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Victor strikes back at Jack! #183



Jabot Cosmetics



 Hillary walks into Jack’s office. She sees him drinking a glass of champagne.



Jack hears the door close and looks in her direction.



Jack: Hillary just in time.



Hillary: In time for what sir?



Jack: To have a glass of champagne with me and celebrate in my owning Newman. My family doesn’t support me.



Hillary: I’m sorry Mr. Abbott. I came back in here to apologize for running out. This morning sickness is getting worse.



Jack: Morning sickness? You’re pregnant?



Hillary: Yes I am.



Jack: Wow, I had no idea that- wait never mind.



Hillary: I know what you are thinking. Nathan Hastings is the father.



Jack: Nate?



Hillary: We were lovers in college. Long story.



Jack: How is Nate doing? I heard about his accident.



Hillary: Well I am going over to the hospital for a checkup and then I’m going to check on him. Let him know he has hope and a child on the way.



Jack: Congratulations then.



Hillary: Thank you. If you need anything just shoot me a text. I should be done in a few hours.



Jack: No it’s fine Hillary. Take care of what you need to do. I’ll see you back here in the morning.



Hillary: Thank you sir.



Hillary leaves Jack’s office.



Jack sits at his desk. He begins to think.



                “Victor will be out for blood. The next step now is to dismantle Newman Enterprises before he  can stop me.”



Jack opens up his laptop and looks over charts and graphs pertaining to Newman while thinking of his plan to destroy Newman as expeditiously as possible.








Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell



Episode 183: Victor strikes back at Jack!



Written by ML Cooks



Story Consult: Martin Saenz



Creative Consults: Cary Richardson with Alex Washington






Brownstone Apartmentsoldtownpasadena.jpg



Gloria rings Lauren’s doorbell. Lauren opens the door.



Lauren: Gloria, I wasn’t expecting you.



Gloria barges into Lauren’s condo.



Gloria: We really need to talk Lauren!



Lauren: About what? And if you say Michael you can just turn right back around because I don’t want to hear it coming from you!



Gloria: I’m here on behalf of my son. For God’s sake Lauren you have to help him! I’ve never seen my son like this before.



Lauren: May I remind you, you weren’t around for all of his life.



Gloria: Wow Lauren, the claws are coming out … This is about my son! He’s lonely, depressed, I don’t know what he is going to do next. You are taking everything from him!



Lauren: That is where you are wrong! Michael lied to a court of law. I will not have my son raised by a man who does that or be a bitch boy for Victor Newman! And frankly I don’t think this is any of your business. Michael made his bed and now he has to lay in it. And I will not take relationship advice from a cougar, as they call them now these days.



Gloria scoffs: I beg your pardon.



Lauren: You’re dating your ex-husband’s grandson. Keemo Abbott.



Gloria: That really hurts Lauren. I had no idea Keemo was John Abbott’s grandson as I fell in love with him. He never told me his last name.



Lauren: How in the hell do you fall in love with a man to whom you don’t even know their last name and now you want to give relationship advice. A joke Gloria.









Victor walks up to Newman Tower. He takes in the sight of his building, or what once was his building. He looks around and does not see to many things different about the place except he notices workers taking down the letters of the building’s name, Newman Tower. Victor walks over to one of them.



Victor: Just what in the hell are you doing?



Worker: Taking the letters off the building.



Victor: Under who’s orders?



Worker: Mr. Jack Abbott.



Victor: You mean Jack ass Abbott.



Worker: No, just Mr. Abbott sir.



Victor: Do you know who I am?



Worker: No I have no idea.



Victor: Jack ass is going to pay a high price for doing this to me.



Victor walks inside to board the elevator.



The workers have now successfully completed their task. Newman Tower now cease to exist.



Victor walks off the elevator fuming at Jack and thinking what he is going to do to him once he finally sees his arch rival face to face. He walks into House of Kem but stops dead in his tracks when he sees the rude taxi cab driver Mason. Mason looks at Victor in shock.



Victor: It’s you again. Mervin is it?



Mason: It’s Mason and how can I help you?



Victor: I came to see the character of Keemo.



Mason: I’m sorry you did what now?



Victor: I am here to see Keemo. What are you doing here anyway?



Mason: I work here at H.O.K. Mr. Abbott’s right hand.



Victor: Is that so?



Mason: That is so.



Victor: So you work here and you’re a taxi cab driver?



Mason: I am. I have bills I have to pay, student loans. I don’t have the big bucks like you Mr. Newman.



Victor: I have no money son. And I will tell you now I am going to inform your boss of our scene a few episodes ago.



Mason: Why do you talk like that?



Victor: I am Victor Newman and I will get my respect back.



Mason: I’m Mason McCreedy and I’ll just tell Mr. Abbott that you are here to see him. Mr. Abbott is a busy man and you can’t just walk in here like this. No matter who you are.



