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Phyllis comes to a Stunning Conclusion #181




Two cars enter the two entrance ways that lead to the Chancellor Estate. A jaguar and a chevy cruz meet and park. Out the Jaguar is Jill who wraps her scarf around her neck as fresh snow is falling from the sky. Nina hops out the Cruz she was driving but almost slips on some ice as the drive way has not been kept up.



tributetojeannecooper_jesswalton_02_620xJill: Nina are you ok?



Nina_zpsv3srhjib.jpegNina: I am thanks Jill.



She says as they meet up. They look at the Chancellors Estate and see construction workers rebuilding the house.6543495987_aea5f3e5fe_z_zpsba1pafaz.jpg



Jill: It’s a great site to see isn’t it?



Nina: It is. I am so glad we were able to salvage the house. Paul says only the east wing was damaged.



Jill: I’m glad. Now Katherine’s home can be restored and we can get on with our lives.



Nina: You mean the reading of the will?



Jill: Well yes. It’s been months since Katherine has passed and Chancellor Industries needs leadership and answers. Surely Katherine left a successor of C.I. in her will.



Nina: I’m sure she did.



Jill: I assume once the house is rebuilt the reading of the will finally take place we’ll get answers. And hopefully that dreadful trailer trash Karynn won’t be there to burn it down again trying to make hot dogs. So trailer trash of her.



Nina gets a phone call on her cell as Jill does too at the same time.



Nina: Speaking of the devil, this is Esther, she went to Chicago with Karynn.



Jill: For heaven’s sake… This is Jack I must take this.



Jill answers her phone and walks away from Nina.



Nina: Hello Esther are you ok?...you’re what?....Her husband?.... Chicago?...Oh Esther I told you not to go with Karynn….Yes I know, Listen I’ll be there in a few hours. I have to see Karynn’s husband for myself.






Meanwhile on Jill’s end.



Jill: Out of jail? When did this happen?... Ok Jack calm down. Just calm down. I know we have to do something. I’m leaving Katherine’s house now….no no everything is ok, Nina and I are here checking up on the progress of the construction. I’m on my way… Bye Jack.






Jill walks back over to Nina.



Jill: I wanted to ask you have you seen or heard from Phillip?



Nina: Funny I was going to ask you the same thing. I have not seen Phillip since last night. Karynn and Esther stopped by and motivated Phillip to get out of the house. He waltz out and I have not seen or heard from him since.



Jill: This can’t be good in the state he is in.



Nina: I know… I have to get to Chicago. Karynn has been arrested along with her ex-husband and Esther is flipping out.



Jill: Arrested? Ex-husband, oh God this ought to be good. I have to meet with Jack, Victor has been released from prison and Jack is having a conniption. If you hear from Phillip be sure to let me know and I’ll do the same for you.



Nina and Jill get in their cars and head for their destinations respectfully.








Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell



Episode 181: Phyllis comes to a Stunning Conclusion! 



Written by: ML Cooks



Creative Consults: Cary Richardson, Alex Washington with Martin Saenz.












Brownstone ApartmentsIMG_5059.jpg



th%206_zpsunfsptee.jpegScotty walks into the lobby and before getting on the elevator and going up he decides to sit on the sofa  to send a text. He looks up Kirkland of Bay City and enters the following text:



Hey u! I have so much 2 tell u. I may b a dad, Van is sayin’ she is preggos! Woah rite? I also linked up with thee Phillip Chancellor tonight! Text me when u can. Hope all is well with u.



Scotty continues to think about Phillip as he gets on the elevator. The doors open and he walks over to his apt. He opens the door and can see Victor and Lauren having a tense conversation.



Lauren_zpsaa27b4cd.pngLauren: Scotty, It’s about time! We need to talk.



Victor: Excuse me Lauren. We weren’t finished.imagesCAJ5SL8T_zps33fb5933.jpg



Lauren: When it comes to my children Victor, we will always be finished.



Scotty: Woah mom what is going on here?



Victor: Nothing my boy. Trying to convince your mother here to help me put away Michael pip squeak Baldwin.



Scotty: Uhm ok, Mom I’ll let you handle this. I’m really tired and would like to go to bed.



Lauren: We have a lot to talk about and you know that!... But I guess we can wait until tomorrow. You better start thinking about your new responsibilities.



Scotty: You mean being a father?



Lauren: Yes and the fact that the mother of YOUR child could be Sheila Carter’s daughter!



Scotty: Yea about that. We do need to find out. Good night mom.



Lauren: Good night.



She then looks at Victor.



Laruen: I really don’t know what to say Victor. You want to help me take everything from Michael as it serves you as well.



Victor: Either way, that chump husband of yours, will pay. His character will pay for stealing my empire.



Lauren: I don’t want any part of this. I don’t want any part of you Victor! I have my own issues to deal with.



