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  1. Knowing EastEnders it will probably be the character with the most potential. They like killing off good characters.
  2. Thanks @AbcNbc247 It annoys me how characters don't stay dead. The Nicole mask thing is just bizarre.
  3. Thanks, why did they move to Paris? Thanks, how was it by accident? Sounds bizarre. Wow, Gabi's really turned nasty! What was the explanation given for her being alive? Who kidnapped her? !!! Where were they? Thanks, has anything been happening with John and Marlena? Also how did Paul leave and what's been happening with Sonny, Paul and Will? Thanks again. Oh, also, what happened with Ben and Ciara in the end?
  4. Hi all, I had to give up Days in November 2018 as I couldn't fit it in when Drama Channel started airing 10 classic EastEnders eps per week. I was wondering if anyone could please tell me what's happened since then? Last I remember Abby was still played by Marci Miller and the character had just married Stefan. Nicole had died in a building fire/collapse and Rex had returned played by Kyle Lowder and he was the father to the Mimi's child but he didn't know. Thanks in advance.
  5. Phil is nothing like he is in the 1992 episodes currently airing in the UK.
  6. Hi @Aback, I'm glad you're impressed by what you see. From what I understand the show has been under financial constraints, however after its deal with Channel 5 in the UK in 2017, the Australian government started paying money towards the production of Neighbours (via Film Victoria) given it creates many jobs for writers, directors, actors etc so they see it as important for the country. This money from Film Victoria coincided with the show upgrading its cameras and post-production software, which might have something to do with what you're seeing on Twitter. If you do start watching the show, make sure to post here about what you think I'd love to see these one day too!
  7. I think it was predictable but I enjoyed seeing it play out nevertheless. I'm just glad I'm enjoying the show again. For a long time it was becoming a 'talking heads' show. But yeah everyone enjoys different things and it's still far from perfect. The Christmas day episode was rubbish. What does that mean? Thanks in advance.
  8. That's why I liked it. Because it focused on one character. These days everything is spread around too much, not much exploration of the characters but this episode was above average in that regard.
  9. What didn't you like about it? I've seen alcoholics praising it.
  10. I think it's been Sharon's best year in ages. I've enjoyed Kathy opening the gay bar. But it would be nice to see more of that. The NYE episode was brilliant. Probably the best episode I've seen in years. Well worth a watch if you haven't seen it. Kellie Bright is really playing a blinder.
  11. Some characterisation has been good. She's brought back Kirsty who's shaping up to be interesting. Linda's improved. Bobby's a good character and Kathy finally feels like she has more purpose. Was CS in as bad a mess as EE was when she took over though? EE was falling apart at the seams this time last year.
  12. It's still a thousand times better than this time last year under John. It was really in the gutter when he was running it so Kate and Jon really had a massive uphill battle. 2020 is likely to be better than 2019.
  13. They should have kept Melissa Suffield and not killed her off. They shouldn't have killed off Steven either. But I'll happily have re-cast Bobby and Peter. I like Bobby. I also like the new Dotty. I'm glad Kate Oates is re-casting all the essential characters.
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