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  1. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    Janine was ruined by Kirkwood IMO. Setting her up with that awful Michael Moon is what made me stop watching for years, they'd ruined my favourite character. Then making her kill Michael (that is what happened, right?). I do agree there needs to be more people axed on Coronation St, but the right ones. Coronation St wouldn't axe its best characters over the most mediocre ones. What are Kim, Vincent, Robbie, Sonia, Carmel, Kush etc still doing there? Is it because they're bland and boring so easier to write for?
  2. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    Thanks @DRW50. I would like to see Janine again but I don't think she should be brought back, there's no reason for her to return to the Square. I don't think Charlie Brooks would agree to it anyway. Not sure how Whitney and the Carters as well as Kim, Sonia and Robbie have outlived Max is a joke now though. The EP's on EE always seem really arrogant with their decisions. They seem to take pleasure out of axing big characters. This kind of thing wouldn't happen at Coronation St as far as I can tell.
  3. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    The Sun is reporting This show is an absolute JOKE. It's literally like they want viewers to stop watching. Fuming. I really want to carry on watching but I just don't think I can, I really don't.
  4. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    So angry they killed Steven. Not sure if I'll carry on watching.
  5. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    I'm sorry to hear that TimWill. The way they've ruined Steven is making me consider dropping the show altogether.
  6. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    Vile creature.
  7. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    It sounds like the EE writers have been watching 2006 Home and Away episodes. Not sure if I've ever heard anything so dire in story terms on EE.
  8. Neighbours: Discussion Thread

    So Neighbours showed a scene of a woman sitting on a bench in a sunny park, a man comes up to her and asks if she's ok and she says yeah she's fine, she's just thinking about old times. She's wearing a white dress and her hair is styled like Dee's. Could it be the real DEEAL?
  9. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    Annoyed about Steven leaving, waste, yet again.
  10. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    There was a thread started on DS that John Yorke was going to bring back 'Lucy Benjamin and Kim Medcalf', the first one has turned out true, do you think it's true that Kim Medcalf could be returning? Isn't he the producer who introduced her?
  11. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    We've had proms in the UK at ages 16 and 18 for the last 20 years at least. Looking forward to seeing Lisa.
  12. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    DS has confirmed it's not Keanu.
  13. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    Didn't mind Joey/Lauren and Sharon/Dennis. I honestly don't see EE running an incest story between siblings (that know they're related). The cliffhanger was misleading on Friday but I don't see it happening. Media beat up as per usual.
  14. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    It hasn't even been confirmed as an incest storyline yet has it?
  15. Neighbours: Discussion Thread

    It's such an overreaction. Poor Matt.