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    Y&R February 2019 Discussion Thread

    Agreed! The classic music scores are currently everything good about the show. The MTS episode was by far the best yet. We've even heard "Victor's" theme again. I hope they bring back the "Abbott" family theme.
  2. JabotCEO

    Y&R survey

    Did anyone else notice that all major recurring characters, like Jill, Traci, Lauren, Christine, and even Noah, were choices on multiple questions, but Paul was completely absent? Even Neil who has been off screen for months was a choice. Doug Davidson really made somebody mad at either Sony or CBS to be so callously cut out of the show.
  3. JabotCEO

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    It was so nice to have the full set of Victoria's house back again. It was so cramped and poorly staged with the staircase and front door missing. And, good job to Mal for the new sitting room set at the Newman Ranch. I have found his production values to be very unimpressive, but this new set is gorgeous and looks much more befitting of the home of Victor and Nikki Newman.
  4. JabotCEO

    Y&R December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Agreed! TLW should be back on Y&R (even if on a recurring basis). Great story idea, too.
  5. JabotCEO

    Y&R December 2018 Discussion Thread

    So did I. Add that set to the list -- though, it was pretty hideous and did not serve it's purpose well. Even more remarkable now that I think of it, we have Mariah, the host of this very successful nationally-syndicated gossip/news show living in a one room apartment with her girlfriend. I guess we are supposed to suspend belief and assume she brings home less money than a substitute teacher working in an inner city. 😒
  6. JabotCEO

    Y&R December 2018 Discussion Thread

    While Mal's writing has been hit or miss during his tenure (75% a miss due to poor pacing and gaping plot holes!), nothing comes close to the abysmal production values he's subjected us to. The shrunken sets for the GCAC, Victoria's house, the Ashby home, the police station, and Top of the Tower are ridiculous. Making matters even worse: the poor staging. Yesterday's episode with Maddie entering the Ashby kitchen was appalling. She just appeared like an apparition. The new sets (i.e., Nick's house and the Dark Horse office space) are more spacious, but the sets themselves are not aesthetically pleasing. Overall, the lighting is so bright -- making everything look cheap and washed out. The only set that has any depth and character is the Abbott mansion, which luckily Mal didn't strike down. From my count, under Mal's tenure, the following sets have been struck down: The Newman Ranch The Newman Tack House The Underground Newman Enterprises' Executive Reception Area Victor Newman's Office The Chancellor Estate The Chelsea 2.0 Office Space Summer Newman's Apartment Paul Williams' Office The Baldwin Penthouse Michael Baldwin's Office The Jabot Conference Room Did I miss any...? Obliviously, some are not necessarily needed any longer (like Chelsea's office space and Summer's apartment), but the Newman Ranch, Victor's office, and the Chancellor Estate are staples of the show. While the modernized Newman Ranch lacked the warmth of the original set and the new Chancellor Estate set was far less opulent and lush than the house Katherine Chancellor ruled Genoa City from for decades, both still helped make the fictional town of Genoa City appear to be larger and more intricate. Now everything feels so cramped and the characters look as if they are suffocating since virtually all happenings transpire at the diminished GCAC.