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Nikki has a Good Time with her Driver! #180



 LongBeachTaxiCab2_zps3f969be1.jpg A taxi cab pulls unto the Newman’s land. As the taxi drives through the freshly fallen snow, Victor who sits in the back looks out the window. He can see his horse stable is empty and tall grass and plants stick up from the snow. He shakes his head. He sees Nick and Sharon’s old house and sees the windows are boarded up. Victor can’t believe his eyes. Then the taxi pulls up to the Newman Ranch.  He sees his house is also boarded up.



 victor_zps1e4cb609.jpgVictor: I’m going to walk around a bit mmmk?



  mason_zps6c91eac0.jpgTaxi Driver: A dollar a minute.



Victor: I am Victor Newman.



Taxi Driver: Still have to pay Mr. Newman. My time is not free.



Victor gets out the cab. He walks towards his house but then stops. He looks around, taking in the view as the snow hits his face. He looks around his property and realizes it’s abandoned and no longer his.



Victor: Michael Baldwin sold all my assets to Jack ass Abbott.  Even my damn horses! He will pay for this. Michael and Jack ass Abbott will pay for this.



Victor gets back into the cab and instructs him to drive off.





Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell



Episode 180: Nikki has a good time with her Driver!



Written by ML Cooks



Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson with Alex Washington












Crimson Lights.thumbnailCAGKTS00.jpg



Michael and Phyllis continue their coffee and conversation.



michelle-stafford-picturesoapoprah.jpgPhyllis: Michael what do you mean you helped Sheila in all her schemes? You’re joking right?



Michael: I’m not. Sheila came to me and blackmailed me.



Phyllis: Sheila had information on you…? What was it Michael?



Michael: I stole Victor Newman’s assets and gave them to Jack. Sheila knew I did that.



Phyllis: How would she know about a thing like that and why would you do something like that Michael? I thought you were loyal to Victor. You even committed perjury at his trial.



Michael: At some point someone had to hold Victor accountable. I wasn’t agreeing with everything he was doing at the time. Especially having Billy kidnapped. So I was able to get him to sign a set of documents. What he didn’t know was that I slipped in documents that handed me control of Victor’s empire. Sheila broke into my office and found those documents and then began to black mail me.



Phyllis: Sheila broke into your office? How did you know it was her?



Michael: She showed herself to me.



Phyllis: So all this time Michael Baldwin you knew Sheila was alive and didn’t say anything to any one?



Michael has a guilty look on his face.yr_bold_baldwin_michael_9.jpg












Lot_zpsa06fd27e.jpg  Phillip and Rufus pull up in the parking lot of the Genoa City Athletic Club. Phillip turns his car off. Rufus leans over and plants a kiss on him. She grabs his crotch to get the feel of his temperature. It’s rising and she is happy.



thumbnailCAKEMRVI.jpg  Rufus: It seems nice down there.



thumbnailCAJD4CN6.jpg  Phillip: It is. You got more party favors?



Rufus: I do sugar daddy.



Phillip: Why don’t you go up first and get yourself ready. I’m a Chancellor and I don’t want to draw any attention to myself.



Rufus: You better come up daddy. I’m wanting, needing and waiting for you. Room 702.



Phillip: I’ll be up in ten minutes.



Rufus gives him another kiss and then gets out the car.



Phillip watches her walk away. He begins to have some thoughts to himself.



Phillip: What the hell am I doing?... What is happening to me?... I just hope that Scotty kid doesn’t say anything to anyone. All this has me feeling stressed and anxious again, I need another hit.



Phillip gets out of the car and walks in the club. He holds his head low as he puts the hood of his coat over his head to really conceal his identity. He approaches the elevators and presses the up button. He gets on and hits the number 7. The door closes and Phillip begins to think about what he is going to find when he gets to the room. He at least hopes a few lines of coke are already laid out. The doors open on floor seven and he looks at the sign which displays which rooms are where according to the numbers. The lower end is to his right. He makes a right and he sees room 702. He knocks.



The door opens and Phillip sees Rufus wearing a red lingerie ensemble with thigh high leather red stilettos.ladyinred.gif



Phillip: Wow.



He walks into the room further as Rufus closes the door. The room is darkened with candles lit and red silk over the lamp shades providing a red cast on the room. 



Phillip: Red must be your favorite color.



Rufus smiles at him as she takes Phillip’s hand and pulls him into the bedroom of the two room suite. He sees a heart shaped bed with satin sheets. He sees a  mini mirror with a few lines of coke ready to go Laying on the bed. He smiles.



