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DAYS #128: Kate shocks Billie, Anjelica meets with Stefano and Nick




Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Kate and Billie sit at a booth at Club TBD together. Sitting stirring her martini as she chews solemnly over what Billie's told her about Nick's plan to take over Titan.


KATE: Billie...are you absolutely sure that was Justin told you is the truth?


Billie looks at her mother, unflinchingly. She nods her head before responding.


BILLIE: Yeah. I'm almost certain of it. Justin seemed...(sigh) he seemed...more than flustered, he...he seemed petrified, really. That's why it's so important that we vote him down.


Kate looks down at her martini, before looking back up at Billie. Kate's expression remains solemn.


KATE: We may not be able to do that, Billie.


Billie frowns, a clear, pressing worry on her face.


BILLIE: Why not? I mean, the ball's in our court, Mom. You know he's just bluffing...
KATE: No....Billie, he's not. We'll have to go after him some other way. But....for now...you're going to have to let him have what he wants. 


Billie looks on at Kate, stunned.




Anjelica steps into the DiMera living room, and is greeted by a warm embrace by Stefano. Nick stands back, looking on as the other two greet each other.


STEFANO: Ahhh Anjelica, it's so good to see you again, my dear.
ANJELICA: Thank you, Stefano. It's been far too long.


Stefano breaks their embrace, but guides Anjelica toward Nick, one hand behind her back as she steps toward Nick, extending a hand in greeting.


STEFANO: I would like you to meet our very loyal liaison in our mission. Nick Fallon, meet Anjelica Deveraux.


Nick extends a hand in return, smirking as Anjelica returns a wry smile his way.


NICK: Pleasure to meet you, Ms. Deveraux.
ANJELICA: Likewise. And please, call me Anjelica. We're about to get very familiar, you and I.




Anita steps into her living room, as Brady sits at the desk in the corner, typing away.


ANITA: Brady.
BRADY: Yeah! Anita! What's happening?


Brady stops typing and turns to face Anita, who leans against the frame of the doorway into the room.


ANITA: I had a favour to ask you.
BRADY: Okay.
ANITA: Well...you know that old blue truck you were using to head over to the general store for groceries.


Brady nods, knowing which one she meant.


BRADY: Yeah, the one I nearly crashed into that guy with.


Anita walks into the room, and sits down on the couch as she talks with Brady.


ANITA: That's the one. Well...I was thinking...you're relatively handy. If you can do a bit of work on the brakes...I was thinking of selling it, and using the money we get to buy a replacement for you to use.


Brady shrugs, feeling reasonably confident about the idea.


BRADY: Seems reasonable to me. You want me to set up an ad online?


Anita laughs heartily.


ANITA: You know, crazy old me was thinking of asking you to call the Salem Spectator and place an ad that way. I completely forgot about the internet.

BRADY: You're living in a new age, Anita.
ANITA: Ain't that the truth! 


Anita gets up from the sofa, and walks over toward Brady.


ANITA: Well, listen. You set the ad up, we'll put it up for, say...$1500 or best offer, and we'll see if we can get anyone to come in and look at it later. Who knows? Maybe we can get rid of the damn thing by tonight!


Anita pats Brady on the shoulders as she passes by. Brady turns around and looks back at his computer, ready to take on the task.







Marlena and Sami walk over to Kim and Roman, who are sitting at a booth at the Brady Pub. Roman and Kim are stunned by the news that Eric has married Nicole.


ROMAN: Now wait just a minute! Eric is marrying Nicole? I thought he was a priest! He can't...


Sami looks on at her ailing father, worried by his mental lapses. Kim takes Roman's hands into hers, settling Roman back down into his seat.


KIM: Roman...Eric was defrocked. It wasn't his fault, but...Nicole helped him through it.


Sami snorts, folding her arms as she looks down, embittered.


SAMI: You could say that. 
ROMAN: Well...so...Nicole married Eric...I mean...their relationship didn't cause Eric to be defrocked, did it?


Kim shakes her head, still looking at a confused Roman.


KIM: No, Roman. No, she just helped Eric deal with some problems that happened. The important thing is that Eric is happy. We should all remember that.
JOHN: I'll go along with that.


Everyone turns as John walks toward the group. Marlena looks on, a deep pain on her face as she looks at her now-ex-husband.




Nick and Anjelica sit in the DiMera living room, chatting with each other, as Stefano puts away papers at his desk. As he struggles to get up from his seat, Nick and Anjelica's focus shifts to him.


