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Hungry Hearts of GC! #179



 Police rush and assemble at the local convenient store on Dearborn St. in Chicago. A crowd begins to develop around Karynn and the man she just slapped. He rubs his face.



Police: Hands up, step away from one another!



Esther gets out of the Cadillac and hollers over to Karynn.



   Esther: I saved you Miss Sheppard, I called the police! I was so afraid of what this man was going to do you!



  Karynn: Oh Essie you really shouldn’t have.



An officer walks over to Karynn and another to the other man. Esther too walks over to Karynn.



Essie: Thank goodness you’re alright Miss. Sheppard. I thought this man was going to hurt you.



  Man: Why in the hell would you say that? Kary is the one who hit me!



Esther: Who is Kary?



Officer: Alright I need identification from both of you.



Karynn pulls out an id from her pocket.



The other man does the same.



Officer: Garret Morgan. I know that name. I’m sure you have a record.



Garret: That’s me.



Officer: So what happened here Mr. Morgan?



Garret: Now you see crime stopper, what had happened was I walking around town visiting, mingling and making sure my money is right from the people who owe me ‘yknow what I’m saying when out the corner of my eye I saw this white woman walk into this store. The whites just stand out around here. So I crossed into this parking lot to get a closer look. I thought the old bunny was lost and I was gonna help her on her way. The woman came back out, and after looking at snow flake, her walk, the smell of those Virginia Slims. I said dang gone it, It can’t be. I’d know that pigeon toed drunk walk any where. I called out to her, I said Kary, that can’t be you. Then the old bunny turned around and slapped me.



Officer#2: Is that what happened?



Karynn: Yes it is officer. This man is a sick excuse for a human.



Officer: You two know each other?



Garret: Of course crime stopper, this is my old past time Karynn Sheppard.



Esther: Miss Sheppard he knows you?



Officer: Pastime?



Garret: My ex-wife. And why does she keep calling you Miss Sheppard? She sound like a slave.



Esther is so stunned she almost faints.



Officer #2: Is he correct ma’am? You know Mr. Morgan to be your ex husband?
Karynn: Yes, that  short black shrimp, who wants to be pretty in pink is my ex-husband.



Karynn rolls her eyes at Garret as Garret gives her a smile.








Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell



Episode 179: Hungry Hearts of GC!!



Written by ML Cooks



Creative Consults: Cary Richardson, Martin Saenz with Alex Washington












GCAC, Nikki’s Suite 



Nikki: So Michael Baldwin defrauded you of all your assets? So now there is nothing for our family.



  Victor: I am going to get everything back. Jack ass Abbott knows he will never win against me. I will challenge those damn papers in court.



Nikki: And all of this for nothing then.



Victor: What do you mean?



Nikki: Katherine and I were not on good terms in her final days. It was because of Newman. I was upset with her, and you Victor. I felt betrayed, like you didn’t care about our family. I was devastated to learn Katherine took control of everything.



Victor: But I just told you why I did it Nikki. It was an agreement drawn up long ago.



Nikki: Katherine came to my suite, the day before she died and try to make things right with us, but I shut the door in her face and it was all for nothing.



Nikki begins to sob.



Victor walks over to her and tries to comfort her.



Nikki: No! Don’t touch me! I want you to get out Victor! Get out of here!



Victor: Should I take that bottle of vodka your mouth’s been watering over the whole time I’ve been here?



Nikki pushes Victor out her room



Nikki: Get the hell out Victor!



Victor steps out of her suite. She slams the door in his face. She leans against the door and just sobs at thoughts of Katherine and how wrong she treated Katherine in her final days.



Nikki: I’m so sorry Kay. I’m so very sorry.



Nikki wipes the tears from her face. The bottle of Vodka grabs her attention again and she walks over to it and picks it up.



Nikki: I’m so sorry Kay.



Nikki opens the bottle and takes a drink. She sits on the couch with her bottle and numbs her pain with each sip.












Michael walks into     He sees Phyllis on the terrace and walks out to join her at her table.



  Phyllis: Hi Michael. Thank you for joining me.



  Michael: It’s good to see a friendly face.



Phyllis: What do you mean, what’s going on?