Rufus climbs onto the bed. With her finger she motions him to come to her as she hits play on her phone. The song “Justify my Love” by Madonna begins to play. 

As Phillip lays on the bed, Rufus begins to dance for him on the bed seductively. She then takes the mirror and hands it to Phillip.



He takes it and takes a straw and snorts a line. He hands it to Rufus and she does a line too.



Phillip coughs and then holds his nose.



Phillip: Wow!



Rufus begins to dance for him again.



Rufus: I want to know you… I’m ready for you sugar daddy. Wanting, needing, waiting for you.



Phillip takes his shirt off.



Rufus: I’m open and ready.



She lays on top of him and begins to kiss Phillip.



Phillip then flips her over on her back.



Rufus: Aggression. I like that. I didn’t think you had it in you. Tell me Sugar daddy what pleasure will we gain? What are you going to do to me?



Phillip leans down and kisses Rufus.












Meanwhile, in Nikki’s Suite of the GCAC.



Nikki is sitting at her grand white piano that sits in front of her oversized window that overlooks Genoa City. Chase has his arm around Nikki as she continues to play her somber tune.



 Chase: I’m here for you Nicole.



Nikki looks at him with tears in her eyes thinking of Katherine.



Nikki: Thank you Chase… Chase, let’s dance.



Chase: Dance?



Nikki: Let’s have a drink and dance. I want to dance. I feel like dancing.



Chase gives his boss a weird look.



Nikki: Please Chase. You said you are here for me.



Chase: But I don’t think we should be drinking Mrs. Newman. Espciceally you.



Nikki: I want to drink Chase. Besides I’ve already had one so another will not hurt.



Nikki gets up off the piano stand and walks over to the bar and pours them a double shot of vodka. She walks over to Chase and hands him his glass.



Chase: Nicole, please I wouldn’t feel right.



Nikki: I am the boss.



Chase: Well yes you are.



He grabs the glass and they toast. They both take theirs in one big gulp.



Nikki: I feel so good. Kay and I feel so good and we want to dance and you will dance with us.



Chase: I’m sorry Mrs. Newman who else is here?



Nikki: Katherine of course. Now let me find us some music Mr. Driver. Just one second.



She stumbles over to the coffee table where a remote is. She turns on the electric fire place and then hits another button and music begins to play.



The song “On my Own” by Patti Labelle plays. She grabs Chase and they begin to dance.



As Nikki dances the room spins. She’s feeling good and really feeling the music. Her mind relaxes. A kind of relaxation which lets her mind go on a trip down memory lane. Nikki remembers being on stage as a stripper and men throwing money at her.



Chase: You really have some moves Mrs. Newman.



Nikki: I’m good with music.



Nikki then feels light headed. She is about to faint until Chase catches her.



Chase: Alright that’s enough Mrs. Newman. Let’s get you to sit down.



He escorts over to the couch. He sits them both down.



Nikki: I’m drunk Chase.



Nikki lays on his shoulder and throws her arm around him.



Chase: I know Nikki.



Nikki: Stay with me tonight Chase. I don’t want to be alone.



Chase: Of Course Mrs. Newman.



He kisses her head and puts his arm around her and holds her. They both pass out on the couch.















Victor’s taxi pulls up to Brownstone Apartments in midtown Genoa City.



Taxi Driver: 55 dollars.



Victor: I’m Victor Newman.



Taxi Driver: 60 dollars then.



Victor: How dare you!? What is this a Newman tax?



 Victor pulls out his wallet and throws three twenty’s at the driver.



Taxi Driver: You Newman’s sure are rude!



Victor: I beg your pardon...



Victor looks for a name tag.



Victor: Mason McCreedy. I remember that name. You used to work for me at Newman Enterprises.



Mason: That’s me, thank you Newman. If you could vacate the cab I have other runs.



Victor is stunned at Mason’s disrespectful attitude.



Victor gets out of the cab. He walks into the apartment building and presses up on the elevator panel. He walks inside once the doors open and is upset and thinks about how that cab driver just treated him. He vows he is going to get his name, empire and respect back. The elevator doors open and Victor walks to a door and pounds.



The door opens and on the other side is Lauren.



  Lauren: Victor! Wow... You’re a free man.



Victor: Yes Lauren Fenmore. I am a free man. And I came to see your character.



Lauren: I’m sorry what? You are here to see me?



