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  1. Thank you for the information. I might have to sign up. Can you recommend any good tv series (comedies perhaps?)
  2. @Huntress soapchannel.tv doesn’t seem to work anymore
  3. Yes presumably because she's been there nearly 10 years her salary will save a lot of money, and it looks like they didn't want to axe the other long termers who have been there about 25 years each.
  4. Sonya Rebecchi was axed due to budget cuts
  5. Possibly, mind you Peggy pushing Chrissie into Den's grave is one of my favourite moments (in 2005). I really liked when Peggy went to Spain for Frank's funeral and he wasn't dead.
  6. Love those ones @BetterForgotten. Here are a few more. I love Peggy spats. She's so brilliant. I love Sharon's return in 2001: Chrissie was awesome.
  7. A few EE ones. Well I guess there is Bet so there's that.
  8. Corrie after 1985 is nothing compared to what came before.
  9. I love Pat and Janine's relationship. Love Elsie, Bet and Hilda. I love the Dot/Ethel story too. Thanks for posting the Pat/Janine stuff as I was looking for those scenes last week.
  10. I've seen that clip and have to admit, it's one of the only times I've actually liked Gail. @JamesF out of curiosity, are you British, American or Australian? Or none of the above?
  11. Thanks. I know it might sound funny but I often see phrases/words on here that I've rarely seen used before and have to look things up. This forum has opened my eyes up to cultural differences in a big way. It's interesting though. This gets me. How was Karl telling Susan he's having a baby with another woman then her storming into the street screaming at him not dramatic?? I feel like the acting on Neighbours is better than Days of Our Lives. But I often wonder whether it just looks like that because Days has no money and the lighting and sets undermine it. My biggest gripes with Days are the lighting, sets, no external scenes and length of episodes being too long. In terms of dialogue, on Neighbours I loved Susan totally owning Izzy about her comparing being snubbed by a neighbour to the breakdown of a 30 year marriage with 3 children. I also think Izzy explaining that she came onto Karl again 10 years later because she was searching for that feeling of happiness she used to have rather than actually wanting him was great writing. That's the kind of depth I feel like you don't often get on an American soap. I feel like I need to venture back into the US soap clip thread. BTW no offence intended with my remarks. I find it genuinely interesting to talk about, and you all know I'm a fan of US soaps, I'm just annoyingly passionate about Neighbours lol. Here are the clips of Susan's MS storyline if anyone's interested. I promise to zip it after this. (don't forget 2 clips in each post)
  12. I think you've hit the nail on the head there and it explains to me why it doesn't resonate with Americans. That airy kind of feel is IMO exactly what the British audience loves about it. It's more down to earth, it feels much more real. I guess what the UK/US soaps share is an OTT nature, but the US soaps obviously are the most extreme (and I think that extreme nature is what doesn't resonate with the UK as much). Obviously I like US, UK and Aus soaps, and for different reasons. I like the what I would say daring nature of US soaps (with some of the dialogue and scenes), the UK ones (well EastEnders) has a grittiness that is similar to the US soaps but it pursues more realistic stories. The reason Neighbours is my favourite is because it has heart, it has more heart than EastEnders or Days of Our Lives and it is like happy escapism. It also has everyday characters that aren't OTT glamorous like the US soaps, nor OTT skanky like the UK soaps. I wish we had a middle-class UK soap. The US and UK soaps for me are interesting in terms of how complicated they can be. I don't think Americans like any tv shows that aren't constantly very dramatic. Random question, but have there been (m)any Australian shows popular in the US? Yes, Home and Away is basically nothing compared to Neighbours. Also, what is a beach read?
  13. Yes, just not on a real street To be fair you've probably got a point with that one. I think it's enhanced within the context of the characters rather than as an isolated clip though. I also love all the neighbours watching. I do get the impression though that there is something about Australian soaps that doesn't connect with Americans. I think it's partly a cultural thing. What I do find odd is that Americans seem to really like the British soaps which are basically full of skanks, dodgy accents and what I'd consider poor acting a lot of the time. I guess you like the thought put into the big stories.
  14. Some of those clips are poor video quality and don't sell the quality of the material. They look like they've been filmed on a potato. I also think none of the clips are poorly written. Neighbours does suffer from poor writing in general, but none of those clips are poorly-written. Neighbours is the best soap by miles IMO. Did you see the clip of Sonya being diagnosed with cancer? (from the official Neighbours Instagram account). I find The Slap actually a bit overracted compared to the other stuff. I have every episode of Neighbours since 2002, and could probably find/upload that clip if you wanted. In the meantime, here are some more Neighbours clips. (ETA: Some of these Instagram posts are more than 1 video in a post as you can only upload 1 minute at a time, so click the arrow).
  15. I've always generally disliked the 3 characters I mentioned. Didn't mind Kevin a bit in the 80s though. I really wish they'd do a full repeat of the 60s-1980 though. I bet it's a great watch.
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