Michael: It’s Victor. He’s been released from prison.



Phyllis: Really… how do you know? There’s nothing breaking over the wires.



Michael: Because I was there.



Phyllis: So much is going on in Genoa City these days.



Michael: Yes I’ve heard. Is it true Drucilla is really alive?



Phyllis: Yes it is that back from the dead Bitch. She’s trying to accuse me of pushing her off that cliff at the photo shoot.



Michael: Where has Dru been all this time?



Phyllis: She claims that Sheila Carter held her hostage for the last few months. Along with Sharon.



Michael: Sheila Carter…



Phyllis notices Michael has a guilty yet worried look on his face.



Phyllis: What is it Michael?



Michael: My God what have I done Phyllis?



Phyllis: I couldn’t tell you unless you tell me first, then I can tell you if you still want to know.



Michael: It was me Phyllis! I helped Sheila Carter in all of this!












Midtown GC, Hungry Hearts   



Phillip and Scotty finish their beers. Rufus walks over to Phillip. She then walks in between Scotty and Phillip. She looks at Scotty.



  Rufus: I thought I told you to go find your own man. I’ve claimed this one. I will cut you kid.



Rufus pulls out a box cutter.



  Phillip: Rufus, no need for that. Are you ready to go yet?



Rufus turns around and looks at Phillip and becomes at ease learning Mr. Chancellor wants to leave with her.



Rufus: I am daddy. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.



Phillip: I like that. I still want to party.



Rufus: Then let’s go.



  Scotty: You’re leaving with this.-….



Rufus turns around and gives a stern look to Scotty.



Rufus: I’d be careful if I were you, you thirsty bottom.



Scotty: Have a nice night.



Rufus: That’s more like it.



Phillip grabs Rufus before she can cause a scene.



Phillip pulls on Rufus’ arm and then leaves the bar with Rufus hand in hand.



Scotty orders another beer as Rafe continues to spy on Scotty.



The seat next to Scotty becomes occupied once again. To Scotty’s surprise, it’s Noah Newman.












GCAC, Nikki’s Suite



Nikki is now drunken.



Nikki: I need music. I want to hear music. Katherine and I want to hear music.



Nikki stands up. The room spins but slowly she makes her way to her white grand piano. She slams her fingers on the keys. An ugly sound emits from the piano.



Nikki: That’s not any good Nicole… What do you want to hear Kay?



Nikki just begins to hit a few keys and she begins to play a very somber tune.



Nikki’s door slowly opens and it’s Chase, Nikki’s driver.



  Chase walks in and looks at the bottle of Vodka on the couch. He looks over at Nikki who has her back to him as the piano sets by the oversized window overlooking downtown GC. He walks over to her and softly places his hand on her shoulder. She jumps.



Chase: Shh, Nikki, it’s me. I’m here for you.



He takes a seat next to her on the piano stand. He puts his arms around her.



Chase: Go ahead, keep playing. It’s beautiful.



Nikki continues to play her somber tune.



Nikki: It’s for Katherine.



Chase: I know it is Nikki. I’m here for you.












Back at Hungry Hearts



Noah and Scotty look at each other at the bar.



Scotty winks at Noah, smiles then gets up and leaves.



Scotty exits the bar without noticing Rafe in a booth.



  Rafe now looks at Noah who has just been served a beer. He decides to go talk to Noah.



He reaches the bar and grabs a seat next to Noah.



Noah looks at Rafe. He frowns.



Rafe: Noah, what’s up man what are you doing here?



Noah: I need a drink Rafe. Too much is going on. What are you doing here? Aren’t you working on my aunt’s custody case?



Rafe: I am but I needed a break from all that lawyer type stuff.



Noah: This bar seems a bit different from all the other ones I’ve been into. What gives?



Rafe: Noah this is a gay bar.



Noah: I didn’t’ know Rafe. No wonder that fruit cake winked at me.



Rafe: Scotty?



Noah: Who is that?



Rafe: The guy who was just sitting next to you.



Noah: If that’s his name then yes. Every time I see him he winks at me or smiles.



Rafe: Is that right? Scotty sure does get around.



