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  1. I wonder what will become of Julie Chen at CBS...

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    2. Soapsuds


      I watched and she wasn't there. Sharon talked about it and her statement she had made before the new accusations surfaced. All the ladies were on their toes trying not to say something that would sway one way.....They brought up how many could lose their jobs due to the Les accusations...in that the Talk was not safe and neither were they were their jobs. Because a new boss usually cleans house.


      The only reason The Talk exists is because of Les trying to get his wife her own show.....I am hoping it gets canned along with BB. Seriously Julie got what she deserved....she knew very good and well what kind of man Les was.....

    3. Vee


      The irony is that for a daytime gabfest, The Talk is actually better and more candid these days than The View, IMO.

    4. MontyB


      Soapsuds, I don't want to see B&B go unless they were to replace it with another soap, but I complete agree with you about Julie Chen. 

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