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Jack is Winning the War against Victor! #182



Crimson Lights, Patio.

  A mystery person continues to eavesdrop on Michael and Phyllis’ conversation.

Phyllis: Dru is the one responsible for Sophia’s accident. Sophia was trying to avoid hitting me and hit the telephone pole instead, killing her. That’s all Dru’s fault!

Michael: By Dru pushing you down that hill yes it is her fault.

Phyllis: Check mate Bitch! Dru is going around town telling people and also telling the police I tried to push her off that cliff at the photo shoot. Now I have something over her.

Michael: I wish my situation was as simple.

Phyllis: I don’t know what to say. You are really in knee deep. Betraying your wife and family.

Michael: Thank you for reminding me every chance you get.

Phyllis: Well I got things to do.

Michael: What are you going to do?

Phyllis: Decide how I am going to handle this so that Dru will shut her big mouth. And I am going to see Lauren.

Michael: Lauren why?

Phyllis: I think Lauren has a right to know how you betrayed her.

Michael: You wouldn’t?

Phyllis: But I am. I feel betrayed as well Michael. It’s time to make people pay for their crimes.

Michael: Does running down Christine count as a crime? Did you pay for that?

Phyllis scoffs at Michael, grabs her purse and coat and leaves.

Michael: I bet!... You don’t want to talk about that crime do you Phyllis! Its ok, abandoned me. I’ll be ok!

He hollers at her as she leaves. Michael looks down and stirs his tea. He has a tear in his eye.

The person listening in on their conversation is still around the corner. The person moves and rustles some shrubs. Michael looks up and realizes that someone has been listening on his conversation with Phyllis. He jumps up and dashes around the corner and grabs the person who’s been listening.

It’s none other than….





Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell

Episode 182: Jack is winning the war against Victor!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Cary Richardson, Alex Washington and Martin Saenz




On Interstate 90 east,

Nina is driving in her car along with her son Chance.  

Nina: Thank you for coming with me on such short notice.

Chance: I am glad I was able to do so. I don’t want you on these highways driving alone.

Nina: I’m fine son.

Chance: But people drive crazy. And I definitely was not letting you go to Chicago alone. Besides I don’t do much these days.

Nina: So that means you’re alone in your thoughts.

Chance: You’re referring to Eden. Mom just come out and say it why do you always dance around the issue?

Nina: I don’t want to upset you honey. I know this is a delicate situation for you.

Chance: It is. There is nothing I can do. I have not heard anything about her. I don’t know if Eden’s dead or if she’s in Iraq or Syria. It terrifies me every time I hear a new report that ISIL has murdered yet another hostage in a brutal way. I always first assume its Eden.

Nina: Well the good news is we have not heard anything about her. I’m sure if she was dead or has been kidnapped the army officials would let you know. So just keep the hope. They say no news is good news.

Chance: It’s hard to keep that hope alive as I keep having nightmares and visions of me trying to save her but those idiots held me back. I’ll never forget Eden’s scream or the look of terror in her eyes when those terrorist dragged her away. Eden was counting on me mom. I let her down.

Nina: Please son don’t be so hard on yourself. I really do think you need to talk to someone professionally though.

Chance: No mom. I am going to get through this. On my own. My own terms. Besides Victoria helps me keep my mind off things.

Nina: I’m glad she can. You two are getting close then?

Chance: There you go again mom. You’re prying.

Nina: Well I can’t help it. That’s what mothers do. I want the best for my children. When you have kids trust me you will understand that.

Chance: Yea ok mom.

Nina: Have you heard from your dad?

Chance: No why is something the matter?

Nina: Well Karynn stopped by and somehow she motivated him to go out and do something. He really wants to find Lily’s twins. He feels so bad for not letting anyone know about Cane’s coke habit.

Chance: Cane better be glad he is already dead. I could kill him for what he did to dad.

Nina: Phillip is strong. He’s going to make it through. He’s just heartbroken for those twins.

Chance: So speaking of Karynn, Esther said she was arrested along with her ex-husband?

Nina: That’s what Esther said on the phone. She sounded so frantic.

Chance: This will be good.

Nina: I know right. I can’t wait to meet Karynn’s ex-husband. I just feel bad for Esther. I told her not to go with Karynn. Now she’s right in the middle of her mess.

Chance: Why was Karynn going to Chicago anyway?

