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ANOTHER WORLD 211 Christy makes an unexpected visit




Christy blogentry-14971-0-89197200-1435108279_thmakes an unexpected visit

Written by:  C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants:  ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby




Toni and KC are sitting at a table.  KC sips her latte.

KC:  You know I had a great date the other day.

Toni:  With Eric Stenbeck?

KC:  Yeah.

Toni:  Oh…great.

KC:  But?

Toni:  Nothing.

KC:  Is it because he’s James Stenbeck’s and Christy Carson’s son?  

Toni:  His DNA is questionable but that doesn’t mean anything.

KC:  It wasn’t his idea to crash Kirkland and Charlie’s wedding reception.  It was Christy’s.

Toni:  I don’t care whose idea it was.  I just think you should take things slow because you don’t know him.

KC:  We’ve been talking for a few weeks, of course I don’t know him yet.

Toni:  Look I’mma keep it real.  There’s something about him that isn’t right, and I don’t want you to get hurt.

KC:  Eric is cool, and I like him.  Nothing is gonna happen to me.

Toni:  That’s what you say now.

KC:  Come on Toni, have a little faith in me.

Toni:  I’ve got plenty of that for you, but it’s Eric I don’t trust.

Allen walks up.

Allen:  I don’t either.

KC:  Oh not you, too.

Allen:  He’s up to no good, and your mother and I don’t want you to be collateral damage.  I’m not gon’ sit by and watch it happen.

Toni:  Allen where are you going?



Allen walks in, and accosts Eric, who is wiping down a table.

Allen:  Can I talk to you for a minute bruh?

Eric:  I’m working.

Allen:  Tell em you on break.

Allen grabs Eric and escorts him to a corner of the shop.

Eric:  What is this about?

Allen:  It’s about you and KC.  I don’t think she should be seeing you.

Eric:  Well isn’t that a choice that she has to make?

Allen:  You got a smart ass mouth don’t you?  

Allen gets directly in Eric’s face, as Eric is backed up against the wall.

Allen:  I don’t know what you and your sociopathic, demented mother are up to, but I’ll be damned if KC gets dragged down with you.  If my daughter gets hurt, you gon deal with me, and trust me my man, that’s not something you want.



Charlie is changing purses in the common area as Kirkland walks out from their bedroom.

Kirkland:  I made...reservations for us at Tops...tonight.

Charlie:  What time?

Kirkland:  Eight o’clock.

Charlie:  Okay.

Charlie focuses as she continues to take her things out of one purse and place them into another.

Kirkland:  I’m looking forward to it.

Charlie:  Yep.

Charlie walks past Kirkland to the closet...

Charlie:  Can’t find my pink lip gloss.

Kirkland:  Babe did you hear anything that I said?

Charlie:  Yeah.

Kirkland:  Come on, you mean to tell me you’re still mad about what happened at the coffee shop?

Charlie:  Dogs get mad Kirkland, unless you’re trying to call me a bitch.

Charlie gets a shoe box out and sifts through it.

Charlie:  Here it is.

She walks back to her purse and puts the lip gloss in it.

Kirkland:  Charlie can you stop for a minute and talk to me?

Charlie:  What is it?  

Kirkland:  I can’t believe you’re freezing me out because of Eric Stenbeck.

Charlie:  That’s not it.

Kirkland:  Then what is it?

Charlie:  It’s you.  You won’t let it go.

Kirkland:  You’re damned right I’m not gonna let it go.  He’s weird.

Charlie:  I saw him arguing with his mother.  He had nothing to do with crashing the wedding reception.  It was all Christy’s idea.

Kirkland:  Is that what he told you?

Charlie:  Eric is not as bad as you are making him out to be.  I don’t think he’s anything like his mother.

Kirkland:  Unbelievable.  He’s got you snowed doesn’t he?

Charlie:  We’re so not doing this.

Kirkland:  You need to stay away from Eric.

Charlie walks to the door.

Charlie:  You need to let it go.  Eric is not like his mother.



Christy looks at her cell phone and an alert.

Christy:  Two more days.

CAMERA PAN ON CHRISTY...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONGhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UWc9ONfctY




Allen walks back to Toni and KC’s table and sits down.

Toni:  What did you do?

Allen:  Nothing a father wouldn’t do for his daughter.

KC:  What did you say to him?

Allen:  He’s shady, KC, and if it were up to me you’d be seeing somebody else.

KC:  I’m glad you realize that because it’s not up to either of you.  I’m a grown woman.

Toni:  Grown people make mistakes.

KC:  You two need to let it go.  So what he and his mother crashed Kirkland and Charlie’s wedding?  It wasn’t even his idea!

Toni:  Keep your voice down.

