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DAYS #126: Stefano passes on a big clue to Nick, Anjelica & John connect mid-Atlantic




Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson



Stefano sits in his living room on the recliner, as Nick sits on the adjacent sofa. Stefano looks intensely at Nick, who listens attentively.


STEFANO: I need to be clear with you about this, Nicholas. This woman is MY partner in this plan. You are only privvy to this information to assist me. You will not hold any sway when it comes to decision making. Much like things stand now. Do you understand?

NICK: I do.


After a moment, Nick leans in, giving Stefano an intense, confident look as he continues.


NICK: But I think it should be made clear that I don't intend to remain silent forever. I want to work hard for you and prove that my ideas are just as valid anything you or your partner come up with.


Stefano laughs, shaking his head. He leans over and pats Nick on the hand.


STEFANO: You impress me, Nicholas. That will be very useful to us going forward.


Stefano leans in a little closer, holding a finger up as he becomes increasingly intense.


STEFANO: But...do not overrule me...or there WILL be consequences.


Nick looks back at Stefano, unflinchingly.




On a flight high above the Atlantic, John Black sits in his First Class seat next to Anjelica Deveraux. Both of them returning to Salem. John sits back in his chair, his head tilted toward  a smiling Anjelica.


JOHN: You know...we never really talked much when you were in Salem before.
ANJELICA: That's because you didn't have anything I needed then. I think it had something to do with you claiming to be Roman Brady. I didn't have much use for policemen when I was engaged in dalliances with heirs to multinationals, and doctors and the like.


John laughs quietly at Anjelica's comment, nodding in response.


JOHN: Yeah, that might have something to do with it. 


John stops a moment, before looking back Anjelica's way.


JOHN: A lot's changed in all those years.
ANJELICA: Tell me about it. I hear Victor's stepped down from his pedastal as Big Bad of Salem since I've been away.
JOHN: Yeaaah that's mostly true. 


Anjelica retorts, a quick roll of the eyes as she shoots out a pithy remark.


ANJELICA: How noble of him.
JOHN: Well, it hasn't hurt him business at all. He's still a very powerful man in Salem.


Anjelica stays looking focused on John, as though trying to carefully read him.


ANJELICA: So I heard. And likewise, I've heard the same about you.


John looks at Anjelica, an eyebrow cocked, unsure what Anjelica's getting at.




Billie gets up from behind her desk at Titan and steps toward Justin. She looks flustered at Justin's news.


BILLIE: I'm sorry, what?
JUSTIN: Nick Fallon...is the one that halted the EnerNext virus last night.


Billie nods, contemplating the ramifications.


BILLIE: Okay...so what does that mean?
JUSTIN: It means we need to take action, and fast.


Billie narrows her eyes, unsure what Justin means.


BILLIE: Wh...why?


Justin sighs, looking down away from Billie as he chooses his words carefully.


JUSTIN: Apparently...and...I don't know how he knows this, but...Tyler came around this morning, and...Nick has somehow managed to dig up information on the entire Titan board.
JUSTIN: That I can't say. But it means that he'll be at that board meeting this afternoon, and he will use what he knows if he has to. That's why I need your help.


Billie looks at Justin, concerned and surprised.







Kim walks into the Brady Pub, excited to find her brother Roman waiting in one of the booths. Roman lifts himself out of the booth and gives Kim a tight hug.


KIM: Ohh Roman. It's so good to spend some time with you. 


As they separate from their hug, Kim holds onto Roman's arms, looking warmly at her brother.


KIM: How are you feeling?


Roman nods, smiling as he responds to his sister.


ROMAN: Well...you know...I feel a heck of a lot better than I did the other night, that's for sure.


Kim laughs at Roman's answer, and Roman joins in, as they both sit down in the booth. Their waitress comes by, and they both look up at her, responding before she has a chance to speak.


KIM: I'll have a cup of coffee, please.
ROMAN: Same for me.


Turning back toward Kim, Roman smiles at his sister, eager to catch up with her.


ROMAN: So! How's things going with Theresa?


Kim looks down, a bit wistful as she answers Roman's question.


KIM: Still nothing.


Roman looks back, puzzled.


ROMAN: Nothing? I thought she was coming home for...


Roman catches himself, realizing his memory's slipped again. His face drops. 


ROMAN: She's had that accident...I forgot.


Kim looks over at her brother, taking his hands in hers across the table.


KIM: Trust me, I wish I COULD forget.
ROMAN: Kimmy--
KIM: No, no, Roman. It's okay. Listen, Theresa's in good hands. And as soon as there's any changes, I will let you know.


Roman smiles, squeezing his sister's hands.


ROMAN: I appreciate that.


Kim smiles back at Roman, not letting go on his hands.


KIM: Roman.
ROMAN: Yeah, Kimmy.


Kim looks down, trying to tread carefully with her next statement.


KIM: Look...I know this isn't my place...and I think that it's really important to keep your mind active with everything going on.


Roman looks over at Kim, expectantly.


ROMAN: But...?


Kim hesitates a moment, closing her eyes as she finishes her thought.


KIM: I think you might need to...take a step back from the force.


Roman looks at Kim, stunned.