Nina: To see her brother Karl. Adult protective services took custody of him and placed Karl in a home in  Chicago.

Chance: Wow I hope the old guy is all right… It’s been nonstop drama since Karynn rolled into town. Mom do you really think, do you honestly believe Karynn is Katherine’s sister?

Nina: I don’t know. It’s hard to believe.

Nina says as she gets off interstate 90 and heads into Chicago.




Back in Genoa City, Jabot Cosmetics

Jill looks at Jack in amazement. Ashley and Billy are still on speaker phone and are dead silent after Jack’s announcement. Hillary is sitting in her chair still taking notes.

Jill: What in the hell did you do Jack?

th?&id=OIP.Me75b707ff53fdb9b09acefaae993Ashley: Jackie how did this happen?

Jack: Michael Baldwin handed over all of Victor’s assets to me. It was quite easy.

Billy: Michael Baldwin? How was he able to hand you Newman?

Jack: He tricked Victor into signing everything over and Michael so kindly handed it over to me.

Ashley: This makes no sense. Why would Michael Baldwin hand over everything Newman to you? Why wouldn’t he just keep it for himself?

Jill: That’s a good question.

Jack: I asked him that very question. He told me he wanted to pay Victor back. Michael has lost everything thanks to Victor. Michael knew that handing me Newman would be the best revenge he could get. Hand Newman to his arch rival…me.

Ashley: This is only going to cause war. And as usual when you and Victor are at war innocent people get hurt.

Jack: Not this time Ash. I own all of Newman and there isn’t anything he can do.

Jill: Uh Jack, Victor can contest this in court. His attorney Michael Baldwin defrauded him. There is no way this will hold up in a court of law.

Billy: Jack you’ve really done it this time.

Jack: There won’t be anything to contest.

Jill: What does that mean?

Jack: I am going to dismantle and destroy Newman. By the time I’m done Newman will cease to exist. This is a war I intend to win, and I’m already winning. Victor has no assets. He can’t wage a war against me without any assets. In fact Victor Newman is homeless!

Ashley: I think you are going too far Jack. This will not end well at all.




Chicago, Police Station

In opposites cells facing one another are Garret and Karynn.

Esther walks over to Karynn.

Esther: I called Nina Miss Shepard.

Karynn: Naggy Nina. Esther why did you call her?

Esther: She can bail you out.

Garret: You mean the both of us. And what is it with this Miss Sheppard? Is this your slave Kary?

Karynn: You don’t get to question me you crispy slime! What in the hell are you doing in Chicago anyway?

Garret: I moved here in “88”. I had to start my life anew after you and I came to an end.

Karynn: With good reason you short pig. I can’t believe this is happening. Of all people I could run into it’s you! The short pimp stuck in 1979. Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to wear white after Labor Day? You and those white shoes and that pink suite. You look absolutely ridiculous. Shame on you.

Garrett: I always loved when you used to go in on me. It’s a turn on Kary.

Esther: Miss Sheppard, I can’t believe this guy is really your husband.

Karynn: Ex- husband, I was cursed. Garret is a rotten pig.

Garret: You mean pimp.

Esther looks at Garret.

Esther: You’re a pimp?

Garret: An old man got to make money somehow in these trying times. Chicago has done me well.

Karynn: How so? You’re still wearing that same suite you married me in.

Garrett: I was looking sharp. All the bunnies were after me.

Karynn: Bunnies… You have no respect for women at all, how I ever fell for you I will never understand.

Garrett: It’s that charm Kary. And I got moves in the bedroom if you know what I’m saying.

He chuckles as he gyrates his hips.  He then winks at Esther. Esther turns her head in disgust.

Esther: How did you marry a man like Garret Miss Sheppard?




Crimson Lights.

Michael breathes a sigh of relief upon looking at his mother Gloria.

Michael: Gloria what in the hell are you doing out here?

Gloria: Listening in on your conversation. You know you really ought to be more careful. I could have been anybody, including Sheila Carter.

Michael: Hopefully she is dead.

Gloria: Michael I overheard everything and my son you are in a lot of trouble.

Michael: Gee thanks Gloria. I really didn’t know that.

Gloria: Well you don’t have a lot of time. You need to do something to turn this all around.

Michael: There is nothing I can do. What’s done is done. I lost everything Gloria. I

have nothing else to lose.

