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  1. Y&R Actor Possible Return

    I was so happy when I read an article his appearance is limited. I wish not at all but I will take 2 week then he will be gone. I wanted him gone for years and felt it was way way too much to bring him back at the expense of Lily and Colleen.
  2. Young & Restless Promo: Love & Hate

    I can't. They were making the right move when they were going to recast Victoria with Gina Tognoni at time. They need to go through with it but cast somebody else since GT was put as Phyllis. Victoria is 1 character in desperate need to be recast, they have a part that could be played to the max with the right actress in place.
  3. Y&R Spoilers from SOD for next week 8-14-17

    The moderator at the time back then was a huge MM fan now their gone too, so I guess Karma does happen.
  4. Y&R: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    Their 2 different stories. I'm not going to lie I loved Daniel and Lily too and I mean I hated they were torn apart. I just love Reed and Mattie too and I feel it is 1 of the stories written better than some of the adult s/l/s. It can be perfected. I just feel they have a lot of potential. They seem better than some adult stories which should be telling.
  5. The Politics Thread

    @marceline agreed. I just read all his new statements and he just sunk back into a black hole, not that he was truly ever out of it. I cannot believe we have him running a country when he is so unqualified. I have no words.
  6. The Politics Thread

    Yep..........I read it all. I am so happy I didn't vote for the slob.
  7. Y&R Spoilers from SOD for next week 8-14-17

    lol...I'm glad you remember.
  8. The Politics Thread

    I haven't posted on this thread yet but have read. I'm not a Trump supporter at all and no I didn't vote for him either. I'm also an Independent. I'm so sick over what transpired this past weekend and am appalled that it took people to complain for Trump to come out with a proper statement. Sickening. I cannot believe we are dealing with people from KKK...I was shocked and am still trying to process it because it doesn't seem real that the KKK could still exist.
  9. Y&R: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    I really love Mattie and Reed. I love how she is so intelligent and he loves that about her as well he thinks she is beautiful too (she is beautiful inside out. I'm being a sap but I truly like it. It's refreshing. @ajsp35801 I don't agree. I think it does resonate.
  10. Y&R Spoilers from SOD for next week 8-14-17

    @Cat No it wasn't on this board but SOC...I couldn't believe the arrogance and nastiness. He even got very personal with fans and they did nothing. @Roman MM will not be back. GR although some didn't want him back he didn't have any problems with the cast and crew he cannot be accused of that. MM on the other hand had problems and also I read he had a similar problem with the show he was on with his attitude towards others as well besides the fact what happened with Hunter King. I have no reason not to believe the young lady and I would want justice if he did that to me as well.
  11. Y&R Spoilers from SOD for next week 8-14-17

    Michael Muhney ( I didn't like him from the start and could also see his attitude before anything happened) isn't coming back for others reason being he groped Hunter King and it was reported everywhere. I even had people who didn't watch the show who knew I did tell me or save the news articles about him. I believe Hunter King, she had no reason to lie. Victoria as I have mentioned should be recast and reasons being for many stating comments about her acting. Many on the discussion thread have also felt Chelsea's purpose since Adam feel she doesn't need to be on the show and also felt she was just another Chloe (I don't see her as another Chloe though). I do like Chelsea but if it means he comes back in any form I rather they go off in the sunset together than to be put through him returning and also becoming a show focused on them. Adam when Justin took over was embraced cause he made the character into almost a new character (he even had me liking him). Fact of the matter is now that he is gone and people start to remember each Adam, he did a lot of evil, including kill and got away with it. I don't want him back. FYI-I was posting years back when MM was on the show and the board verified if was definitely MM posting.. I don't know how he would have the time to do so being so busy with work, etc. was so mean to fans who had any negative comments to make about the character, he would bait people and make like they were insulting him which they were not, they just didn't like his character. If they are going to allow actors on those boards they have to get or be told (which they should know and have common sense) that everybody isn't going to like their characters and they can't bait people and try and get them banned which is what he would do and many knew and were upset by, not to mention unfair to fans on those message boards.
  12. Y&R Spoilers from SOD for next week 8-14-17

    Maybe you are correct. I also don't want Adam back so if she has to go to stop them from bringing him back I could do without her.
  13. Michael Fairman gets into the music biz....

    Oh my dear...That is just horrible...I don't get it? lol