now whether they can make more compelling stories during these months, to bring in more viewers, to generate more income, when they have such trouble doing it year round is another story.
  2. Olivia Birkelund (Arlene Vaughn #2 on AMC 1995-2000) Ya'll are killing me. Lol ahhhhhhhh it's not Olivia Birkelund. OB has a mole under her lip and this lady doesn't. I love me some OB but this lady is too young looking to be her. While I don't know her and could surely be wrong OB doesn't strike me as someone who would get her lip pierced. And back to mole...she doesn't have a mole. Apparently OB was on Law and Order SVU this season and if you look at the pics she still has her mole and she looks noticeably older than this lady. But once again I really really do appreciate the guesses but I guess this will continue to maul at my mind. But really thanks! Here is a pic of Olivia Birkelund on SVU, which btw way is apparently where she is now, though that may have been covered in this thread already.
  3. Lmao Khan! Lolol... that's the exact argument/disagreement I'm trying to remedy. I have somebody else who insist that it's Olivia Birkelund and I am 100% certain it's not her but she does look familiar to me. I adore OB and I'm sure I could spot her on a dark night after a visit to a facial reconstruction surgeon but ahhhhhhhh why did you have to say it was her. Lol anywho I do really appreciate your imput. Thanks!
  4. This, whom I assume is/was a soap star, was in the audience at the Emmy's. Can one of you awesome peeps please help me place her. Who is she and what soap is she on now? Please and thank you.
  5. This....who is this lady, please help.
  6. I so so agree! It was very touching! Had to grab for the tissue. Overall I think the show was okay. Not what it was in it's glory days but certainly not as bad as the last couple years. I too wished it had clips of the actors reels. On the plus side... there were no commercial breaks and for the most part nobody was rushed off stage. The lifetime achievement presentation was also touching. Hopefully one of you can help me identify somebody in the audience. Around the 1:38(one hour 38 minutes) mark they showed a blonde lady in a black dress with a pierced lip. Who is that? Please let me know if you know! Pleaseeeeee and thanks in advance.
  7. LOL.....Budig...."leads to all time low ratings"? So what about the previous week(s) when they were also hitting all time lows? Do I think RB will raise the ratings and stop the bleeding...doubtful, I doubt ANY new actor joining the show will do that. On the same token I wouldn't say her being there ...with the promos and whatnot "LEADS" to the low ratings. IMO a more appropriate way to phrase it might be...."Anyone shocked that Budig-a-go-go, complete with splashy promo,....and still another all time low rating. " Then I'd point out the first full day (Monday) with her being there was the highest rating for nearly a month! You'll have to go back four weeks to see another episode break the 3 mil mark. I started watching GH just for RB ...and while I love her, desperately missed having a soap to watch (OLTL and mainly AMC were my soaps) and being somewhat familiar with the characters and history of GH.......ahhh it's a train wreck. The acting by many is atrocious, the stories lame and the overall feel is just not my thing. And that's me being kind and not trying too hard to pick it apart. I'll continue to watch and hope it can grab me, but most likely it will be just to see the supremely talented Budig-a-go-go.
  8. Olga Sosnovska (Lena-AMC) was on HBO's "The Leftovers" tonight (7/13)
  9. Okay It's official ....Mr. Vixen ...I LOVE YOU! This post is hilarious perfection! Bravo!
  10. LOL Really?? Let us compare... VS VS Yeah......I know it's subjective but perhaps you need glasses Or just stop confusing(fronting) your fandom with who's "hot".
  11. No she has big hands ....big torso...long neck...she has weird proportions. LOL...to be fair to me...I said "maybe even pretty" Just trying to be nice. And truth be told...I'm way more turned off by her acting abilities or SEVERE lack thereof, than I am by her looks.
  12. LOL....OMG ...that's a bit harsh. Come on now...besides her abnormally long torso ...she's alright, maybe even pretty. The rest is true;) Oh My! The last few post in this thread have me rolling! Well that and a few Fireball Cinnamon Whisky shots!
  13. And she opened a coffee shop...don't forget her life long coffee shop ownership dream! +1jams agrees point Yep yep;) Some people need to catch up
  14. Not to speak for Errol but Queen I think it said in the PR. All the kids, Francesca James, Heather Roops, etc they were never officially confirmed. At least that's what I assumed?!!? Oh and is Julia Barr missing from that last PR about the Fashion Police/photo shoot!?!?
  15. That's what I've wondered too? Why the need for Zach if Kendall is not there? Not that he's only viable with her and vice versa (as some Zendall fans seem to think) but really .....What's he gonna do? He's not needed either way but I had a feeling that he might be connected to the casting call for the European Thugs. Maybe we'll get the full on thug version of Zach...not the danced around version ABCD gave us. He was always a disgusting criminal but was painted all too often as the good guy. Maybe his casino connections were responsible for the shot(s) we heard on the finale. Maybe Kendall is in a coma?!?! Would explain why his first scenes are with a cop & doctor. Has the criminal pig fully embraced his Cambias roots??
  16. Yes ...yes...Pine Charles & Jonathan. Now we're getting somewhere..more of this, put it into the universe! Then since "Jane" is really Kendall the coffee shop owner that has finally fulfilled her life life long dream of owning a coffee shop, we later learn the AM's Kendall...which is now HR Kendall aka "Jane" was NEVER Kendall AT ALL...just swamp trash that wanted to be a Kane(and own a coffee shop). Follow that?!?!
  17. Well she had others carrying the load at Fusion, maybe on her own she can only pour drinks? Or maybe she just wanted a lighter load. Let me have my dreams
  18. LOL I know that's why I said slight possibility......I'm lighting a candle now and starting my chanting! &&& Hey Kendall can own a coffee shop....it's not like saying the dumb dumb is a doctor now!
  19. Love all the new info...so exciting! Over the moon about FJ being cast as a new character, I think that it's intriguing and soapy! LOVE the thought and even slight possibility that AM/Kendall will be recast! *fingers crossed*. I'll leave out my thoughts(for now, but I reserve my right to comment later... if I so choose) on the AMC doesn't have enough vets & too many newbies and OLTL will be fine & possibly fantastic mantra. Also will not comment on the JV bashing b/c he's not TK, lol as if. Also will not comment on the silliness that the "writing" was horrible for YEARS on AMC .....yet Zendall OR THE WRITING FOR THEM>>>>takes none of them blame!! LOL GMAFB! Yes I won't comment on that for now....well anymore than I already did!!! LOL weren't you against separate threads just days ago!?!
  20. Spill it tease! All kidding aside ...that's great and congrats on whatever it is!! Hope it continues to bring you unparalleled happiness!
  21. Thanks John! Okay so in the press release I just posted are they trying to spin it that since it's a recap with "special interviews and footage" it will technically "new". Either that or they are not counting Friday as a "weekday" () Anywho ...that makes me a bit sad. But I'm still so overly grateful for getting my shows back... so I won't complain!
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