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  1. Loved the siege ep but didn't like the slo mo effects. I really hope this Ben actor decides to leave eventually and a future producer restores Ben to some semblance of who he actually was rather than this imposter.
  2. It's also a real shame how they stuffed up Mel's return.
  3. The Honey/Adam thing has been drawn out to ridiculous levels too. It's just annoying.
  4. I still feel like it's not quite right but I think it's better than it has been for years. I wish they wouldn't do a lot of silly things. Max/Ruby as a pairing is silly. Rainie and Max adopting Abi is silly too.
  5. I enjoyed 1989. I liked those short-lived characters too. I really like Bobby, Tiffany and Ruby. Ruby's probably my favourite but I'd like them to introduce some family for her and set her up with Kush. I've gone off Ben again, I'm a little sick of the constant Phil/Ben battle.
  6. Yeah, don't know if we're allowed to mention it on here publicly so I'll PM you.
  7. I loved the other Ben, but I love this new Ben too now. I'm glad you're enjoying Ballum! Has anyone been watching Classic EastEnders? It's been playing on UK channel Drama. They started in August 2018 and they've been playing 2 eps each weekday so I've already seen all of 1985-1989 now. They're onto 1990 already.
  8. Kate Oates is on fire with the show IMO at the moment.
  9. New Ben is awful and horribly miscast.
  10. Yeah that annoyed me, some Australian actors seem to have a weird thing against soaps but I guess that happens across territories. Ironically her character is one of the weakest, it's definitely worth a watch. Its production values aren't as good as Neighbours but the writing is good.
  11. There's a new Australian series/soap called The Heights airing on ABC in Australia. I've been watching it and it's very good. It airs 2 episodes each Friday, Series 1 has been split in two, the first 16 episodes started in February, the next (not sure how many) are airing in July. It has a very diverse cast including a character with cerebral palsy, indigenous Australians (and actors), a family of Iranian descent and a Vietnamese shopkeeper who has a gay son. I would highly recommend it, it's probably a more accurate reflection of Australian life than Neighbours or Home and Away.
  12. Neighbours is introducing a transgender character later this year played by a real-life transgender girl who is only 18 years old.
  13. Thank you for the information. I might have to sign up. Can you recommend any good tv series (comedies perhaps?)
  14. @Huntress soapchannel.tv doesn’t seem to work anymore
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