Gloria: So what are you saying?

Michael: Life suddenly doesn’t have much meaning for me these days. I don’t know what happened to me.

Gloria: You’ll figure this out. You always do. You are a very smart man Michael. Don’t you forget it!

Michael: Divorce looming, losing custody of my son, betrayed my wife and my best friend, I betrayed Victor and what did I gain from it all? Nothing! I need some time Gloria. Besides, don’t you have a young man to worry about?

Gloria: Keemo?

Michael: Good luck with that.

Michael walks in shame as he leaves Crimson Lights. Gloria watches her son walk away.

Gloria: Son you’ve really done it now.




Back at Jabot

Jill: I’m just glad my son is far away from Genoa City.

Billy: After what I just heard I am too. I’m trying to focus on my new life with Chloe and our daughter. This is gonna get really messy very fast.

Jack: So you’re all going to bail on me?

Ashley: Jack you know better than to do something so stupid. You own all of Victor’s assets. This has never happened to him and I would hate to see what he is going to do you.

Jack: I am not worried about Victor.

Jill: Then why did you drag me here?

Jack: Because you have a vested interest in Jabot. Billy is an Abbott and he is your son. I thought maybe you would want to help protect your son’s future.

Jill: After you put it in jeopardy. You’re on your own Jack. I’m too busy trying to keep Chancellor Industries afloat…I love you Billy and give Delia my love.

Billy: I will. Bye mom. Good luck Jack.

Jack: Yea sure thanks.

Billy hangs up and Jill grabs her coat and then leaves.

Hillary is feeling a bit nausea.

Hillary: Excuse me Mr. Abbott.

Hillary rushes out the office.

Ashley: Jackie, this is very serious. You better hope to God you know what you are doing. Victor is not going to take this lying down.

Jack: Thanks for your support Ash.

Jack hangs up the phone.

Jack: I can’t believe I finally win against Victor and my family doesn’t even support me. I finally win against Victor Newman and I have no one on my side. The cost of winning is very lonely. But Victor will never get his company back. This victory is mine! FINALLY!

Jack gets up and celebrates by himself by pouring a glass of champagne.


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This was a very good show...had everything in it.

Phyllis/Michael - I like how you rekindled their friendship and brought us up to speed on their stories.  Not only that, you also brought up past history (Phyllis running down Christine)

Karynn/Esther/Garrett Morris - Humor rues the day with them, and it was funny.  I realize how well you write it, and you are doing a great job incorporating it into your soap.  Nice lighthearted distraction to Karynn's real reason for going to Chicago.  Just like a soap would be written.

Gloria - I like how you made her the mystery woman who was listening to Phyllis and Michael's conversation.  A nice little "near miss", and once again, you reminded us that she's with Keemo.  A good foreshadowing.

Nina/Chance - Great job of writing the mother and son catching up.  I forgot that Chance is dealing with guilt over Eden's disappearance.  Thank you for that reminder as well.  AND that Karynn went to Chicago to see Karl.  

The Abbotts - We all know Jack has won the battle, but not the war.  It is very Bill Bell, Sr like for them to warn Jack that Victor is going to strike back.  I remember watching that one time in 1997 where Victoria was telling someone that she wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of Victor's wrath, then the next scene Victor was laying into Nick (I think).  

Keep up the great work.

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Another strong show. I love all the different pieces. The Abbott teleconference was great again as Jack stubbornly refuses to believe he's in any danger from Victor. But the family knows better. Don't get too comfortable, Jack. 


Phyllis and Michael was another strong beat. I'm enjoying watching them at odds over this. Phyllis will not take Michael's actions lying down, and she shouldn't. I love that you're showing the emotional conflicts here, as I find the best soap opera is when you can understand the motivations for everyone's actions and understand why they feel they did the right thing. Great storytelling there. I'm interested to see where things will go with Gloria now that she's in the loop on what Michael has done.


Karynn and Esther's adventures continue. I enjoyed the heart-to-heart between Chance and Nina on their way to Chicago. It was good to see them discuss things. Nina's a meddler, though given her history, I could see why she'd be a bit protective of him. 


Karynn is is so snarky, it's fantastic. You really got a strong connection between her and Esther, and I totally buy it. Great writing there. Fascinated to see where the story wth Karynn's ex-husband goes as well. 


All very strong stuff here. A solid episode. Great work, ML!

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