Mason turns around and enters Keemo’s office.



Victor is pissed off, realizing he is no longer respected by his town’s mates. Victor once again vows he is going to make Jack pay.






Keemo is on the phone in his office.



Keemo: Look Roxanne I am sorry you are going through this but there is nothing I can do for you at this time. You have to complete that anger management class before the judge lets you out.



Roxanne: Mr.  Abbott please I know I am asking for a lot but can’t you please do something about this? You’re an Abbott.



Keemo: Yes you are asking for a lot considering you haven’t even had your first day here yet. Roxanne complete the anger management class. Now I’m busy trying to jump start this small business. Good bye.



Keemo hangs up. He looks at Mason who was waiting for him to wrap up his phone conversation.



Keemo: What is it Mason?



Mason: Victor Newman is here to see you sir.



Keemo: Victor Newman? He’s out of jail… And here to see me? I wonder what he could want.












Chicago, Police station



Esther: Miss Sheppard tell me how did you marry a man like Garret? Is he really a pimp as he says he is?



Garret: I am bunny. Why don’t you come over here and let me get a good look at you to see how much I could make off you.



Esther frowns up her face.



 Karynn: Everything is just about how much you can make of white women huh?



Garret: You know how I roll Kary. Garret loves the bunnies. Good men will pay a ton of money for a good time with a white woman.



Karynn: You’re simply disgusting. A pig is more like it.



Garret: But you we were together baby.



Esther: Please tell me Miss Sheppard.



Karynn: I met this old black frog in a bar. It was a lonely time in my life. My first husband and I had just got a divorce in 75. I was lost and broken and had no money. So I began to drink more. My drinking was part of the reason my first husband Richard left me. But you see he used to abuse me. He wanted me to be the type of wife that stayed home in a kitchen doing dishes and laundry and watch soap operas every day. After what my own father did to me, I vowed I would never serve another man. So from all that I started to drink and it just became too much for Richard and I. Then I met Garret. He was different, short yet sure of himself. He had a strong personality and he just made everything disappear for me. All my problems. He was at one time my bridge over troubled waters. He made life fun for us. So I fell in love with him. Until he-



Karynn turns away and wipes a tear from her eye.



Garret: Kary I told you I am very sorry for that. It was the cocaine baby. It was a mistake.



Karynn: I don’t want to hear it you short bum! I hope you and her burn in hell for what you did!



Esther: My,… Miss Sheppard I had no idea you had such a hard life.



Karynn: You don’t know the half it. From my father Walter to Richard to this pimping shrimp in a pink suite. It’s no reason I love to drink. It numbs all the pain and heartache.



Esther: Wow Miss Sheppard.



Nina and Chance walk up to them. Esther turns around and looks at them. Esther and Nina hug.



Nina: Are you ok?



Esther: I am thank goodness you are here.



  Nina: Me too. I never saw this side of Karynn. I overheard some of her story.



Nina to Karynn: I’m so sorry Karynn.



Karynn: I am not asking for forgiveness Nina. I'm asking for some smokes and a beer for me. I am going to need it once you bail me out.



Garret: You mean us Kary.



Nina and Chance both look at Garret.



Chance: Who are you sir?



Esther: This is Garret the pimp, Karynn’s ex-husband.



Nina: You have got to be kidding me?



Chance: Did you say pimp?



Karynn: In his mind any way. Pimping hasn’t done him much good look at his clothes. He’s stuck in 1979. Look at how dirty and scuffed up his so called leather shoes are. I bet the reek of feet being so old.



Garret: I told you girl, 79 was a good year. That was the year Michael Jackson released his first album, “Off the Wall” you know when he still had a nose and all.



Chance: Show some respect for the dead.



Garret: I did. Michael Jackson used to have a nose. Then he didn’t. Here one day and then gone the next.



Nina: This is incredible. Garret is Karynn’s ex-husband?



Garret: Why is it incredible? Because I am black?



Nina: Honestly yes. And the fact that you’re a pimp. And wearing a pink suite.



Everyone in the jail becomes quiet and looks at Nina.












Back In Genoa City, Hospital.



Hillary walks out of Dr. Whitfield’s office escorted by the doctor himself, Kiko.



Kiko: Everything will be fine Hillary. The morning sickness is common. It’s just something you are going to have to deal with.



Hillary: Thanks for seeing me on such short notice. I’ve heard of morning sickness but I was just a little nervous that’s all. This is my first pregnancy.



Kiko smiles at her.



Kiko: Congratulations. We’ll see you in a few weeks.



Hillary: Thank you Dr. Whitfield.



Hillary walks away and heads to Nate’s room. She dreads opening the door to see what she will find.



Hillary: Maybe if I tell Nathan he is going to be a dad he will come out of his coma.



