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Keemo helps Victor Fight Jack! #184



Genoa City Memorial Hospital.big_hospital_pic.jpg



the-young-and-the-restless_zpsokqrqjk9.jHillary walks into Nate’s room and sees Olivia with her head laying upon Nate’s chest. It’s hard to take in the sight of Nate hemmed up in a body cast knowing she played a significant role in making that happen. The guilt is so much a tear forms in her eye.



th%201_zpsj6pklgh9.jpegOlivia: Nathan, I need you to wake up from this coma. Son please I love you. I can’t lose you like this.



Olivia sits up and wipes the tears coming from her eyes and also she takes a tissue to wipe her nose since every time she wells up her nose begins to run. She sees Hillary. She stands up.



Olivia: Hillary right?



Hillary gives a faint smile.



Hillary: Yes Mrs. Hastings.



Hillary extends her hand out to shake with Olivia’s.



Olivia: I didn’t hear you come in. I’m sorry you have to see me like this.



Hillary: No your fine. I came to check up on Nathan. What are the doctors saying?



Olivia: Dr. Whitfield says the swelling in Nate’s brain has subsided. He’s been easing Nate  out of the  coma induced by medication.



Hillary: That’s so great. So that means he could be waking up soon?



Olivia: That is the prognosis. Then there is what’s underneath the cast. He has broken arms, legs and possible spinal injury. It’s too soon to tell.



Hillary: One step at a time… I came here to give Nate some hope.



Olivia: Oh…?



Hillary rubs her stomach.



Hillary: Nathan and I are having a baby.



Olivia looks in shock.



Olivia: A child? You and Nathan?



Hillary: That’s right. I came to tell Nathan, maybe if he heard the news it would give him the will to wake up.



Olivia: I just had no idea that my son was dating any one.



Hillary: Well I’ve only been in town a few months. Nate and I were together in college but I had to leave to care for my dying mother.



Olivia: I’m sorry to hear that. I must say I’m sorry because Nate never mentioned a Hillary. The only woman I know about being in his life is Roxanne. And I only found that out at Lily’s homecoming party. When my son admitted to having feelings for Roxanne. I had no idea this was all going on.



Hillary: It’s a complicated situation.



She says as she has a flashback of hiding in Roxanne’s apartment and then recording the conversation she overheard with Nate and Roxanne where they confess their feelings for one another.



Olivia: I take it there is no love lost between you and Roxanne. I saw the altercation you had with her in the emergency room.



Hillary: My half-sister is a waste of air that other people could be using to do good things with.



Olivia: Oh wow. This is complicated.  A pair of sisters fighting over my son.



Hillary: There is no fight Mrs. Hastings…Complicated, yes I can give you that but a fight, well If you want to call it that, let’s say I won, I am having your grandchild. A baby trumps everything else.



Hillary says with a smile rubbing her stomach.







Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell



Episode 184: Keemo helps Victor fight Jack!



Written by: ML Cooks



Story Consult: Martin Saenz



Creative Consults: Cary Richardson and Alex Washington












City Jailjailcell.jpg



Spencer waits in a room that Roxanne walks into.



thCANS4T73.jpgSpencer: Finally. I’ve waited 30 minutes here in this holding room to see you.



thumbnailCAERFBK3-1.jpgRoxanne: You are here to bail me out?



Spencer: Well you know I’ve fallen on hard times. I work as a cook at Gina’s and I don’t have that kind of money. They took my car and house so I now take the bus and rent.



Roxanne: Some father I have. Went from a pimp to being a district attorney and now to being a broke bum.



Spencer: Really?



Roxanne: I need help and my father is unable to be here for me. I bet you would help that tramp Hillary.



Spencer: I am doing the best I can. No one asked you to attack your half-sister and over what? A man? Nate? I told you two before, you know when you two lionesses had your first encounter at my damn apartment breaking down my door that no man is worth fighting over. My landlord was not happy with having to replace the door. I don’t have the money to keep replacing doors or paying bails. I also got quite a few noise complaints behind all that.



Roxanne: If you are not here to bail me out then why are you here?



Spencer: Now see I had some good news for you. Leslie was right, that mouth of yours’s is out of control.



Roxanne: It’s not my mouth. I just have zero respect for you or Leslie. You’re a pimp and she was your hoe. How can I respect people like that? And to think you’re my long lost parents. Usually when a family is reunited they are happy. Not this time. I was disappointed and embarrassed.



Spencer: You really are your own worst enemy.



Roxanne: No, that slut daughter of yours is the enemy.



Spencer can only just shake his head back and forth and wonder why his daughter has so much venom in her veins.



Spencer: Where does it come from?












Brown Stone Apartments. Lauren’s Place.  IMG_5059.jpg



Gloria looks at Lauren with big eyes.



thumbnail-1.jpgGloria: I loved John Abbott very much Lauren! I had no idea Keemo was his grandson!



Lauren2_zpsf1ca8d60.jpgLauren: What kind of love allows you to date your deceased’s husband grandson Gloria? And you want to stand here and tell me about my relationship with your son?



Gloria: Of course. Michael is my son and I’m very worried about him. I’ve never seen him so low.



Lauren: Michael should have thought of all of that before he became a bitch boy for Victor Newman.



Gloria: Stop calling him that! Michael is a good man who takes care of his family. You can’t say that about a lot of men these days.



Lauren: A lot of men don’t become bitch boys either do they Gloria? Look I really think its best you leave. I am divorcing Michael Baldwin and suing for custody, sole custody of Fenmore. No one will change my mind.



Gloria: So you’re going to throw everything you and Michael built up all these years away?



Lauren: I didn’t do that Michael did when he put Victor first!



