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DAYS #127: Stefano's partner appears at the mansion, Billie and Kate go over their options




Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson


John and Anjelica sit next to each other in First Class on the flight from Paris to Salem. John sits, looking at the Salem Spectator headline displayed on Anjelica's tablet:




He looks up at Anjelica, as she looks back, a wry smile on her face.


JOHN: Governor Anjelica Deveraux, hm?


John hands Anjelica back her tablet, as she moves to put it away in her bag.


ANJELICA: That's the plan. I mean, I could've done with a slightly less antagonistic headline, but I'll take the free publicity.
JOHN: Well, these days, is there really any such thing as bad publicity?


Anjelica points John's way playfully.


ANJELICA: Touché, Mr. Black.


John laughs at Anjelica, as the flight crew make an announcement through the loudspeaker.


FLIGHT ATTENDANT: (via speaker) Attention, passengers. We are commencing our descent into Salem International Airport. Would all passengers please take their seats, and fasten their seatbelts as we prepare for landing in Salem.


Anjelica looks John's way, a broad smile on her face as she buckles her seatbelt.


ANJELICA: Well. Look out, Salem. Anjelica's comin' home!




Billie walks into Club TBD, finding Kate sitting at a booth alone, sipping a gin martini. Billie sighs as she looks at her mother, heading over to sit with her. Kate looks up, a half-hearted smile on her face as she sets her drink down.


BILLIE: Isn't it a bit early to be drinking, Mom?


Kate sets her drink down on the table, choosing to ignore Billie's comment. 


KATE: You were looking for me, I presume.


Billie crosses her arms as she stops in front of Kate's table.


BILLIE: You're damned right, I was. Mom, I was worried the way you just...ran off like that after talking with Rafe.
KATE: Well, it took you awhile to find me. 


Kate looks up and gestures to Billie to come sit with her.


KATE: Well, don't just stand there glaring, come sit.


Billie sits down across from Kate in the booth. She leans in toward her mother and speaks to her sternly.


BILLIE: I figured you went to the office, so I went there.
KATE: I couldn't focus. I just needed some time alone. You know, just to...process everything that's happened.


Billie looks down, then nods her head in understanding.


BILLIE: I get it. But you need to understand, you played a part in creating this situation, Mom.


Kate rolls her eyes, immediately retorting to Billie.


KATE: I know, I know, you can blame it all on me. I should've vetted this woman better before inflicting her and her psychotic best friend on all of Salem, I get it. Alright?


Billie sighs, looking down again with regret.


BILLIE: I'm sorry, Mom. I shouldn't have said that.
KATE: It's okay. I know you're just trying to help. But I need to understand there's no way to fix this.


Billie nods, before looking up at her mother, who finishes her martini.


KATE: Now...let's focus on things we CAN control. You were just at the office. Any new developments?


Billie sighs heavily as she gives a worried look Kate's way. Kate catches this and her face echoes Billie's.


KATE: What happened?
BILLIE: We may not have as much control over what's happening next as you think.




Kim and Roman sit in the Brady Pub at a booth. Kim leans in toward Roman, her hand cupping his across the table. Roman looks at Kim, a grave sadness in his eyes. Kim looks back at him, a deep concern in hers.


KIM: Roman, I don't want you to think that I'm trying to push you to retire...or to do anything you don't want to do. But...
ROMAN: But you think that these...memory lapses I'm having are starting to affect my ability to do my job.


Kim looks away from Roman for a second before slowly nodding.


KIM: Yeah. I do.


Kim's eyes looks back into Roman's, an earnest concern still plain in her eyes, as Roman looks back, disappointed by his sister's assessment.







Roman looks on, as he contemplates what his sister has told him. He sighs before responding.


ROMAN: Look....Kimmy, I know....I've been having some...lapses in my memory. But you need to understand...I need this job. It's the only thing keeping me going every day. I...


Kim squeezes her brother's hand. She looks deep into his eyes, and nods before answering her brother.


KIM: I know. I know, you're...you haven't had an easy few years, but...Roman, your line of work, it's...(sigh) people's lives are on the line here. I don't know how responsible it is for you to carry on working on the police force on the front lines making decisions like that.
ROMAN: Kimmy, I...


Kim interrupts Roman, trying to clarify her position.


KIM: I know. But...I had an idea. And...jJust....tell me you'll think about it. 


Roman sips his coffee, unsure about what his sister's about to suggest.


