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  1. Early Soap Episodes

    Cool thanks. UK. I didn't know Australia did their own version of GL! Is there anything of Days 60s episodes left floating around? Thanks I'll take a look. Thanks.
  2. US Soap General Discussion

  3. US Soap General Discussion

    Thanks, I have an account on there but I couldn't figure out how to get the pics to post properly. Figured it out now. So here they are; Days, Y&R and H&A: Such a massive difference in quality between the shows.
  4. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Me too, as I liked Will's back from the dead I didn't know Kristen had died, so she's coming back from the dead too?
  5. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Ah yes, coming back from the dead is another thing that never should have happened!
  6. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    I think characters like Susan are a big reason Days lost popularity. It's one of those things where you can no longer suspend disbelief.
  7. Early Soap Episodes

    Hi I was wondering if much exists of early radio and/or TV soap operas from the 30s/40s/50s?
  8. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Does much exist of the radio episodes?
  9. US Soap General Discussion

    Interesting...out of curiosity are you a fan of either of these shows?
  10. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    This Susan is much better but that's not saying much when the previous version was possibly the worst thing that I've ever seen in a soap before.
  11. US Soap General Discussion

    Does that mean 1.5 million viewers?
  12. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I was looking at the history of Guiding Light and noticed not many of the original cast lasted long. Was Charita Bauer as Bert Bauer the only one who transitioned from radio to tv? I think Helen Wagner might have been the only other actor but she only lasted a couple of months into the TV broadcasts. Bert lasted from 1950-1984 which is a long time. It seems like not many actors lasted very long in the early days of soap operas.
  13. US Soap General Discussion

    But where would I get my American soap fix? But I'm not talking about previous eras. If we're looking at the current TV landscape, Y&R has better production values than Days by a very long way. I don't think he's famous in the UK. At least his sitcoms aren't. I just looked him up on Wikipedia and it looks like he'd only be known from his film work. From the UK I don't think Y&R is broadcast here. Good question, I've never seen that, I'm gonna have a look now. Interesting, I'd love to see some clips of this era if anyone has any links Last I saw B&B (due to Ashleigh Brewer being on it of Neighbours fame) the lighting was bad like Days. I might take another look as it's been a year or 2 since I last saw it. What were ATWT and GL getting when they were cancelled? Dark?? To compare, here is a screenshot of A] Days, B] Y&R and C] Home and Away. I get what you're saying about Days being dark; in the sense that there's not enough 'natural' light, I guess when I say it's too bright I mean there is too much of that artificial yellow studio lighting. In comparison, Home and Away and Y&R look very realistic. ETA It won't let me upload 3 pictures.
  14. US Soap General Discussion

    I don't know who that is I think they should dim the lights a bit and it would look a lot better.
  15. US Soap General Discussion

    Thanks guys It was a current episode, I'm not sure how anyone could think Y&R and Days look the same. Days looks like it was made on a budget of 1 dollar, Y&R looks miles ahead in terms of production values and it's very clear to me that's the reason why it's the top US soap. Days has that artificial yellow studio lighting with everything so bright, it looks like natural daylight in the Y&R scenes. To me current Days episodes look like they were shot in the 80s whereas Y&R looks current. I won't be watching Y&R long-term as I like Days but I wish Days had the production quality of Y&R.