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  1. Overrated Vets

    Paul Williams played by Doug Davidson, Christine Blair played by Lauralee Bell and Lauren Fenmore played by Tracy Bregman Wouldn't miss them if they left tomorrow.
  2. Former First Lady Barbara Bush Passes Away

    I thought she was such an inspiring woman. She exuded such class and grace. God rest her soul and may she be at peace.
  3. Y&R: Old Articles

    Thank you for that. Seeing Ryan with Victoria put a lump in my throat. I adored Ryan and I loved their story. So sad he is gone.
  4. Y&R.....Michael and Lauren's Wedding..............
  5. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm not going to say the writing is fabulous cause it's not. I have been watching from the beginning and I see a difference of course. I guess because I have tried to fight so hard to post for better I sort of give a up a bit. I dont think all the s/l's are bad. I do think this abuse s/l was with good intent and well acted. I know we had a lot of them back in the day down from Aids with Jessica, Cancer, Abortion, Loss of a child, Weight Issue's, Addiction, Alzheimer's now which is also very good. Just when I see a good s/l they pull something ridiculous with Phyllis leading them to hide the truth as many of you all stated there is no good reason for it?? I do have to say MAB did such a hack job on the show anything was better than her. I didn't mind so much Latham except for the Actresses she let go who were perfect to play Colleen and Lily.. Bill Bell himself as much as he was basically always fabulous he did have some strange stories as well kind of hard to buy. Like Brad in a cage with the crazy Lisa. Sheila always in storylines which was so overdone I couldn't bare to watch her but I forced myself to see. Having Jill go after her mothers fiancé and fake a pregnancy was so awful especially for back then. It was taboo. I still dont like those s/l's for today which they have had many characters do the same today. I am sure there is more that he did that many would agree was too out there. Can others compare to him? Not really, as much as he had some out there s/l's for the most part they were fabulous. Then again so many things back them were fantastic, the background music, settings and more. Question is what do we do to get better???
  6. Y&R April Spoilers

    Yes she was rightfully demoted by her father no less which I agree she deserved and needs to learn. Although I do have to say they have had them all act childish in that s/l which Ashley did initiate but Victoria went and got dirtier with Jack cause he wanted to get his sister back with him (I get why cause he knows she has a habit of getting too involved with Victor which she ends up emotionally sick over)..... Which is weird to see coming from all these women to see them bicker this way when in the past it would have been done differently.
  7. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Agreed. This was a good s/l for abuse and now they have all these women listening to Phyllis...UGH...I actually hope there is a switch where they decide to go and tell the exact truth which will show a life was in danger. I absolutely cannot stand Christine was so hell bent on making sure it was Jack who did this???
  8. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Speaking of the Colleen's we had. I loved only LF's and AL's version...Although I loved the character of Colleen I only cared for her with LF's version with JT... I loved Colleen when she was paired with Adrian...To me they were so "it"... TS' Colleen was very disappointing to me. I didn't care for her at all, I felt she lacked anything the last 2 Colleen's portrayed. I also didn't like at all she slept with Daniel her best friends ex. It just was so tacky as a friend to be with their ex especially they were best friends. That completely turned me off. It made Colleen seem loose which the character was not meant to be that way. I also loved Daniel and Lily which made it worse..Evenso I would have felt that way as it was her best friend's ex which I felt any best friend would not have gone there. Colleen rather than be killed off should have been recast but I heard and read on all these boards that as TS' version had some deal and she was able to take the character to the point in letting her be killed off. I don't till this day know all the exact details except from what I read on this board and many other boards as well. I also know JT didnt seem to have an obsession when he 1st came to town. I saw the scene as Paul with Cricket to get JT to go after Victor told him about Patty and also mentioned Colleen to him as they were pressing so hard. I wonder why Paul thought of all this now and not when he was hiring Kevin Fisher at the GCPD as he knew what Kevin did purposely to Colleen and also Lily? I mean he torched a restaurant up on purpose with Colleen left in there and knew she would die. Also Statutory raped Lily? So Paul hires this freak anyway??? It was criminal that Paul hired Kevin at the police station. His credibility was lost once he did that and not that I had any faith in him ever being a good cop but it went completely down the drain when he hired Kevin Fisher knowing what he did and got away with.
  9. Y&R Actor Out?

    Sadly...How I wish this spoiler was not true. Since Daniel I didnt like many young teens on the show until Reed. He was perfect with Mattie and I saw the potential if written for. I hate this. Everytime I love a character they do this. Well said.