ROMAN: I'm listening.
KIM: Okay, well...ma's...not doing so well...and you know...I've been struggling since Theresa's been in the hospital. I'd like to help ma out. You know...try to...handle the pub for her. I'd like you to help me.
ROMAN: Kim, that's a...that's a really important thing you're doing. And I think it's great that you want me to help you out, but...


Kim smiles, holding up her hand to stop him from continuing.


KIM: Roman...just...promise me you'll think about it? I just...I want you to try to take a step back  from the force before you hurt someone, especially yourself?


Roman smiles, still holding his sister's hand as he nods in understanding. As they complete their exchange, Sami and Marlena storm into the pub. Recognizing Roman and Kim, they make a beeline for their booth, which catches both Kim and Roman's attention.


ROMAN: Doc! Sami?
SAMI: Daddy, we have a huge problem.


Roman looks on, brow furrowed, as Marlena and Sami stop in front of their booth. Kim looks up at them, also worried.


KIM: Why? What happened? Is everyone okay?
MARLENA: Depends on what constitutes 'okay'. Eric just married Nicole Walker.


Roman and Kim both look on, stunned by the news, as Marlena and Sami look down at both of them, distinctly unimpressed, and aggravated.




Nicole and Eric burst through the door of his suite at the Salem Inn, Eric carrying Nicole into the room, deep in an intense liplock.

Breaking momentarily from their kiss, Nicole giggles gleefully, opening her eyes slightly to look at her new husband.

ERIC: Welcome, Mrs. Brady.
NICOLE: Mmm, you know how I love to be called that.


Eric and Nicole kiss again, laughing happily.


ERIC: Yeah, well...you'd better get used to it! 
NICOLE: (laughs) I think I can manage that. In fact, I will. Gladly.


Nicole looks into Eric's eyes as they kiss again, deep in their newlywed bliss.


ERIC: Great. Let's start now. Where to, Mrs. Brady?

NICOLE: Ohhh I'm sure you know where, Mr. Brady.


Eric smiles as he and Nicole stop momentarily before walking over to the hotel room bed, where Eric lays Nicole gently down, as Nicole wraps her arms around Eric's neck, never allowing him back up. They continue to kiss deeply as Eric carefully leans forward into their kiss and lays down on the bed with Nicole.




Billie and Kate sit at their booth at Club TBD. Kate looks at Billie with concern.


KATE: What do you mean, we won't have as much control as we think? What aren't you telling me?


Billie sighs as she sips her drink. Billie puts her drink down before responding.


BILLIE: Justing came to see me this morning.


Kate raises an eyebrow as she raises her own cocktail.




Billie looks at Kate, knowing what she's hinting at.


BILLIE: Don't.


Kate puts her drink down and raises her hands, feigning surrender.


KATE: I'm just saying, Justin is a great guy, and definitely a step up from our spray-tanned surgeon friend--


Billie rolls her eyes, cutting Kate off before she starts a full-on rant against Daniel.


BILLIE: ...Mom! Stop. I don't get to judge you on your partner choices, you don't get to judge mine. Okay?
KATE: I'm just looking out for you. Now, come on. Tell me what Justin said to you.


Billie sighs, taking a second to clearly tell Kate her story.


BILLIE: He told me that Nick Fallon is planning a coup. He has all kinds of...dirt on every member of the board, and he's planning to use it to take control of Titan at today's board meeting. And if we don't do something about it, Mom....he could very well succeed.


Kate looks away, stunned by the news, and trying to figure out how to deal with it.




Nick and Stefano stand in the DiMera living room, as Nick looks amused, enjoying the new tidbit of information Stefano has just given him.


NICK: John Black trying to save Roman Brady, hm? I don't exactly see Roman in any imminent danger.


Stefano snaps, holding a finger up to Nick's face, making his previous point extra-clear.


STEFANO: NO QUESTIONS! You do NOT get to find out anything more than what I give you. Do you understand?
NICK: Oh, I understand. 


Stefano backs down slightly, but still glares unflinchingly at Nick.


STEFANO: Good. Because I will not be able to tell you anything. Don't try to squeeze even a DROP more from me. You will not get it, Nicholas. You just keep your head down, and do as I say.


As Stefano finishes his sentence, the doorbell rings. Stefano's demeanour changes slightly with the arrival of their guest.


STEFANO: Ah! Our partner has arrived.


Harold opens the doors to the living room, as Stefano and Nick turn to face their guest.


STEFANO: Ah! Welcome!


Anjelica Deveraux stands into the doorway, smiling widely as she slowly steps into the room.




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