Victor: I am. It’s cold and I like cream and sugar in my coffee mmmk Lauren.



He says brushing beside her and entering her penthouse.



Lauren: Well sure come in Victor.



Lauren closes the door.



Victor: Your testimony, telling the court that Michael Baldwin committed perjury sent me to jail.



Lauren: I told the truth. Michael lied to a court of law. What kind of example is that setting for our son Fenmore? I don’t live by the Newman creed Victor. And I’m certainly not going to raise any of my children to do things as you do them. I’m also fresh out of coffee.



Victor: I do what I do for the love and preservation of my family. If you choose to go about it a different way than I do then I have no problem with that. But when it interferes in what I am doing then it becomes my problem.



Lauren: And what is that supposed to mean?



Victor: I forgive you Lauren Fenmore. I forgive your character.



Lauren: Is that so? I never knew you to be a forgiving man. What’s behind all this? And why are you talking like that?



Victor: I understand you are about to divorce Michael Baldwin and sue for sole custody of your son Fenmore.



Lauren: I don’t think that’s any of your business.



Victor: It is when I can help you win your case.



Lauren: Why would you want to help me and not Michael? He is the one who committed perjury for you. He put everything on the line for you Victor! I told the truth that sent you to prison. So why help me?



Victor: That pip squeak husband of yours betrayed me. He signed over all my assets to Jack ass Abbott and for that he is going to pay. So by helping you, I will be helping myself.



Lauren: I don’t get it.



Victor: Revenge on Michael pip squeak Baldwin. I am going to crush him!












Back at Crimson Lights.



Phyllis: Michael you look guilty as hell. I can’t believe what I am hearing right now. You knew all along Sheila was alive and said nothing. It makes me want to ask what else you are hiding. You betrayed Victor, you knew about Sheila. What else do you know Michael? What else have you done? What’s happened to you? Who are you?



Michael: I’m in a lot of trouble Phyllis. I’m in a lot of trouble……




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WHAT AN EPISODE....so much in it.  Once again very balanced..drama and humor

Philip/Rufus - Philip continues this destructive path, and Rufus isn't helping.  The music and the visuals set the tone for the entire scene to me.  I think you wanted it to be dark, and it was.  Philip goes to do some coke and have sex.  I like that you are taking us into Philip's dark world.  It adds depth to the story.  

Nikki/Chase - I could visualize this entire scene.  Nikki by the piano, and Driver comforting her.  Nikki remembering Katherine and particularly the way they left things.  This is gonna haunt Nikki for a long long time.  She needs major help.  Liquor aint' gonna do it, but we like drunk Nikki LOL

Victor/Lauren - You are taking us into Victor's mind, the description of the boarded up tackhouse and tying that to Victor's realization of what he lost was brilliant.  This, too adds depth to Victor's story.  You also reminded us, though, that Victor is still Victor and he plans to use Lauren's pending divorce to get revenge on Michael.

Michael/Phyllis - I liked that you used their conversation to recap the story and what Sheila did, also Michael's guilt in keeping Sheila's whereabouts quiet.  Now we know where Michael stands...as a target lol...

You are getting deeper and it draws me into these characters.  Good soaps are built on story and character, and that is what you have been doing a lot of lately.  Keep it up


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GOOD episode yet again!

As Cary said, the balance was perfect, the stories were firing on all cylinders, and the movement was there. Loved it.


Phillip is going down a destructive path, no thanks to Cane, I'm wondering how much Rufus will manipulate the situation to get her hands on that Chancellor money. Very dark scenes and the music helped too. Good stuff.

Nikki and driver had a really surprisingly tender moment. I feel like he's really going to be there for Nikki, and that's what she needs right now, though I worry he will coddle Nikki with her drinking, much like Jack did back in the day, and that will not help matters at all. I'm intrigued by the direction that story's going.

Victor and Lauren's scene was good as well, though Victor really has to get in the moment and gain back that intensity he has always had. I find his "breaking character" moments amusing, but I think the intensity really needs to be there, too, and it'll help your scenes flow even better. REALLY good job writing Lauren as well, and you gave the recap dialogue a very smooth stroke, so it let us buy into it without breaking the reality of the moment. GOOD job.


Michael and Phyllis was another good scene. Phyllis is a great confidant for Michael and I'm glad you took advantage of their longtime friendship to help bring people up to speed with the story. Michael is in HUGE trouble now that Victor's out, and he KNOWS it!


Fantastic show beginning to end. Another winner, ML!

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