Victor: I hear. Good luck with Sheila Carter Lauren. I will get my empire back Lauren and I will remember this. Your character won’t help mine and I will never forget it.



Lauren: Victor your old news and you talk strange. Now good night.



Victor gives her a stare down.



Lauren rolls her eyes at him and walks over to the door.



Victor opens the door and then leaves.



Lauren pours herself a glass of wine and thinks about Victor’s offer.



Lauren: Boy oh boy have you gotten yourself in deep Michael. Victor is out for blood. Some things will never change…



Her thoughts move on to another pressing matter….”Sheila Carter. Was it really you? Was she alive all this time?



Lauren drinks her wine alone with her thoughts of Sheila Carter and the possibility Scotty may have gotten a Carter pregnant.



Lauren: That would be my worst nightmare.












Crimson Lights.thumbnailCAGKTS00.jpg



Phyllis and Michael continue their intense conversation.



imagesCAJYHLAL_zps6f3181ca.jpgPhyllis: Why do you say that? Why do you think you are in so much trouble?



imagesCAG4IE6P_zpsae3fc188.jpgMichael: I’ve done a lot of things I’ve shouldn’t have Phyllis. Sheila really had me in a corner. I shouldn’t have  tried to seek justice on Victor because it back fired. I go to court in two days for my divorce from Lauren and they are going to determine custody of our son there too. Victor is out of jail and is out for blood because I stole his assets.



Phyllis: Yes it really seems you have it all bad. I just want to know what else Sheila black mailed you into doing. Wait a minute… I just had a thought… Someone was stalking me a while ago. Tried to burn my place down and you were there Michael. We were sleeping and my place was burning. Maybe Sheila was getting revenge on you with you being at my place by trying to burn it down. Maybe you didn’t do what she wanted you to do and she wanted to kill you by burning down my place. You were there, helping me and keeping me safe as I was being stalked at the time.



Michael: No Phyllis I don’t think it was like that.



Phyllis: What do you mean? You know who was stalking me? Do you know who tried to kill me?



Michael has yet another guilty look on his face.















Jabot CosmeticsthumbnailCABUFLIV.jpg



Jill enters the lobby speaking into her cell phone.



Jill: Jack I’m down stairs damn it! Give me time to get up to your office.



Jill hangs up her phone.



Jill: Jack is having a heart attack sheesh.



She says out loud as she gets on the elevator.



Meanwhile in Jack’s office. LivingRoomRegencyPark.jpg



Jack.jpgJack is sitting at his desk tapping his pen onto the desk visibly upset as his face is red. Hillary, Jack’s secretary then walks in.



the-young-and-the-restless_zpsokqrqjk9.jHillary: I have Billy and Ashley on the phone ready to go on conference Mr. Abbott as you asked.



Jack: Thank you Hillary. Can you come in here and take notes?



Hillary: Sure Mr. Abbott.



Hillary grabs her pen and pad and sits in front of the desk as Jack puts the phone on speaker.



Jill then walks in.



Jill: Alright the presses have stopped Jack I am here.



Jack motions her to be quiet.



Jill: Excuse me! You are not going to rush me here only to tell me to be quiet. I drove through a few red lights trying to make it over here.



th?&id=OIP.Meb7a83254a1f403771277cf6982eBilly: Mom, is that you?



Jill smiles and rushes over to the speaker phone.



Jill: Son yes it’s your mother how are you where are you?



Billy: We are fine mother. Chloe and I are married and happy here in Sochi.



Jill: I’m so glad. Give Chloe and Delia my love.



Billy: I will.



Jack: Ok enough of the family reunion we have a crises on our hands.



th?&id=OIP.Mf3d2f58f99a4c7198ae99bdbc22eAshely: Ok Jackie what is it? Hi Jill by the way.



Jill: Hello Ashley, it’s good to hear your voice. How are things over there in Jabot Asia?



Ashley: After the mess Keemo left behind, I’d say things are getting better despite the global markets not knowing what it wants to do. Stable is a good word.



Jack: Alright enough! This is not a time for a family reunion. I especially don’t want to hear Keemo’s name. He is last on my list at the moment.



Ashley: Jackie that’s not very nice. Keemo is your son. You need to repair your relationship with him. He is an Abbott.



Jack: You know she is right Jack. Keemo is an Abbott.



Jack: Would you all get a grip! Get a hold of yourselves! This is not a time to be talking about my relationship with my son. That is my personal issue and I will deal with that. Right now we have other issues.



Billy: Ok bro you got us all together what is going on?



Jack: Victor Newman!



Ashley: Really Jackie. You did all of this over Victor? When are you going to stop letting him get to you? It’s rather old.



Jack: Well this is different. Victor has been released from prison.



Billy: Jack why are you worried about that? Jabot is stable right now. Even in China where their economy is shaky. Newman has lost over 25% of its stock value since Victor has been in jail. Jabot is in a prime position



Ashley: Wow Billy you seem to know a lot of Jabot news being out the fray.