STEFANO: Alright. Now, I am going to head out. Nicholas. I want you to keep Anjelica abreast of any problems you encounter. Make sure that your plan goes right today at that meeting.

NICK: Absolutely, Mr. DiMera.
STEFANO: And Anjelica, I would offer you to make yourself at home, but...


Anjelica raises her hand, stopping Stefano midsentence.


ANJELICA: Not to worry, Stefano. I have a wonderful suite at the Salem Inn, and of course, for my campaign, obviously it's best that we keep our little connection private.
STEFANO: I'll leave you to it.


Stefano heads out of the room, leaving Anjelica and Nick in the living room. Nick looks over at Anejlica, intrigued.


NICK: Campaign? You running for office or something?
ANJELICA: You better believe it. State governor.


Nick's face lights up at the news.


NICK: Ahhh, so I see. So I guess it's important to keep our rather...unethical connection private, hm?
ANJELICA: Absolutely. In fact, the best thing we can do is make sure that no one can connect me to DiMera Enterprises, or Stefano, at all costs.




Brady walks into the cabin, a digital camera in hand. He walks over to the desktop computer in the corner of the room, all the while opening the flap of the camera holding the memory card. He carefully places the card into a slot on the computer, and prepares to upload the pictures onto the computer, as Anita walks in from the kitchen.


ANITA: Any luck?
BRADY: Yeah! Just uploading the pictures now, and it'll be up in just a second.
ANITA: Wow. Technology these days, hm?
BRADY: Tell me about it.


As Brady types up the last of the ad, Anita walks over and puts a hand on Brady's shoulder.


ANITA: You know, it's been a real help having you here, Brady. It's hard being an old woman separated from her family like this, and my family doesn't come around like they used to. I can't do all the things I've been wanting to do. So, I really appreciate the help.


Brady hits send, then turns around the look up at Anita, a warm, caring expression on his face.


BRADY: You know...Anita...you're the one who's helped ME. I needed a refuge from...everything that went wrong in my life up to now. I...I truly haven't had it easy in a lot of ways, but...I almost feel guilty for feeling that way. So many people have it so much worse than me.


Anita smiles, looking back at Brady lovingly. She sits herself down in the chair by Brady, taking his hands in hers.


ANITA: Never compare your struggle with someone else's, Brady. You've come a long way in a short amount of time. And, no, I don't know a lot about you, but I know that you're a kind, gentle man. A man who's been hurt a lot..and needs to do a lot of healing. I know you'll tell me about what's happened to you in your own time. Don't feel you need to rush.


Brady looks at Anita, smiling sheepishly.


BRADY: You know...I have been feeling so...so down about everything...I just don't wanna burden you with my stupid....stories of self-inflicted wounds. But it comes so easily with you. I feel like...like I've known you all my life. I want to thank you, Anita. You've been a big help to me.
ANITA: Anytime, Brady.


After a moment, Brady turns to look back at the computer, and points to it, looking back at Anita.


BRADY: The ad's gone live!
ANITA: Fantastic. Thank you, Brady.


Brady looks back at Anita, smiling genuinely for the first time in a long time.




In her dimly lit motel suite, Sheryl sits at her laptop, blinds drawn. She sits alone, going through ads on an online classified site, when she spots an ad for an older blue SUV, $1500 or best offer. Intrigued, she opens the ad. 


SHERYL: 1995...in good shape but brakes will need replacing soon. $1500, or $2000 with brake replacement included. Lakeview Drive. Sounds perfect.


Sheryl clicks to send off an e-mail about the truck. She smiles her devious smile as she starts her e-mail to come view the truck at Anita's home.




Billie looks on, stunned by her mother's sudden cowtowing to Nick's blackmail.


BILLIE: Mother...I have known you a lot of years, and you've never been one to back down against the likes of Nick Fallon.
KATE: Well, there's a first for everything, isn't there?


Billie looks at Kate, puzzled. Her voice taking on an incredulous tone as Kate takes a sip of her martini.


BILLIE: I'm sorry, am I talking to Kate Roberts right now? What is it about Nick that's scaring you right now.


Kate puts down her drink, noticeably agitated by Billie's pressing of the topic.


KATE: Look, Billie, you know my history. And you know yours. There's all kinds of skeletons Nick could dredge up at that meeting. None of which you would want exposed. So I think it's best that we play along, do what he says so that we don't alarm him, and build our case against him until we're able to put him away.


Billie shakes her head, in total disbelief about what she's hearing her mother say.




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