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  1. I've found that clip before and yes, sadly, those are Marines not Air Force so that wouldn't be him. Thanks for the help though! My mother keeps saying it was on the steps of the Capital building because she went to see it being filmed and she remembers that; but I'm not so sure since everything I've looked up says nothing was filmed there.
  2. So this may be a major long shot.....but my Father (who passed away over two years ago now) made a quick appearance on Capital while he was in the United States Air Force Honor Guard. I'm looking for the clip of him, but as someone who never watched the show I don't have much to go on for it. The information I do have is this: he was on the capital steps with other members of the Honor Guard for a scene where a limo pulled up and one of the characters that played a senator (?) was getting out of the limo. It's the only clip that would have the Air Force Honor Guard in it, apparently they were used because the senator's character was Air Force. Any help would be appreciated! Even if it's just you remember what season, episode that might be. Thanks!
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