Hillary arrives at Nate’s room. She takes a deep breath and slowly opens the door. She sees Olivia sitting by Nate’s bedside with tears in her eyes. Hillary can over hear Olivia praying for her son. Hillary sees Nate is in a body cast and still in a coma. This is too much for her and she closes the door and steps off to the side. She has a tear in her eye as she remembers the night at Lily’s home coming party and the image of Nate’s body after Malcolm ran him over. She remembers how twisted up on the ground Nate was. She then remembers she set the whole chain of events into motion by giving Malcolm the taped conversation between Nate and Roxanne where Nate admits he swicted Moses paternity results from Malcolm to Neil.



Hillary: What have I done?....No one can find out... Especially Roxanne of all people.












House of Kem



Victor walks into Keemo’s office.



Keemo smiles at Victor, getting up out his seat to shake his hand as a greeting. Victor smiles broadly as he feels a comfort in Keemo. He feels Keemo is an ally since he did visit Victor when he was in jail.



Keemo: It’s good to see you free sir. When did you get out?



Victor: It’s good to be out my boy.



Keemo ushers Victor to have a seat.



Keemo: Please have a seat. Would you care for a drink?



Victor: You bet I would my boy. I can’t believe some of things that are happening in Genoa City.



Keemo walks away from the bar and over to Victor and hands him glass of  scotch.



Keemo: What do you mean?



Victor gulps his scotch.



Victor: Good stuff.



Keemo: My personal collection. Private maker.



Victor: I like you more and more my boy.



Keemo: I’m glad to hear. What brings you by here?



Victor: I wanted to check you out. You told me you had a startup. Kem’s House is it?



Keemo chuckles



Keemo: House of Kem sir. We haven’t launched quite yet. Setting up for our debut. I want it to be big so I am not rushing it. My father still doesn’t know that I’m doing this



Victor: Time is money my boy.



Keemo: I got a great loan on good terms. Thanks to the Abbott name. The only good thing my father did for me.



Victor: That’s why I’m here my boy.



Keemo: You're here about my dad Jack?



Victor: MMMhmm….Jack ass Abbott.



Keemo lets out another chuckle.



Victor: That Jack ass has stolen everything from me! My company, my house my assets everything! I am broke thanks to your father.



Keemo: How did he manage that?



Victor: Pip squeak Michael Baldwin.



Keemo: Wow. So now what?



Victor: That’s where you come in at my boy. You once told me while you came to visit me in jail that you respect and admire me.



Keemo: I do Mr. Newman.



Victor: You also said you wanted to take out your father and that was the reason you started this little fashion house.



Keemo: True.



Victor: Well its time. It’s time to take out your father Jack and I want his son, you, to help me do it.



Keemo: So the war between you my dad is official once again. I have heard about all the stories about you two. The time he walked away from you as you were suffering a heart attack. Him marrying Nikki, then the baby he lost with Nikki. Now he owns everything you had.



Victor: And it’s time to put an end to your father once and for all. He’s gone too far this time. I have never been put in a position like this before, no money, no respect. I will not tolerate it! I will make Jack pay dearly for doing this to me. I hope I can count on your support.



Keemo: You got it Mr. Newman. Jack is a thorn in my side as well. He’s the main reason Gloria and I are barely together. He doesn’t respect me and I know he is angry for what was done in Jabot Asia. I am with you Victor. I will help you take out Jack.



Victor smiles broadly as he basks in his effective  counter attack he has launched on his enemy Jack. Recruiting the enemy’s own son to the other side. Victor may not be winning the war, but he has won this battle.



Victor: Jack will be squashed like a bug under the heel of my boot. Mark my words my boy. It ain’t over yet!




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I'm really enjoying your version of Y&R. I didn't know Jack had another son and that he was Asian. If he a character you created or was he on the show and I just don't remember or maybe he was on when I wasn't a viewer. I love that you use the guy from Port Charles. I always thought soaps dropped the ball on not picking up those actors when Port Charles ended. Good work my friend I'm enjoying it!

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This is getting better...building and building.  

Gloria coming to Lauren's to plead with her to ease up on Michael.  Good natural conversation, but Lauren calling her a cougar...hmm Lauren you got a lot of nerve.  Have you forgotten all the men you've been with?  LOL

Very very good visual of Victor seeing Newman taken down, literally.  You are doing such a great job with this.  Building this up and building this up.  I am into this storyline.  I am waiting to see what Victor is going to do to Jack.  First recruit Keemo.  Jack has no idea what's about to hit him,

And my lady Karynn.  You gave us a glimpse into her past and how men have treated her, and why she is the way she is.  You've warmed Nina up to her and Chance.  I love how you are building these stories carefully.   Character driven building, which will pay off for you later in a huge way.  

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