Gloria: You have really changed Lauren.



Lauren: Have a good day Gloria. You have your own issues you need to deal with.



Lauren opens the door and motions Gloria to leave.



Gloria shakes her head at Lauren and leaves her apt. Lauren closes the door.



Gloria: Oh Michael I tried. I really did. Lauren is really going to go ahead with this divorce and custody battle. I won’t give up though. I will find a way to save your family.



She pulls out her cell phone and notices 4 missed calls from Keemo. She thinks of him and then of what Lauren said to her: She’s in love with her deceased husband’s grandson.



Gloria takes a deep breath and then leaves Brownstone Apartments.












No Name Tower, 24 floor, House of KemApr18_0003.jpg



Victor is smiling from ear to ear as he basks in the recruitment of Jack’s son Keemo to his side in the war against Jack.



Victor_Newman-1.jpgVictor: You made the right decision my boy.



thumbnail2.jpgKeemo: I usually try to make them all the time. So tell me Mr. Newman, what do we need to do? Do we have a plan to take out  Jack?



Victor: I do my boy. I am going to hit Jack from all angles. But there is one problem.



Keemo: Problems is a word not in my vocabulary.



Victor: I like that.  Let’s say… a minor detail then?



Keemo: Which is?



Victor: Your father has all my assets. I have no money, not even a place to lay my head. I have nothing Keemo. I need money to get on my feet and get Jack back. I can’t get my revenge without any money. Your jack ass father has it all.



Keemo leans back in his chair and takes a deep breath.



Keemo: Money.



Victor: A lot of it my boy.



Keemo: Mr. Newman as you know I am just starting up my fashion house. It’s designed to put a dent into Jabot. I have loans out for this new business venture. I really don’t feel entirely too comfortable loaning any money out right now.



Victor: I am Victor Newman.



Keemo: I don’t have money like that.



Victor: Do you know how any of this makes me feel? Me, Victor Newman begging for a loan. This is what your jack ass father did to me. With or without you Keemo, I will get back my power, my respect, my family and my empire back. I just need a helping hand right now. I have nothing.



Keemo: I understand Mr. Newman.



Keemo spins around in his chair and looks out the ground to ceiling window that overlooks Genoa City.



Keemo: Mr. Newman no cost is too high to take out my father Jack. Jack is an ass and he’s in the way of my happiness with Gloria and he has no respect for me.



He spins back around in his executive chair to face Victor.



Victor smiles.



Victor: You won’t regret this and this fashion house will be a major success,… we will see to that once we get Jack out of the way.



Keemo: I can wire or write a check for a million. To help you find a place and get back on your feet.



Victor: Cash please my boy. I don’t have any means to cash a check these days. Jack has really did a number on me.



Keemo: Wow… Cash it is my friend. I’ll work on it and then give you a call to let you know when and where you can pick it up.



Victor: I really appreciate that my boy. Our characters are already winning against Jack. Jack’s son is going to give me a startup loan to take out his own father who is the enemy at this point in my story. Check mate Jack Ass Abbott. I am going to crush his character!



Victor stands up with a broad smile as Keemo frowns up wondering why Victor is sounding so weird.



Victor: Will it be today? My character is tired and a little hungry.



Keemo pulls out 60 bucks from his wallet and slides it across his desk.



Keemo: Go get something nice to eat.



Victor looks down at the money, shocked that he has been reduced to charity.



Victor:  Thank you Keemo. Tell no other characters in Genoa City of this charity. It would make my character look so bad.



Keemo: I’ll be in touch Mr. Newman.



Victor: Good day.



Victor grabs the money and leaves HOK and therefore No Name Tower.



Keemo spins around in his chair to take in his view of the city and ponder a few thoughts.



Why does Victor get weird in his speech and the fact that he is helping Victor take out his own dad. Keemo thinks of the loyalty he should have to Jack since Jack is his father. But Keemo doesn’t feel loyalty from Jack’s end.  Keemo then wonders what his mother Luan would think of the situation that is developing. Father vs. Son costarring Victor Newman.












City Jail



Roxanne: I don’t have venom in me. I just don’t like that slutty daughter of yours.



Spencer: I wish you wouldn’t address her like that. She is your half-sister and we are a family and we need to make this work.



Roxanne: I don’t need anything like that. I just need my Nate. But Hillary slept with him as soon as she hit town. That’s a hoe to me.



Spencer: They were together in college. They picked up right where they left off. How is that being a hoe?



Roxanne: I really like how you just keep defending her? What about me? I was going to have a singing career until you the pimp and my mother the college slut were exposed as my parents. Now that is ruined. My future is ruined thanks to my new found parents and yet you keep defending tramp ass Hillary. You seem to know a lot about hoes considering my mother was one of your hoes back in the day.



Spencer: That’s the part I don’t get, if you want or wanted Nate so much then why were you with Devon?



Roxanne: I love Devon. He’s special, kind and handsome. He’s… just… I don’t know, Nate just lights my fire. He turns me on. I was a little bored with Devon I guess. He didn’t deserve what I did to him but I never slept with Nate. I never betrayed Devon in that way. Nate and I held restraint yet when that tramp stamp Hillary hits town on the first night she had sex with him… It hurts.



Spencer: Roxanne this thing with Nate… your going have to let it go.



Roxanne: And let Hillary win? No! Nate and I have something real. We share so much. He was there for me and I was there for him.



Spencer: Hillary did win. She’s having Nate’s baby. She’s pregnant Roxanne!



Roxanne: No!



Roxanne feels sharp pains in her gut and heart.



Roxanne: No.



She says softly as she turns away from her father.



Roxanne: No…



Only this time with tears forming in her eyes


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