KC:  No!  I’m gonna continue to see Eric whether you two like it or not.

Allen:  You need to get out of it before you get too deep.  He’s gonna hurt you.  He’s got some kind of agenda.

KC:  Y’all didn’t hear me did you?  I am going to date Eric, and that’s it!

KC gets up and leaves.

Toni:  Don’t walk away from me!

Allen:  Let her go.  Maybe she’ll cool off and come to her senses.

Toni:  Not happening.  She’s is more stubborn than a mule.  I don’t need this.  I gotta plan detail for the party at the Corys.

Allen:  It’s like she’s driving ninety miles an hour and she doesn’t see the brick wall she’s gonna hit if she gets any deeper with him.

Meanwhile, Eric is at the door of the coffee shop, secretly watching Toni and Allen.



Lindsay and Charlie are sitting on the living room couch each with their legs folded, eating ice cream…

Lindsay:  Oh cousin you sure know how to make a gal feel better.

Charlie:  Nothing like a good ole pint of butter pecan.

Lindsay:  Yummy.  I’m so happy you came.  You’ve really cheered me up.

Charlie:  Yeah...right.

Lindsay:  What’s wrong cuz?

Charlie (sighing):  It’s Kirkland.

Lindsay:  You seem down...you wanna talk about it?

Charlie:  We’re fighting over Eric Stenbeck.

Lindsay:  You mean the guy who came with Christy Carson to your wedding reception uninvited.

Charlie:  I saw him arguing with his mother in the coffee shop the other day.  He insisted it wasn’t his idea, and the more I talk to him, the more I see that he’s not like Christy.  Kirkland doesn’t see it that way.

Lindsay:  You probably gotta see it from his perspective.  I think he’s just trying to protect you.

Charlie:  He’s overreacting.  

Lindsay:  Given what Christy did to your parents I could actually understand it.

Charlie:  But it doesn’t mean that Eric is gonna do the same thing.  You know what...this visit isn’t about me, it’s about you.  I’m sorry.  I’m supposed to be cheering you up and here I am talking about a disagreement with my husband.  

Lindsay:  Don’t apologize.  This is helping me more than you’d ever know.  We’re family right?  You know what, let’s get outta here.  I can’t go back to work because I’m on leave, and I’m tired of being cooped up in this house.

Charlie: Are you sure?

Lindsay:  Yeah.  Let me take a quick shower and we’ll be on our way.  You know maybe you need to talk to your parents about Christy, and you’ll probably understand why Kirkland is so adamant about Eric.


Kirkland is set to leave the suite but he is distracted by a text on his phone from Scott Granger, Jr. from Genoa City.

Scott:  hey sexy married guy.  hru

Kirkland:  what’s up Scotty

Scott:  hey i gotta tell u something.  u know the guy at the GCAC?

Kirkland:  who?

Scott:  the bartender you slept with.  i heard he’s HIV+.  U should get tested.  just thought id tell u.  ttyl.

Kirkland is horrified.

Kirkland:  No...no this can’t be happening.

Suddenly, Kirkland hears a familiar voice.

Voice:  Yes it can.

Kirkland turns around and is shocked to see Ryan wearing a collared plaid shirt, blue jeans and boots.

Kirkland:  Uncle Ryan?  Why am I seeing you right now?

Ryan:  Because your lie is getting out of control.

Kirkland:  What are you talking about?  Wait a minute, aren’t angels dressed in white?

Ryan:  Not this time, and don’t try to change the subject.

Kirkland:  I’m scared man.  I’m so scared.

Ryan:  That text?

Kirkland:  I only slept with the guy to get info on my father.  I wasn’t in love with him or anything.

Ryan:  But you were in love with Scott Granger right?

Kirkland:  Yeah I was.  Why are you bringing all this up?  I’m married to Charlie.

Ryan:  And you haven’t even told her about your past.

Kirkland:  I can’t do that.  I’d lose her forever.  

Ryan:  You’re not giving her enough credit.  You’re not trusting in your love.

Kirkland:  I’m scared Uncle Ryan.  The guy I slept with is HIV positive.  What if I....?

Ryan:  There’s only one way to find out right?  You’re gonna have to go get tested.

Kirkland:  What if I infected Charlie?  I could never live with myself.

Ryan:  Did you use protection when you slept with that guy?

Kirkland:  Yeah but condoms aren’t foolproof.  Sometimes they break.

Ryan:  Kid..stop panicking.  Go get an HIV test.  

Kirkland:  This day has come straight from hell, no pun intended.

Ryan:  That’s because you’re lying to her.  When you tell the truth, you’re gonna feel much better.

Kirkland:  Her parents are gonna kill me, especially Cass.




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