Noah: You got the wrong idea Rafe. I don’t swing that way. I’m just here for a drink and to get my mind of my life. I just lost my mother



Rafe: Sure Noah. I heard about your mother and I want to extend my condolences.



Noah: Tell me more about this Scotty person.



Rafe: Why Noah? Why do you want to hear more about Scotty?



They both look at each other.



Noah: I should go. The last time I got drunk at a bar I had sex with a random chic and I don’t really recall who it even was. I don’t want you to extend anything else to me. Later Rafe. Don’t tell too many people you saw me here.



Rafe chuckles. He watches Noah leave as he sips his beer.



Rafe: Noah wanted to know more about Scotty. Interesting to say the least. What an interesting time here Hungry Hearts.












Back in the Windy City



Esther: This is your ex-husband Miss Sheppard?



Garret: We had a great time together. Drinking, sexing. Amongst other things isn’t that right Kary?



Karynn: Dear God in heaven don’t remind me.



Esther: Mrs. C used to say that! You truly are Mrs. C’s sister!



Karynn: Did you ever doubt it Essie?



Garret: What is she talking about Kary? Or should I say Miss Sheppard too? Yes master? Why don’t I know about a sister you had.



Karynn: None of your damn business you short pig! By looking at you I see things haven’t changed. You look awful!



Garret: This suite you mean. Ah yes it is a classic. Still looking good although its from 79. A classic never dies. 79 was a good year.



Esther: Miss Sheppard you married this man?



Karynn: A tragic mistake.



Officer: Ok Mr. Garret, we’ll need to search and pat you down considering your criminal record. You two Ms. Sheppard with your criminal history.


Esther: Criminal? No not you Miss Sheppard.



Garret: You won’t find anything officer, I’m clean, today.



The other officer pulls out a breathalyzer.



Karynn: What in the hell is that?



Officer: I need you to blow into this.



Karynn: Why?



Officer: You assaulted this man and I smell liquor. I also notice open containers in the back seat of that car over there.



Esther: Oh no Miss Sheppard.



Garret: She’s drunk alright. Kary is always drinking.



Karynn: Shut your crusty mouth up! Those gold teeth make you look like a clown never mind the pinky suite. White shoes Garret? Really? You’re stuck in 1979.



Garret: I told you 79 was a good year.



An Officer pulls out a crack pipe, some pills, condoms and a sack of weed from Garret’s pocket.



Garret: I like to get lifted and poke my bunnies, what can I say.



Karynn blows into the breathalyzer. He walks over and shows the other officer the results. They both look at each other and then at Karynn and Garret.



Officer 1: You’re both under arrest!




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  I like the part where karynn called her husband a short black shrimp who wants to be pinky lol that was funny. The part with Victor and Nikki was also good very dramatic and I feel like she's going to sleep with her driver lol. I was trying to figure out if Noah is gay or not. Things I can't wait for is for everyone to find out that Michael helped Shelia; is Sharon and Shelia dead; where are Malcolm and the little boy, and what the heck happened to I want to say Lilly's twins.


BY Yolanda West

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I love that Noah's sexuality is starting to be called into question. I always read Noah as a bit gay, so great move there. I loved the Victor/Nikki scene, and HERE COMES DRIVER <3


Esther, Karynn, and Garret are a HOOT. I can just SEE Liz Hubbard as Kay's sister. GREAT casting, and these scenes really bring that home. Fantastic stuff! I expect Karynn won't be in prison for long though.


Scotty and Rufus are a trashy mess and I love it. Scotty, thirsty as ever, he's got his eyes on Noah. And you know Scotty plays to win. That's gonna end in butt babies, just you wait! HAHAHA.


GREAT show again, ML!

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Yes I loved this...Nikki and Victor's exchange was excellent.  Full of emotion...you hit it once again by digging into Nikki's guilt.  And Driver coming in the nick of time...hmmm... I felt Nikki's emotions...GREAT JOB!!

And you balanced it out with Garrett Morris, Karynn and Esther.  Their exchange was funny....

Noah didn't know it was a gay bar?  yeah right!! LOL...Rafe is spying on Scotty as he mixes it up with Philip and Rufus.  Rufus is dangerous...


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