Billy: American business news is covered very well here in Russia.



Jack: Yes Jabot is doing well right now but there is an issue.



Jill: Alright Jack just spit it out and stop being dramatic!



Jack: I, Iya, I own the Newman Empire and I’m sure Victor is going to want it back.



Jill: What do you mean you own the Newman Empire?



Jack: Everything Victor owned is now in my possession. Including the horses and maids.



Jack says with a victorious smile on his face.



Jill is speechless.



Ashely: Jackie… Jackie what in the hell have you done?












Back at Crimson Lights



Someone is just around the corner listening in on Phyllis’ and Michael’s conversation which is taking place on the outter covered patio.. This mystery person hears:



Phyllis: I bet you do know who was stalking me. Not only that... You said you knew this whole time that Sheila was alive. You didn’t even tell Lauren did you? Michael how could you? You have resorted back to your darker ways. And I can see why you feel so much guilt. You’re right, you are in a hell of a lot of trouble. How can you betray your friends, your family, and your wife? I don’t think I know you anymore.



Michael: Oh give me a break! You can come off it Phyllis! You’re acting like you’ve done no wrong. Nick Newman sound familiar to you? He was married when you had an affair with him. An affair that produced Summer so don’t give me that!



Phyllis: Wow,..really…well ok Michael.  Look at what you’ve done! You could have prevented all of this from happening if you would have spoken up. Maybe Dru wouldn’t be back and after me.



Michael: I have nothing to do with Dru coming back to Genoa City. I only knew about Sheila.



Phyllis: Well what good is your word these days Michael?



Michael: That was a low blow Phyllis.



Phyllis: I often heard the truth hurts. I mean come on Michael you just sat here and told me how you betrayed Victor, your wife, possibly even me…You know wait a minute…. Dru… and Sheila.



Michael: What about them?



Phyllis: I just wonder how Sheila came into possession of Dru. What was Dru doing before Sheila kidnapped her?



Michael: You have a point. Are you saying Dru could have been the one who was stalking you?



Phyllis: And the one who tried to kill me not once but twice.



Michael: Twice?



Phyllis: The time I was taken out the hospital and I was pushed down the hill in my wheel chair. I was blind from my house fire. Before I was sent down that hill in darkness I heard a voice in my ear. I thought it sounded familiar at the time but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I remember, the voice saying “I don’t like you Bitch and today you are going to see how much” Then I was punched in the mouth and went barreling down that hill in my wheel chair.



Michael: That’s the accident Sophia was killed in. She tried to avoid hitting you and hit a telephone pole instead.



Phyllis: Sure is and do you know what that would mean?



Michael: Oh my I do.



Phyllis: It means Drucilla Winters killed Sophia!!!












***Kirkland Harrison appear courtesy of Cary Richardson of Back to Another World, Producer and headwriter. You can follow Kirkland's story in Bay City here on SON by clicking here the following link: http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/blogs/entry/9852-another-world-223-party-at-the-corys-vicky-expresses-her-displeasure-jake-and-michael-try-to-reach-the-twins/

Newly married Kirkland Harrison has a past. A sweet past, that is being threatened to come out unless Kirk gives Eric, some of his goods. Eric found a tape of Kirk in gay acts and now wants a piece of the action for himself. How far will Eric go and will Kirk tell his wife Charlie? Find out by clicking the link above, only on Another World.




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I like how you are recapping the stories for us...you've slowed things down, but stories are still moving.

Nina will be heading to Chicago to bail out Esther and Karynn.  

And Michael confiding in his bestie Phyllis about everything he's done.  It brought things back together for me.

And you also reminded us that Jack and Keemo are estranged.  I hope you will explore that further soon

I also enjoy that the people who screwed Victor are shaken that he's been released.  


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OOOOO Phyllis is figuring [!@#$%^&*] out. You got her very good. A little bit smarter than pretty much anybody in town. I like that. Her relationship with Michael is a great way to help connect the dots, and I love how this is moving. I can't wait to see how that progresses.


I liked the flow of following Scotty from the lobby to the condo and into the conversation with Victor and Lauren. Great way to guide us into the situation and connect the stories. 


LOVED the Abbott teleconference. It was nice to see Ashley here. She's kind of glue holding everything together, her absence is helping to cause the family structure to crumble. I can't wait to see the struggle between Keemo and Jack explored more. You've been digging deep into the family and emotional relationships between the characters lately and I have been really enjoying it!


Nina and Jill meeting at the Chancellor shell. A good scene, with revelations left, right and centre. I expect Nina will be saving Karynn and Esther soon. 


Great as well to see the panic spread across Genoa City as Victor's release becomes public knowledge. I'm sure that will have ripple effects across town, and it'll play heavily into future story. Great stuff!

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