ROMAN: Wh...Kim...Kim, I can't do that.


Kim looks back at her brother, a deep concern in her eyes.




Billie leans against the front of her desk, with arms folded, as she takes in what Justin's told her.


BILLIE: So, wait...Nick Fallon...he stopped the virus from being implanted...how would he know it was even being put in?
JUSTIN: I have a few ideas, but no evidence to back it up.


Billie walks past Justin, pacing the room in contemplation.


BILLIE: I can't see any other way than...


Billie looks up, spying a small security camera in the corner of her office. She looks on, having a moment of realization before turning suddenly toward Justin.


BILLIE: Of course. 


Billie laughs to herself, almost amazed that she'd overlooked the obvious.


BILLIE: I should've know, paranoid Victor has this place rigged up like Big Brother. Nick would've have to have been tapping into Titan's server, not to mention the surveillance system. If we can prove it...

JUSTIN: I'm sure you're right, but that's not gonna stop the board from panicking and giving into his demands.


Billie turns to face Justin, curious about his last statement.


BILLIE: What do you mean?
JUSTIN: Well, Tyler told us about a run-in he had after the virus got taken down last night, and...he says Nick knew a lot...specifics about things, information that needs to stay private.
BILLIE: Okay...
JUSTIN: Tyler was under the impression that Nick is going to use that at today's board meeting as blackmail.


Billie looks incredulous.


BILLIE: To what end? He's gonna get laughed out of that board room.


Justin looks back at her, less than amused.


JUSTIN: I wouldn't be so sure. And by the time we get concerte evidence that Nick's been performing corporate espionage to blackmail the board, it'll be too late. That's why I need you to promise me, you'll get your mother and your brother to form a voting bloc against Nick today.


Billie nods, still frazzled by all the information coming her way.


BILLIE: Naturally. Do you think that'll be enough?
JUSTIN: Well...between you three, myself, and John...that should be enough people with clean hands that we should be able to stop Nick from taking us all down in one fell swoop.


Billie raises her eyebrows, arms still folded. She looks at Justin with concern.


BILLIE: Well...we'd better, and we'd better find out exactly what Nick's doing and where he's getting his information from, or else we may not have much of a Titan left to save.




John sits in his seat on the plane, chuckling about Anjelica's statement about his riches.


JOHN: You know, you don't mess around, do you?


Anjelica looks back, a self-satisfied grin on her face as she looks John's way.


ANJELICA: After this many years? Why start now?
JOHN: Good point.
ANJELICA: Thanks. I try. You didn't answer my question, though.


John shakes his head, looking straight ahead before responding seriously.


JOHN: I've been fortunate enough to have resources I never imagined I'd have. Through family, business...but I've lost a lot too.


Anjelica looks thoughtfully at John.


ANJELICA: You're talking about your son.
JOHN: Brady, yeah. 
ANJELICA: I'm sorry to hear. I don't know what I'd do if I lost Alexander.


John nods, not looking Anjelica's way as he responds.


JOHN: Let's hope you never have to find out.


Anjelica smiles, showing rare genuine concern for John's situation, as John crooks his neck to better look at Anjelica, he looks at her curiously.


JOHN: So, tell me...what's brought you back to Salem after all these years?


Anjelica's smile shifts into a devilish grin, almost chuckling as she answers John, while pulling her tablet out from her bag.


ANJELICA: Oh I've got a number of...fascinating projects on the go.


Anjelica opens the browser, showing him the Salem Spectator headline.


ANJELICA: Starting with the governor's office.


John looks down at the headline:




Surprised, and intrigued, he looks back at Anjelica, who raises her eyebrows cheekily in response.




Nick sits on the sofa by Stefano, smiling at his boss cockily.


NICK: Mr. DiMera...I am hardly worried about any consequences. You know I do good work.
STEFANO: As you should.


Nick gets up from the sofa, and wanders around the back of it, heading toward the terrace doors.


NICK: But, just for the sake of us all being on the same page...what exactly are these issues you're attending to?


Nick looks quickly over at the desk, and spies upon a manila envelope from University Hospital.


Stefano responds firmly to Nick's question.


STEFANO: That is none of your concern. They are simply business issues that need attending to.


Nick quickly diverts his eyes back toward the terrace doors.


NICK: Right.
STEFANO: Your main concern is this meeting. Now, I have given you all the envelopes for the board members, yes?


Nick nods as he turns his attention back Stefano's way.


NICK: Yeah, they're in my bag.
STEFANO: Okay, now, there is a strong possibility that John Black will be back for this meeting. If he returns, I want you to give him this envelope, and I want you to tell him something so that he KNOWS you're not fooling around.


Nick walks over to the chair and takes the envelope from Stefano's hands. Nick walks back over to the sofa, and puts the envelope in his bag with the others, as Stefano continues.


STEFANO: I must be clear. This must stay strictly between yourself, and John. No one else must hear this information, okay?


Nick nods dutifully, as he turns back to face Stefano.


NICK: Okay.


Stefano points toward Nick, speaking softly, but very firmly.


STEFANO: You must tell him you're onto his little mission to save Roman Brady. And you must tell him it ends immediately.


Nick smiles, pleased by this extra tidbit of information.




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